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Yankees All Time Lineup
John Allen
Tuesday March 12, 2024

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Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the New York Yankees, a franchise defined by more than just triumphs—every pitch, hit, and heart-stopping moment that has etched their unparalleled 27 World Series championships into baseball lore. Embodying Yogi Berra’s immortal words, “It ain’t over ’til it’s over,” the Yankees’ relentless spirit has propelled them through World Series glory and heartbreak, forging legends on the sport’s biggest stage. This archive encapsulates the highs of World Series triumph, the lows that fueled their perseverance, and the underdogs who became heroes, chronicling a team that continually pushes the boundaries of America’s pastime.

Franchise History
2023New York YankeesAL East162828000.5064th of 5193,269,016
2022New York YankeesAL East162996300.6111st of 53,136,207
2021New York YankeesAL East162927000.5682nd of 581,959,854
2020New York YankeesAL East60332700.552nd of 57 
2019New York YankeesAL East1621035900.6361st of 53,304,404
2018New York YankeesAL East1621006200.6172nd of 583,482,855
2017New York YankeesAL East162917100.5622nd of 523,154,938
2016New York YankeesAL East162847800.5194th of 593,063,405
2015New York YankeesAL East162877500.5372nd of 563,193,795
2014New York YankeesAL East162847800.5192nd of 5123,401,624
2013New York YankeesAL East162857700.5253rd of 5123,279,589
2012New York YankeesAL East162956700.5861st of 53,542,406
2011New York YankeesAL East162976500.5991st of 53,653,680
2010New York YankeesAL East162956700.5862nd of 513,765,807
2009New York YankeesAL East1621035900.6361st of 53,719,358
2008New York YankeesAL East162897300.5493rd of 584,298,655
2007New York YankeesAL East162946800.582nd of 524,271,083
2006New York YankeesAL East162976500.5991st of 54,248,067
2005New York YankeesAL East162956700.5861st of 54,090,696
2004New York YankeesAL East1621016100.6231st of 53,775,292
2003New York YankeesAL East1631016110.6231st of 53,465,600
2002New York YankeesAL East1611035800.641st of 53,465,807
2001New York YankeesAL East161956510.5941st of 53,264,907
2000New York YankeesAL East161877400.541st of 53,055,435
1999New York YankeesAL East162986400.6051st of 53,292,736
1998New York YankeesAL East1621144800.7041st of 52,955,193
1997New York YankeesAL East162966600.5932nd of 522,580,325
1996New York YankeesAL East162927000.5681st of 52,250,877
1995New York YankeesAL East145796510.5492nd of 571,705,263
1994New York YankeesAL East113704300.6191st of 51,675,556
1993New York YankeesAL East162887400.5432nd of 772,416,942
1992New York YankeesAL East162768600.4694th of 7201,748,737
1991New York YankeesAL East162719100.4385th of 7201,863,733
1990New York YankeesAL East162679500.4147th of 7212,006,436
1989New York YankeesAL East161748700.465th of 714.52,170,485
1988New York YankeesAL East161857600.5285th of 73.52,633,701
1987New York YankeesAL East162897300.5494th of 792,427,672
1986New York YankeesAL East162907200.5562nd of 75.52,268,030
1985New York YankeesAL East161976400.6022nd of 722,214,587
1984New York YankeesAL East162877500.5373rd of 7171,821,815
1983New York YankeesAL East162917100.5623rd of 772,257,976
1982New York YankeesAL East162798300.4885th of 7162,041,219
1981New York YankeesAL East107594800.5514th of 721,614,353
1980New York YankeesAL East1621035900.6361st of 72,627,417
1979New York YankeesAL East160897100.5564th of 713.52,537,765
1978New York YankeesAL East1631006300.6131st of 72,335,871
1977New York YankeesAL East1621006200.6171st of 72,103,092
1976New York YankeesAL East159976200.611st of 62,012,434
1975New York YankeesAL East160837700.5193rd of 6121,288,048
1974New York YankeesAL East162897300.5492nd of 621,273,075
1973New York YankeesAL East162808200.4944th of 6171,262,103
