2020 New York Yankees

The 2020 New York Yankees team on the field on July 26, 2020, in Washington D.C.

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The final standingLost the ALDS to the Tampa Bay Rays.
Regular season record33–27 (.550)
Post-season record4-3
Divisional rankNo. 2 in AL East
ALDS record and opponentLost 2-3 vs. Tampa Bay Rays
AL rankNo. 5
ALCS record and opponentDidn’t play
World Series record and opponentDidn’t play
ManagerAaron Boone
Top batterHome run: Luke Voit (22), DJ LeMahieu (10), Gary Sanchez (10), Aaron Judge (9)

BA: DJ LeMahieu (.364), Gio Urshela (.298), Luke Voit (.277)

Run: Luke Voit (41), DJ LeMahieu (41), Aaron Hicks (28)

RBI: Luke Voit (52), Gio Urshela (30), DJ LeMahieu (27)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Gerrit Cole: 7-3, 2.84
Masahiro Tanaka: 3-3, 3.56
J.A. Happ: 2-2, 3.47
Attendance recordPlayed behind closed doors due to COVID-19 Pandemic

The Season: A Brief Summary

The 2020 New York Yankees had their season unfolded against the tumultuous backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, transforming the baseball landscape into a realm of uncertainty, surprises, and unprecedented challenges. The season’s narrative, akin to the erratic nature of a newborn’s development, played out like a roller coaster ride for fans who eagerly embraced its imperfections.

Amid the pandemic’s disruptions, the MLB season faced delays and uncertainties, ultimately culminating in a 60-game sprint that began on July 23. The 2020 New York Yankees commenced the shortened season with a scorching 16-6 start, only to face a stark reversal of fortune, losing 15 of their next 20 games, which left their win-loss record at a precarious 21-21.

As the season progressed, the 2020 New York Yankees clinched the 5th seed in the American League, securing a playoff berth. The postseason journey began with a sweep of the Cleveland Indians in the Wild Card Series, offering a glimmer of hope. However, the Yankees’ perennial struggles against the Tampa Bay Rays persisted in the American League Division Series (ALDS), leading to their elimination in a hard-fought five-game series.

The metaphorical comparison between the 2020 New York Yankees and a newborn child evoked a myriad of emotions experienced by fans. Each day brought forth a unique set of challenges and joys, with successes and failures magnified in the condensed season. The statistical oddity of one game equating to 2.7 in the standings added to the chaos, making every decision and outcome feel both random and consequential.

The season’s defining stretch, from August 21-30, encapsulated the unpredictability. Amid postponed games, rainouts, and doubleheaders, the 2020 New York Yankees navigated a surreal sequence of events. Walk-off victories, unusual scenarios, and record-setting moments, such as Gary Sanchez’s pinch-hit, extra-innings grand slam, highlighted the team’s resilience in the face of unprecedented challenges.

The 2020 New York Yankees showcased a convergence of the “Baby Bombers” and the “Next Man Up” ethos, creating a narrative that was as irregular as the circumstances that defined the year. The condensed schedule, doubleheaders, and ever-changing dynamics demanded adaptability from both players and managers, epitomized by Aaron Boone’s squad.

Despite the unpredictable nature of the season, the 2020 New York Yankees exhibited flashes of brilliance. DJ LeMahieu led the league in batting average, Luke Voit topped the home run charts, and Gerrit Cole made a solid debut, finishing with a 2.84 ERA and 0.96 WHIP. The postseason performance featured standout contributions from Giancarlo Stanton‘s six home runs and Cole’s impressive 30 strikeouts in three starts.

In retrospect, the 2020 New York Yankees was a testament to adaptability, resilience, and the ability to find success amidst chaos. As fans reflect on the unpredictable journey, they’ll cherish even the imperfections, recognizing that, in the extraordinary landscape of 2020, baseball provided a welcome distraction and a source of both frustration and elation.

The most memorable game of the 2020 New York Yankees

In a season marked by ups and downs, the 2020 New York Yankees faced a significant challenge when the Mets arrived at Yankee Stadium for a crucial five-game series in late August. The Bronx Bombers were in the midst of a disheartening slump, having lost seven of their last eight games and struggling to find their offensive rhythm.

The opening game of a Sunday doubleheader epitomized the Yankees’ struggles, with the team trailing 7-2 heading into the bottom of the seventh inning. Despite the seemingly insurmountable deficit, the 2020 New York Yankees rallied. Luke Voit’s single to right field narrowed the gap to 7-4, injecting a glimmer of hope into the Bronx air.

The turning point came when Edwin Diaz’s wild pitch allowed Thairo Estrada to score, cutting the Mets’ lead to 7-5. With renewed energy, Aaron Hicks stepped up to the plate and delivered a powerful two-run home run, igniting the crowd as the game leveled at 7-7. The improbable comeback set the stage for Gio Urshela, whose clutch single to right field in the bottom of the eighth secured a thrilling 8-7 victory for the Yankees in Game 1.

