1914 New York Yankees

1914 New York Yankees

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The final standing7th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record70-84 (.455)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank7th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerFrank Chance and Roger Peckinpaugh
CaptainRoger Peckinpaugh
Top batterHome runs: Roger Peckinpaugh (3), Fritz Maisel, Les Nunamaker (2)
BA: Birdie Cree (.309), Doc Cook (.283), Charlie Mullen (.260)
Runs: Fritz Maisel (78), Doc Cook (59), Roy Hartzell, Roger Peckinpaugh (55) 
RBI: Roger Peckinpaugh (51), Fritz Maisel (47), Charlie Mullen (44)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Ray Caldwell: 18-9, 1.94
Attendance record359,477 (4th of 8)

1914 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1914 New York Yankees season, marking the club’s twelfth year, was a period of mixed fortunes and challenges. Ending the season with a record of 70–84, the Yankees found themselves in the lower echelons of the American League, finishing in seventh place. This performance reflected a team in transition, grappling with the competitive dynamics of early 20th-century baseball.

One of the key aspects of this season was the team’s struggle for consistency. With 70 wins, the Yankees showed they could compete, but the 84 losses indicated a lack of cohesion and perhaps issues in strategy or execution. This was a time when the sport was evolving, and the Yankees, like many other teams, were trying to adapt to new styles of play and management.

The player roster of the 1914 Yankees included some notable talents, but it’s apparent that they lacked the depth or star power to consistently outperform their rivals. The season’s stats might not have showcased any standout performers who dominated the league, but it did highlight a group of hardworking and determined players.

1914 New York Yankees

In the context of the American League, the Yankees’ performance was middling. Finishing seventh out of eight teams signified that while they were not at the bottom, there was significant room for improvement. This season would have been a learning experience for the club, emphasizing the need for strategic improvements, whether in player recruitment, training, or on-field tactics.

The 1914 season was also significant in the broader history of baseball. It was a time of great change in the sport, with the Federal League challenging the established structure. This upheaval in the baseball world may have had indirect impacts on teams like the Yankees, affecting player morale and the competitive environment.

In summary, the 1914 New York Yankees season was a reflection of a team in the midst of growth and struggle. While their record was not impressive, it provided valuable lessons and experiences that would contribute to the team’s future development. The season was a stepping stone, part of the long and storied history of one of baseball’s most iconic franchises.

Postseason Result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in Regular Season)

1914 New York Yankees roster

Ángel Aragón23RR5′ 5″150Aug 2, 18901st610
Luke Boone24RR5′ 9″160May 6, 1890210896-0.2
Carroll Brown25RR6′ 1″178Feb 20, 1889420140.4
Tom Burr20RR6′ 3″190Nov 1, 18931st100
Ray Caldwell26LR6′ 2″190Apr 26, 1888559267.1
Frank Chance37RR6′ 0″190Sep 9, 187617100
Les Channell28LL6′ 0″180Mar 3, 1886210
King Cole28RR6′ 1″170Apr 15, 1886533150.1
Doc Cook28LR6′ 0″170Jun 24, 188621341260.9
Guy Cooper21BR6′ 1″185Jan 28, 18931st10-0.1
Birdie Cree31RR5′ 6″150Oct 23, 1882777753
Tom Daley29LR5′ 5″168Nov 13, 1884369541.4
Ray Fisher26RR5′ 11″180Oct 4, 1887529264.1
Frank Gilhooley22LR5′ 8″155Jun 10, 18924110.1
Dick Gossett23RR5′ 11″185Aug 21, 18902109-0.3
Joe Harris23RR5′ 9″170May 20, 18911st210.1
Roy Hartzell32LR5′ 8″155Jul 6, 188191381341.5
Bill Holden24RR6′ 0″170Sep 7, 188925044-0.8
Ray Keating20RR5′ 11″185Jul 21, 1893335250.9
Harry Kingman22LL6′ 1″165Apr 3, 18921st400
Fritz Maisel24RR5′ 7″170Dec 23, 188921501483.6
Marty McHale27RR5′ 11″174Oct 30, 1886434231.7
Charlie Meara23LR5′ 10″160Apr 16, 18911st420
Charlie Mullen25RR5′ 10″155Mar 15, 1889393930.5
Les Nunamaker25RR6′ 2″190Jan 25, 1889487703.1
Roger Peckinpaugh23RR5′ 10″165Feb 5, 189141571573.3
Cy Pieh27RR6′ 2″190Sep 29, 18862194-1
Bill Reynolds29RR6′ 0″185Aug 14, 18842400
Jay Rogers25RR5′ 11″178Aug 3, 18881st51-0.3
Al Schulz25RL6′ 0″182May 12, 18893640
Pi Schwert21RR5′ 10″160Nov 22, 18921st320.1
Ed Sweeney25RR6′ 1″200Jul 19, 1888787781.2
Frank Truesdale30BR5′ 8″145Mar 31, 1884377650.7
Jimmy Walsh26RR5′ 10″170Aug 24, 188734339-0.1
Jack Warhop29RR5′ 9″168Jul 4, 1884741233.3
Harry Williams24RR6′ 1″200Jun 23, 189025957-1

1914 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

December 1913:

  • December 8: John Knight player rights sold to Toledo (American Association).

