1919 New York Yankees

1919 New York Yankees Babe Ruth
Esteban Quiñones
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The final standing3rd in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record80-59 (.576)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank3rd
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerMiller Huggins
CaptainRoger Peckinpaugh
Top batterHome runs: Home Run Baker 10), Wally Pipp, Roger Peckinpaugh, Duffy Lewis (7), Ping Bodie (6)
BA: Roger Peckinpaugh (.305), Home Run Baker (.293), Del Pratt (.292)
Runs: Roger Peckinpaugh (89), Wally Pip (74), Home Run Baker (70)
RBI: Duffy Lewis (89), Home Run Baker (83), Ping Bodie (59)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Bob Shawkey: 20-11, 2.72
Herb Thormahlen: 12-8, 2.62
Attendance record619,164 (3rd of 8)

1919 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1919 New York Yankees season, marking their 17th year, was a notable chapter in the early years of one of baseball’s most storied franchises. Finishing with a respectable 80-59 record, the Yankees demonstrated solid performance, though they fell short by 7½ games behind the American League champions, the Chicago White Sox.

Managed by the astute Miller Huggins, the team showcased a blend of emerging talent and seasoned veterans. The Polo Grounds, their home turf, was a historic venue that added to the grandeur of their games. The 1919 season was significant as it predated the arrival of Babe Ruth, who would join the team the following year and radically transform the Yankees’ fortunes.

1919 New York Yankees Babe Ruth

While not the most triumphant in their history, the 1919 season was a stepping stone for the Yankees. It laid the groundwork for the incredible success that would follow in the ensuing decades, as they evolved into a baseball powerhouse. The team’s performance that year reflected a mix of promise and unfulfilled potential, characteristic of a squad on the cusp of greatness.

1919 New York Yankees: The year they captivated a nation

The remarkable surge in attendance for the New York Yankees during the 1919 season is a noteworthy aspect of their history. The team witnessed a dramatic increase, with attendance figures soaring to approximately 619,000, more than doubling from the previous year. This phenomenal growth in fan turnout is a testament to the growing popularity of the Yankees and baseball’s increasing appeal to the American public in the early 20th century.

Several factors might have contributed to this surge. The post-World War I era brought a renewed interest in leisure activities, and baseball, often referred to as “America’s Pastime,” was at the forefront of this movement. Additionally, the Yankees’ solid performance in the 1919 season likely heightened interest among fans, drawing larger crowds eager to witness the team’s competitive play.

The significant rise in attendance also underscored the burgeoning potential of the Yankees as a major draw in the sports world. It set the stage for the team’s future successes, both on the field and in their ability to attract fans in large numbers. This period marked the beginning of the Yankees’ journey toward becoming one of the most iconic and financially successful franchises in sports history.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in Regular Season)

1919 New York Yankees roster

Home Run Baker33LR5′ 11″173Mar 13, 1886111411414$12,000
Ping Bodie31RR5′ 8″195Oct 8, 188771341342.4$3,600
Chick Fewster22RR5′ 11″160Nov 10, 1896381641.9$2,800
Frank Gleich25LR5′ 11″175Mar 7, 18941st50-0.1$1,500
George Halas24BR6′ 0″164Feb 2, 18951st134-0.4$2,400
Truck Hannah30RR6′ 1″190Jun 5, 1889275720.5$3,000
Fred Hofmann25RR5′ 11″175Jun 10, 18941st100$1,650
Frank Kane24LR5′ 11″175Mar 9, 1895210$1,800
Bill Lamar22LR6′ 1″185Mar 21, 18973111-0.1$2,100
Duffy Lewis31RR5′ 10″165Apr 18, 188891411410.4$5,500
Carl Mays27LR5′ 11″195Nov 12, 1891513132.9$8,000
Bob McGraw24RR6′ 2″160Apr 10, 18953600.2$2,000
George Mogridge30LL6′ 2″165Feb 18, 1889735181.4$3,800
Luke Nelson25RR6′ 0″180Dec 4, 18931st910.2
Lefty O’Doul22LL6′ 0″180Mar 4, 18971st190-0.2$1,800
Roger Peckinpaugh28RR5′ 10″165Feb 5, 189191221196.3$6,500
Wally Pipp26LL6′ 1″180Feb 17, 189361381382.6$5,000
Del Pratt31RR5′ 11″175Jan 10, 188881401395.4$6,500
Jack Quinn35RR6′ 0″196Jul 1, 1883938313.8
Muddy Ruel23RR5′ 9″150Feb 20, 1896479690.6$2,400
Allen Russell25BR5′ 11″165Jul 31, 18935239-0.6$2,800
Pete Schneider23RR6′ 1″194Aug 20, 1895674-0.2$4,000
Bob Shawkey28RR5′ 11″168Dec 4, 1890741273.6$5,000
Ernie Shore28RR6′ 4″220Mar 24, 189162013-0.6$6,000
Walt Smallwood26RR6′ 2″190Apr 24, 1893260-0.1
Herb Thormahlen22LL6′ 0″180Jul 5, 1896330252.7$3,000
Sammy Vick24RR5′ 10″163Apr 12, 18953106970.6$2,000
Curt Walker22LR5′ 9″170Jul 3, 18961st10
Aaron Ward22RR5′ 10″160Aug 28, 189632930$1,600
Al Wickland31LL5′ 7″155Jan 27, 18885266-0.8

1919 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

December 1918:

  • December 9: Purchased Pete Schneider from the Cincinnati Reds.
  • December 15: Signed Jack Quinn as a free agent. (League ruled player was New York Yankees property following procedural claim by the club). (Date given is approximate. Exact date is uncertain.)
  • December 18: Signed George Halas as a free agent.
  • December 18: Traded Ray Caldwell, Frank Gilhooley, Slim Love, Roxy Walters, and $15,000 to the Boston Red Sox. Received Dutch Leonard, Duffy Lewis, and Ernie Shore.

