1918 New York Yankees

1918 New York Yankees

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The final standing4th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record60-63 (.488)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank4th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerMiller Huggins
CaptainRoger Peckinpaugh
Top batterHome runs: Home Run Baker (6), Ping Bodie (3), Truck Hannah, Wally Pipp, Del Pratt, Ham Hyatt (2)
BA: Home Run Baker (.306), Wally Pipp (.304), Frank Gilhooley (.276)
Runs: Home Run Baker, Del Pratt (65), Frank Gilhooley, Roger Peckinpaugh (59), Wally Pipp (48) 
RBI: Home Run Baker (62), Del Pratt (55), Ping Bodie (46)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)George Mogridge: 16-13, 2.18
Attendance record282,047 (2nd of 8)

1918 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1918 New York Yankees season, marking the franchise’s 15th year, was a period of both challenges and notable performances, albeit overshadowed by the larger events of World War I which significantly impacted Major League Baseball that year. The team, managed by Miller Huggins, completed the season with a somewhat middling record of 60-63. This resulted in them finishing 13.5 games behind the American League champions, the Boston Red Sox, a team that was notably formidable during this era.

One of the key challenges for the Yankees, as with many other teams, was the loss of players to military service. This not only affected the team’s performance but also the overall morale and the dynamic of the squad. Despite these difficulties, the Yankees displayed moments of resilience and competitiveness.

The management under Miller Huggins was a crucial factor. Huggins, known for his strategic acumen, had to navigate through the player shortages and the general uncertainties of the time. His leadership, while not reflecting dramatically in the win-loss column for this particular season, was setting the foundations for future successes of the franchise.

1918 New York Yankees
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Playing their home games at the historic Polo Grounds, the Yankees had the advantage of a strong fan base and iconic venue. However, the shadow of the war and the resulting shortened season (the regular season ended on September 2nd due to the war) meant that both attendance and player performances were not at their usual levels.

In summary, the 1918 New York Yankees season was a testament to the era’s challenges. While not a standout year in terms of achievements, it was a significant period in the franchise’s history, laying down the groundwork for future success and showcasing the resilience of the team and the sport during a globally turbulent time.

Baseball in the shadow of war: The 1918 New York Yankees and the impact of World War I

The 1918 Major League Baseball season, profoundly impacted by World War I, presented unique and significant challenges, particularly evident in the experience of the New York Yankees. The global conflict led to widespread enlistments and drafts of players, significantly depleting team rosters and introducing a level of uncertainty and change previously unseen in the sport. The Yankees, like other teams, faced the challenge of constantly adjusting their rosters and strategies due to the shifting availability of players. Additionally, the national mood influenced by the war brought a complex dynamic to baseball. It served as both a necessary distraction and a subject of scrutiny, as some viewed it as an inappropriate focus during a time of crisis. This ambivalence affected fan attendance, public interest, and the overall atmosphere of the games.

Financial strains were another consequence of the war, with teams experiencing lower attendance and general economic challenges, thereby affecting everything from player salaries to operational costs. The most direct impact of the war, however, was the shortened baseball season. The U.S. government’s “Work or Fight” order, which required able-bodied men to contribute to the war effort or engage in essential domestic work, necessitated the early conclusion of the baseball season. Consequently, the regular season ended abruptly on September 2, 1918, a significant deviation from the typical schedule. This led to fewer games, altered pennant races, and a general sense of an incomplete season for teams like the Yankees. The World Series itself was affected, taking place in early September between the Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs, making it one of the most unique championships in the sport’s history. The 1918 season, therefore, stands as a poignant reminder of how baseball, and sports in general, can be deeply influenced by global events, reflecting the societal challenges and changes of the era.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in Regular Season)