1972New York YankeesAL East155797600.514th of 66.5966,328
1971New York YankeesAL East162828000.5064th of 6211,070,771
1970New York YankeesAL East163936910.5742nd of 6151,136,879
1969New York YankeesAL East162808110.4975th of 628.51,067,996
1968New York YankeesAL164837920.5125th of 10201,185,666
1967New York YankeesAL163729010.4449th of 10201,259,514
1966New York YankeesAL160708910.4410th of 1026.51,124,648
1965New York YankeesAL162778500.4756th of 10251,213,552
1964New York YankeesAL164996320.6111st of 101,305,638
1963New York YankeesAL1611045700.6461st of 101,308,920
1962New York YankeesAL162966600.5931st of 101,493,574
1961New York YankeesAL1631095310.6731st of 101,747,725
1960New York YankeesAL155975710.631st of 81,627,349
1959New York YankeesAL155797510.5133rd of 8151,552,030
1958New York YankeesAL155926210.5971st of 81,428,438
1957New York YankeesAL154985600.6361st of 81,497,134
1956New York YankeesAL154975700.631st of 81,491,784
1955New York YankeesAL154965800.6231st of 81,490,138
1954New York YankeesAL1551035110.6692nd of 881,475,171
1953New York YankeesAL151995200.6561st of 81,537,811
1952New York YankeesAL154955900.6171st of 81,629,665
1951New York YankeesAL154985600.6361st of 81,950,107
1950New York YankeesAL155985610.6361st of 82,081,380
1949New York YankeesAL155975710.631st of 82,283,676
1948New York YankeesAL154946000.613rd of 82.52,373,901
1947New York YankeesAL155975710.631st of 82,178,937
1946New York YankeesAL154876700.5653rd of 8172,265,512
1945New York YankeesAL152817100.5334th of 86.5881,845
1944New York YankeesAL154837100.5393rd of 86789,995
1943New York YankeesAL155985610.6361st of 8618,330
1942New York YankeesAL1541035100.6691st of 8922,011
1941New York YankeesAL1561015320.6561st of 8964,722
1940New York YankeesAL155886610.5713rd of 82988,975
1939New York YankeesAL1521064510.7021st of 8859,785
1938New York YankeesAL157995350.6511st of 8970,916
1937New York YankeesAL1571025230.6621st of 8998,148
1936New York YankeesAL1551025120.6671st of 8976,913
1935New York YankeesAL149896000.5972nd of 83657,508
1934New York YankeesAL154946000.612nd of 87854,682
1933New York YankeesAL152915920.6072nd of 87728,014
1932New York YankeesAL1561074720.6951st of 8962,320
1931New York YankeesAL155945920.6142nd of 813.5912,437
1930New York YankeesAL154866800.5583rd of 8161,169,230
1929New York YankeesAL154886600.5712nd of 818960,148
1928New York YankeesAL1541015300.6561st of 81,072,132
1927New York YankeesAL1551104410.7141st of 81,164,015
1926New York YankeesAL155916310.5911st of 81,027,675
1925New York YankeesAL156698520.4487th of 828.5697,267
1924New York YankeesAL153896310.5862nd of 821,053,533
1923New York YankeesAL152985400.6451st of 81,007,066
1922New York YankeesAL154946000.611st of 81,026,134
1921New York YankeesAL153985500.6411st of 81,230,696
1920New York YankeesAL154955900.6173rd of 831,289,422
1919New York YankeesAL141805920.5763rd of 87.5619,164
1918New York YankeesAL126606330.4884th of 813.5282,047
1917New York YankeesAL155718220.4646th of 828.5330,294
1916New York YankeesAL156807420.5194th of 811469,211
1915New York YankeesAL154698320.4545th of 832.5256,035
1914New York YankeesAL157708430.4556th of 830359,477
1913New York YankeesAL153579420.3777th of 838357,551
1912New York HighlandersAL1535010210.3298th of 855242,194
1911New York HighlandersAL153767610.56th of 825.5302,444
1910New York HighlandersAL156886350.5832nd of 814.5355,857
1909New York HighlandersAL153747720.495th of 823.5501,000
1908New York HighlandersAL1555110310.3318th of 839.5305,500
1907New York HighlandersAL152707840.4735th of 821350,020
1906New York HighlandersAL155906140.5962nd of 83434,700
1905New York HighlandersAL152717830.4776th of 821.5309,100
1904New York HighlandersAL155925940.6092nd of 81.5438,919
1903New York HighlandersAL136726220.5374th of 817211,808

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