What made this moment truly extraordinary was the context of the 2020 New York Yankees’ slump. The team, struggling to generate runs and mired in a challenging stretch, desperately needed a spark. The dramatic turnaround against the Mets offered a brief respite and injected hope into the hearts of fans, signaling that, despite the ongoing struggles, the Yankees possessed the resilience to overcome adversity.

Although the overall slump would persist beyond this series, this unforgettable comeback against the Mets provided a beacon of optimism for fans and players alike. It served as a turning point, foreshadowing the resilience that would come to define the 2020 New York Yankees as they navigated the unpredictable twists and turns of the unique 2020 season.

2020 New York Yankees season in videos

Wild Card result

Yankees 2–0 Indians

1September 29@ IndiansProgressive Field12–3Cole (1–0)Bieber (0–1)N/A1–0
2September 30@ IndiansProgressive Field10–9Chapman (1–0)Hand (0–1)N/A2–0

ALDS result

Yankees 2–3 Rays

1October 5@ RaysPetco Park9–3Cole (1–0)Snell (0–1)N/A1–0
2October 6@ RaysPetco Park5–7Glasnow (1–0)Happ (0–1)Fairbanks (1)N/A1–1
3October 7RaysPetco Park4–8Morton (1–0)Tanaka (0–1)N/A1–2
4October 8RaysPetco Park5–1Green (1–0)Thompson (0–1)Chapman (1)N/A2–2
5October 9@ RaysPetco Park1–2Castillo (1–0)Chapman (0–1)N/A2–3

ALCS Result

(Didn’t play)

World Series result

(Didn’t play)

2020 New York Yankees roster

Albert Abreu24do DORR6′ 2″190Sep 26, 19951st20-0.3
Miguel Andujar25do DORR6′ 0″211Mar 2, 199542118-0.4
Luis Avilán30ve VELL6′ 2″235Jul 19, 198991000.1$100,000
Zack Britton32us USLL6′ 1″200Dec 22, 1987102000.5$13,000,000
Luis Cessa28mx MXRR6′ 0″222Apr 25, 199251600.3$895,000
Aroldis Chapman32cu CULL6′ 4″235Feb 28, 1988111300.4$16,000,000
Gerrit Cole29us USRR6′ 4″220Sep 8, 1990812122.2$36,000,000
Thairo Estrada24ve VERR5′ 10″185Feb 22, 199622615-0.1
Estevan Florial22do DOLR6′ 1″195Nov 25, 19971st110
Mike Ford27us USLR6′ 0″225Jul 4, 199222918-0.6
Clint Frazier25us USRR5′ 11″212Sep 6, 1994439391.8
Deivi García21do DORR5′ 9″163May 19, 19991st660.3
Brett Gardner36us USLL5′ 11″195Aug 24, 19831349400.7$10,000,000
Chad Green29us USLR6′ 3″215May 24, 199152200.4$1,275,000
David Hale32us USRR6′ 2″210Sep 27, 19877500.1
J.A. Happ37us USLL6′ 5″205Oct 19, 198214991.2$17,000,000
Ben Heller28us USRR6′ 3″210Aug 5, 19914600.1
Aaron Hicks30us USBR6′ 1″205Oct 2, 1989854490.7$10,785,714
Kyle Higashioka30us USRR6′ 1″202Apr 20, 1990416130.4
Jonathan Holder27us USRR6′ 2″232Jun 9, 199351900.1$750,000
Aaron Judge28us USRR6′ 7″282Apr 26, 1992528261.1$8,500,000
Tommy Kahnle30us USRR6′ 1″230Aug 7, 19897100.1$2,650,000
Michael King25us USRR6′ 3″210May 25, 1995294-0.6
Erik Kratz40us USRR6′ 4″250Jun 15, 1980111890.3$100,000
Brooks Kriske26us USRR6′ 3″205Feb 3, 19941st40-0.4
DJ LeMahieu31us USRR6′ 4″220Jul 13, 19881050473$12,000,000
Jonathan Loáisiga25ni NIRR5′ 11″165Nov 2, 199431230.5
Tyler Lyons32us USLL6′ 2″210Feb 21, 1988810-0.1
Jordy Mercer33us USRR6′ 3″210Aug 27, 19869640
Jordan Montgomery27us USLL6′ 6″228Dec 27, 1992410100.2$805,000
Nick Nelson24us USRR6′ 1″205Dec 5, 19951st110-0.1
Adam Ottavino34us USBR6′ 5″246Nov 22, 198510240-0.1$9,000,000
James Paxton31ca CALL6′ 4″212Nov 6, 1988855-0.4$12,500,000
Gary Sánchez27do DORR6′ 2″230Dec 2, 199264945-0.3$5,000,000
Clarke Schmidt24us USRR6′ 1″200Feb 20, 19961st31-0.1
Giancarlo Stanton30us USRR6′ 6″245Nov 8, 19891123230.6$26,000,000
Masahiro Tanaka31jp JPRR6′ 3″218Nov 1, 1988710100.7$23,000,000
Mike Tauchman29us USLL6′ 1″220Dec 3, 1990443270
Gleyber Torres23ve VERR6′ 1″205Dec 13, 1996342400
Gio Urshela28co CORR6′ 0″215Oct 11, 1991543422$2,475,000
Luke Voit29us USRR6′ 2″258Feb 13, 1991456551.7
Tyler Wade25us USLR6′ 1″188Nov 23, 1994452290.7
Miguel Yajure22ve VERR6′ 1″215May 1, 19981st300.2

2020 New York Yankees additions, transactions, and trades


  • December 11: Gerrit Cole signs with the Yankees for $324 million over nine years.
  • December 12: Brett Gardner re-signs with the Yankees for one year, $12.5 million.