Before 1914 Season:

  • Bill McKechnie jumped to the Indianapolis Hoosiers.
  • Al Schulz jumped to the Buffalo Buffeds.
  • Rollie Zeider jumped to the Chicago Chi-Feds.

January 1914:

  • January: Dan Costello selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates off waivers.
  • January 20: Russ Ford jumped to the Buffalo Buffeds.

February 1914:

  • February 19: Birdie Cree player rights sold to Baltimore (International) for $2,500.

May 1914:

  • May 13: Purchased Les Nunamaker from the Boston Red Sox.
  • May 19: Bill Reynolds player rights sold to Jersey City (International).
  • May 27: Guy Cooper player rights sold to the Boston Red Sox.
  • May 31: Purchased Charlie Meara from Perth Amboy (Atlantic).

June 1914:

  • June 13: Traded Jimmy Walsh to the Philadelphia Athletics. Received Tom Daley.
  • June 25: Traded a player to be named later and cash to Lincoln (Western). Received Charlie Mullen. The New York Yankees sent Harry Williams (July 1, 1914) to Lincoln (Western) to complete the trade.

July 1914:

  • July 6: Purchased Carroll Brown from the Philadelphia Athletics.
  • July 8: Traded Bill Holden and $5,000 to Baltimore (International). Received Birdie Cree.
  • July 20: Released Jay Rogers.

1914 New York Yankees player Debuts

  • Angel Aragon – 08-20-1914 – 24 years old
  • Alex Burr – 04-21-1914 – 20 years old
  • Guy Cooper – 05-02-1914 – 21 years old
  • Joe Harris – 06-09-1914 – 23 years old
  • Harry Kingman – 07-01-1914 – 22 years old
  • Charlie Meara – 06-01-1914 – 23 years old
  • Jay Rogers – 05-22-1914 – 25 years old
  • Pi Schwert – 10-06-1914 – 21 years old

1914 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CEd Sweeney258730625825558112219635300.213
1BCharlie Mullen2593381323338480044111733550.26
2BLuke Boone24106414370348282021101831410.222
SSRoger Peckinpaugh2315763557055127146351381751730.223
3BFritz Maisel2415063054878131239247741776690.239
OFRoy Hartzell3213758148155112159132222568380.233
OFBirdie Cree317732227545851850404930240.309
OFDoc Cook2813253447059133113140263244600.283
CLes Nunamaker2587284257196810322911922340.265
2BFrank Truesdale3077263217224640013111139350.212
OFTom Daley2969239191364864098838130.251
1BHarry Williams2459212178929521173626260.163
OFBill Holden24501861651230320122416260.182
OFJimmy Walsh26431661361326131116929210.191
CDick Gossett2310272133000100550.143
OFÁngel Aragón23610711000000120.143
OFCharlie Meara2349722000101220.286
CPi Schwert2138600000000230
CJay Rogers2558800000000040
UTJoe Harris2326100000000310
CBill Reynolds2945502000000030.4
OFFrank Gilhooley2214302000000100.667
1BHarry Kingman2244300000000120
Les Channell2811101100000001
1BFrank Chance371000000000000
OFTom Burr201000000000000
PRay Caldwell265912611392240010217240.195
PRay Keating203578716121006104250.169
PJack Warhop2941747110103101101180.141
PRay Fisher26297165291002111110.138
PMarty McHale273266605120100104150.2
PCarroll Brown25204844183102002180.182
PKing Cole28334542021002001200.048
PCy Pieh2719201712100200280.118
PAl Schulz2569700000000250
PGuy Cooper2111100000100000
Team Totals26.415757734992535114414952124162511915777110.229
Rank in 8 AL teams86888718178
Non-Pitcher Totals26.515752354501501106713549123902451895535670.237
Pitcher Totals25.8157538491347714302662241440.157

1914 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPJack Warhop298150.3482.373723101500216.21827557
SPRay Caldwell261890.6671.943123722502131535346
SPRay Keating208110.4212.963425514002101989469
SPRay Fisher2610120.4552.282926217212091776553
SPMarty McHale276160.2732.973123612011911958263
SPCarroll Brown25650.5453.2420144800122.11235744
RPKing Cole281090.5263.3331512820141.21516352
RPCy Pieh27340.4295.051841010062.1684135
Al Schulz25130.254.7664210028.1271715
Guy Cooper210091010003333
Team Totals25.870840.4552.811571575998921397.11277550437
Rank in 8 AL teams6251777545

1914 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (22)11110.500
Chicago White Sox (23)10120.455
Cleveland Naps (23)1480.636
Detroit Tigers (23)9130.409
Philadelphia Athletics (22)8140.364
St. Louis Browns (22)11110.500
Washington Senators (22)7150.318

1914 New York Yankees monthly Record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (9)540.556
May (26)11150.423
June (27)6200.231
July (35)20130.606
August (27)14130.519
September (26)11150.423
October (7)340.429

How do you rate the 1914 New York Yankees?

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