1918 New York Yankees roster

Home Run Baker32LR5′ 11″173Mar 13, 1886101261264.9$9,167
Zinn Beck32RR5′ 10″160Sep 30, 18855110-0.3$2,100
Walter Bernhardt25RR6′ 2″175May 20, 18931st100$2,400
Ping Bodie30RR5′ 8″195Oct 8, 1887691901.2$3,600
Ray Caldwell30LR6′ 2″190Apr 26, 1888965372.9$4,000
Alex Ferguson21RR6′ 0″180Feb 16, 18971st100$1,050
Chick Fewster21RR5′ 11″160Nov 10, 18962600$2,100
Joseph Finneran27RR5′ 10″169Oct 29, 1890523130.3
Jack Fournier25LR6′ 0″195Sep 28, 1892727270.6$2,400
Frank Gilhooley26LR5′ 8″155Jun 10, 189281121052.1$3,000
Truck Hannah29RR6′ 1″190Jun 5, 18891st90832.5$2,500
Hugh High30LL5′ 7″155Oct 24, 1887671-0.2$3,000
John Hummel35RR5′ 11″160Apr 4, 18831222160.5$2,400
Ham Hyatt33LR6′ 1″185Nov 1, 1884753300.1$2,400
Ray Keating24RR5′ 11″185Jul 21, 18936156-0.4$3,000
Bill Lamar21LR6′ 1″185Mar 21, 189722825-0.4$2,000
Slim Love27LL6′ 7″195Aug 1, 1890438292$2,700
Armando Marsans30RR5′ 10″157Oct 3, 188783732-0.7$4,000
Bob McGraw23RR6′ 2″160Apr 10, 18952110$1,800
Elmer Miller27RR6′ 0″175Jul 28, 1890567590.4$2,100
George Mogridge29LL6′ 2″165Feb 18, 1889648194$2,800
Ed Monroe23RR6′ 5″187Feb 22, 1895210-0.1$1,800
Paddy O’Connor38RR5′ 8″168Aug 4, 18796100
Roger Peckinpaugh27RR5′ 10″165Feb 5, 189181231223.3$5,500
Wally Pipp25LL6′ 1″180Feb 17, 1893591912
Del Pratt30RR5′ 11″175Jan 10, 188871261263.2$5,000
Hank Robinson30RL5′ 11″160Aug 16, 18876113-0.1$3,000
Muddy Ruel22RR5′ 9″150Feb 20, 18963320.1$2,100
Allen Russell24BR5′ 11″165Jul 31, 189342918-0.4$2,800
Roy Sanders24RR6′ 0″185Jun 10, 18941st62-0.5$2,400
Bob Shawkey27RR5′ 11″168Dec 4, 18906320.9$5,000
Herb Thormahlen21LL6′ 0″180Jul 5, 1896216121.1$2,000
Dazzy Vance HOF27RR6′ 2″200Mar 4, 1891220-0.2
Sammy Vick23RR5′ 10″163Apr 12, 18952200.1$1,800
Roxy Walters25RR5′ 8″160Nov 5, 189246450-1.3$3,000
Aaron Ward21RR5′ 10″160Aug 28, 18962217-0.3

1918 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

January 1918:

  • January 22: Traded Nick Cullop, Joe Gedeon, Fritz Maisel, Les Nunamaker, Urban Shocker, and $15,000 to the St. Louis Browns. Received Eddie Plank and Del Pratt.

March 1918:

  • March 8: Purchased George Burns from the Detroit Tigers. Traded George Burns to the Philadelphia Athletics. Received Ping Bodie.
  • March 18: As part of a 3-team trade, traded Tim Hendryx to the St. Louis Browns. Received a player to be named later from the Cincinnati Reds. The St. Louis Browns sent Lee Magee to the Cincinnati Reds. The Cincinnati Reds sent Tommy Clarke (April 25, 1918) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.

May 1918:

  • May 24: Purchased Joseph Finneran from St Paul (American Association).

June 1918:

  • June 19: Purchased Ham Hyatt from the Boston Braves.
  • June 20: Purchased Hank Robinson from Little Rock (Southern Association).