  • August 21: Acquired right-handed reliever Addison Russ from the Philadelphia Phillies, trading David Hale.
  • August 26: Acquired catcher Rob Brantly from the San Francisco Giants for cash considerations.

2020 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Albert Abreu – 08-08-2020 – 25 years old
  • Estevan Florial – 08-28-2020 – 22 years old
  • Deivi García – 08-30-2020 – 21 years old
  • Brooks Kriske – 07-29-2020 – 26 years old
  • Nick Nelson – 08-01-2020 – 24 years old
  • Clarke Schmidt – 09-04-2020 – 24 years old
  • Miguel Yajure – 08-31-2020 – 22 years old
  • Jonah Heim – 08-25-2020 – 25 years old

2020 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CGary Sánchez274917815619234010240018640.147
1BLuke Voit295623421341595022520017540.277
2BDJ LeMahieu3150216195417110210273018210.364
SSGleyber Torres23421601361733803161022280.243
3BGio Urshela284317415124451106301018250.298
LFBrett Gardner*36491581302029515153326350.223
CFAaron Hicks#305421116928381026214141380.225
RFClint Frazier25391601312435618263025440.267
DHGiancarlo Stanton302394761219704111115270.25
RFAaron Judge28281141012326309220110320.257
OFMike Tauchman*2943111951823600146014260.242
MITyler Wade*2552105881915303104112220.17
1BMike Ford*2729847451040211007160.135
UTMiguel Andujar25216562515211500390.242
IFThairo Estrada24265248880013101190.167
CKyle Higashioka3016484871210410000110.25
UTErik Kratz4016302829200400260.321
SSJordy Mercer336131112000000210.182
CFEstevan Florial*2213301000000020.333
Team Totals28.56022101915315473877943012772514800.247
Rank in 15 AL teams1318127274126

2020 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

1SPGerrit Cole29730.72.841212021073532723
2SPJ.A. Happ*37220.53.4799000049.1371919
3SPMasahiro Tanaka31330.53.561010000048482519
4SPJordan Montgomery*27230.45.111010000044482725
5SPDeivi García21320.64.9866000034.1352019
6SPJames Paxton*31110.56.6455000020.1231715
7CLZack Britton*32120.3331.8920010008191264
8RPChad Green29330.53.51220500125.2131310
9RPJonathan Holder273014.98180400021.2251312
10RPLuis Cessa28003.32160600121.220108
11RPAdam Ottavino34230.45.89240400018.1201212
12Michael King25120.3337.7694100026.2302323
13Jonathan Loáisiga253013.5212320002321119
14Nick Nelson241014.79110400020.2201311
15Aroldis Chapman*32110.53.09130800311.2644
16Luis Avilán*30004.3210010008.1944
17Miguel Yajure22001.293030007311
18Clarke Schmidt240107.113120006.1755
19David Hale320035010016722
20Ben Heller280036020006522
21Brooks Kriske260014.734020003.2366
22Erik Kratz400092020002222
23Tyler Lyons*320021.61000001.2344
24Albert Abreu2401020.252010001.1443
25Tommy Kahnle300001000001100
Team Totals28.933270.554.356060582114500.2455270242
Rank in 15 AL teams610818914466

2020 New York Yankees vs. opponents/team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Atlanta Braves (4)220.500
Baltimore Orioles (10)730.700
Boston Red Sox (10)910.900
Miami Marlins (3)120.333
New York Mets (6)330.500
Philadelphia Phillies (4)220.500
Tampa Bay Rays (10)280.200
Toronto Blue Jays (10)550.500
Washington Nationals (3)210.667

2020 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
July (6)510.833
August (27)14130.519
September (27)14130.519

2020 New York Yankees All-Stars

Note: The All-Star game in 2020 was canceled. However, MLB released a list of “Unofficial 2020 All-Stars” who it believed deserved the recognition.

Yankees players in that list were: 

  • Luke Voit
  • Aaron Judge

2020 New York Yankees awards and honors

  • DJ LeMahieu’s Silver Slugger Award (2020): In recognition of his outstanding offensive performance in the 2020 season, DJ LeMahieu was honored with the prestigious Silver Slugger Award.
  • Unofficial All-Stars Recognition for Luke Voit and Aaron Judge (2020): Despite the cancellation of the official All-Star Game in 2020, Luke Voit and Aaron Judge earned recognition on the unofficial All-Stars list, a testament to their exceptional contributions during the season.
  • Luke Voit’s Home Run Leadership (2020): Luke Voit asserted his dominance in the 2020 season by clinching the league’s home run leadership, showcasing an impressive display of power and batting prowess.

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