July 1918:

  • July 19: Traded players to be named later to Vernon (PCL). Received Jack Quinn. The New York Yankees sent Joseph Finneran (February 1919), Sammy Ross (minors) (February 1919), and Zinn Beck (February 1919) to Vernon (PCL) to complete the trade.
  • July 26: Purchased Jack Fournier from Los Angeles (Pacific Coast).

September 1918:

  • September 21: Drafted Lefty O’Doul from Salt Lake City (PCL) in the 1918 rule 5 draft.

1918 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Walter Bernhardt – 07-16-1918 – 25 years old
  • Alex Ferguson – 08-16-1918 – 21 years old
  • Truck Hannah – 04-15-1918 – 28 years old
  • Roy Sanders – 08-06-1918 – 24 years old

1918 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CTruck Hannah2990312250245560221551250.22
1BWally Pipp2591386349481061592441122340.304
2BDel Pratt30126540477651311972551235260.275
SSRoger Peckinpaugh27122517446591031530431243410.231
3BHome Run Baker3212655850465154245662838130.306
OFPing Bodie30913713243683126346627240.256
OFFrank Gilhooley2611249342759118135123753240.276
OFElmer Miller2767239202184992122419170.243
CRoxy Walters256420519118385101239180.199
OFHam Hyatt33531421311130802101880.229
OFArmando Marsans3037132123132951093530.236
OFBill Lamar2128119110122530022620.227
1BJack Fournier2527110100935610127770.35
UTJohn Hummel35227561918120451180.295
UTAaron Ward212036322410011270.125
CIZinn Beck32111180000010010
OFHugh High30711101000000110
CMuddy Ruel223860200001210.333
OFSammy Vick232331200010000.667
CPaddy O’Connor381330100000010.333
2BChick Fewster215221100000000.5
PRay Caldwell30651691511444100118213230.291
PGeorge Mogridge29488979715310914220.19
PSlim Love27387974717320403200.23
PAllen Russell242950423700040480.167
PHerb Thormahlen2116453933100201160.077
PJoseph Finneran272343394910010170.231
PRay Keating241518163300001150.188
PHank Robinson301113130000000010
PRoy Sanders246770000000060
PBob Shawkey273641300000100.75
PAlex Ferguson211110000000010
PDazzy Vance27200000000000
PEd Monroe23100000000000
PBob McGraw23100000000000
PWalter Bernhardt25100000000000
Team Totals28.21264793422449310851604520406923673700.257
Rank in 8 AL teams4222627753
Non-Pitcher Totals28.3126427337594519841424219368883392610.262
Pitcher Totals27.4126520465421011831384281090.217

1918 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPSlim Love2713120.523.07382951311228.22079278
SPRay Caldwell30980.5293.06242131411176.21736960
SPAllen Russell247110.3893.26271887241411396851
SPJoseph Finneran27360.3333.7823137400114.11345248
SPHerb Thormahlen21730.72.4816122520112.2853931
CLGeorge Mogridge2916130.5522.184519231317239.12327858
RPRay Keating24220.53.91156710048.1392721
RPHank Robinson30240.3333113510048472116
RPRoy Sanders240204.2162200025.2281512
Bob Shawkey27110.51.1332111016722
Dazzy Vance270015.432010002.1954
Ed Monroe23004.51010002121
Alex Ferguson210001010001.2200
Walter Bernhardt250001010000.2000
Bob McGraw23010inf1100000044
Team Totals26.860630.488312612667598131157.11103474386
Rank in 8 AL teams4568514566

1918 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (17)1160.647
Chicago White Sox (18)6120.333
Cleveland Indians (19)7110.389
Detroit Tigers (20)1090.526
Philadelphia Athletics (12)840.667
St. Louis Browns (21)10100.500
Washington Senators (19)8110.421

1918 New York Yankees monthly Record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (13)670.462
May (24)1680.667
June (26)14110.560
July (32)11190.367
August (28)12160.429
September (3)120.333

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