February 1919:

  • Traded players to be named later to Vernon (PCL). Received Jack Quinn. The New York Yankees sent Joseph Finneran (February 1919), Sammy Ross (minors) (February 1919), and Zinn Beck (February 1919) to Vernon (PCL) to complete the trade.

March 1919:

  • March: Returned Jack Fournier to Los Angeles (Pacific Coast) following previous purchase.
  • March 6: Ray Keating player rights sold to the Boston Braves.
  • March 15: Ray Fisher selected by the Cincinnati Reds off waivers.
  • March 21: Cliff Markle player rights sold to Salt Lake City (PCL).

May 1919:

  • May 17: Dutch Leonard player rights sold to the Detroit Tigers for $12,000.

June 1919:

  • June 10: Traded a player to be named later to St. Paul (American Association). Received Al Wickland. The New York Yankees sent George Halas (July 11, 1919) to St. Paul (American Association) to complete the trade.
  • June 13: Bill Lamar player rights sold to the Boston Red Sox.

July 1919:

  • July 29: Traded Bob McGraw, Allen Russell, and $40,000 to the Boston Red Sox. Received a player to be named later. The Boston Red Sox sent Carl Mays (July 30, 1919) to the New York Yankees to complete the trade.

August 1919:

  • August (approximate date): Received Curt Walker from Augusta (South Atlantic) as part of a conditional deal for $1,000.
  • August 7: Purchased Frank Gleich from Saginaw (Michigan-Ontario).
  • August 20: Purchased Rip Collins from Dallas (Texas).
  • August 20: Traded a player to be named later to Vernon (PCL). Received Bob Meusel. The New York Yankees sent Red Smith (March 10, 1920) to Vernon (PCL) to complete the trade.

1919 New York Yankees player Debuts

  • Frank Gleich – 09-17-1919 – 25 years old
  • George Halas – 05-06-1919 – 24 years old
  • Fred Hofmann – 09-26-1919 – 25 years old
  • Luke Nelson – 05-25-1919 – 25 years old
  • Lefty O’Doul – 04-29-1919 – 22 years old
  • Curt Walker – 09-17-1919 – 23 years old

1919 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CMuddy Ruel2379275233185660031434260.24
1BWally Pipp26138597523741442310750939420.275
2BDel Pratt31140583527691542774562236240.292
SSRoger Peckinpaugh28122539453891382027331059370.305
3BHome Run Baker331416235677016622110831344180.293
OFPing Bodie31134533475451322786591536460.278
OFDuffy Lewis3114160255967152234789817420.272
OFSammy Vick2410644940759101159227935550.248
UTChick Fewster2281295244386993115834360.283
CTruck Hannah3075260227145483120022190.238
OFAl Wickland3126494627100102100.152
UTAaron Ward222740345720020560.206
OFGeorge Halas241222220200000080.091
OFBill Lamar221118161310001210.188
OFFrank Gleich255540100010100.25
Curt Walker221110000000000
CFred Hofmann251110000000000
Frank Kane241110000000000
PJack Quinn3538105917191004010170.209
PBob Shawkey284110294522100601150.234
PHerb Thormahlen22306759311010704210.186
PGeorge Mogridge3035554846110114130.125
PCarl Mays2713484561430040030.311
PErnie Shore2820312824000000100.143
PAllen Russell2523313017200100170.233
PLefty O’Doul221917162400011120.25
PPete Schneider237990100000020.111
PLuke Nelson259771110020040.143
PWalt Smallwood266550000010020
PBob McGraw246430000000030
Team Totals28.514153744775582127519349454941013864790.267
Rank in 8 AL teams1434717764
Non-Pitcher Totals28.61414893434055111861844745467993663700.273
Pitcher Totals28.31414814353189920272201090.205

1919 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPJack Quinn3515140.5172.613831618402662429677
SPBob Shawkey2820110.6452.724127112235261.12189479
SPHerb Thormahlen221280.62.62302531321188.21556955
SPGeorge Mogridge301090.5262.773518913301691596852
SPCarl Mays27930.751.65131301210120963422
SPErnie Shore28580.3854.1720133300951055044
RPAllen Russell25550.53.47239941190.2894835
RPLuke Nelson253012.9691400024.12298
RPWalt Smallwood26004.9860300021.2201212
RPBob McGraw241013.3160400016.11166
Pete Schneider230103.4174100029191411
Lefty O’Doul22003.63020005762
Team Totals28.280590.5762.82141141558514712871143506403
Rank in 8 AL teams3613241111

1919 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (19)9100.474
Chicago White Sox (20)8120.400
Cleveland Indians (20)7130.350
Detroit Tigers (20)1280.600
Philadelphia Athletics (20)1820.900
St. Louis Browns (20)1280.600
Washington Senators (22)1460.700

1919 New York Yankees monthly Record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (4)220.500
May (23)1380.619
June (28)2080.714
July (34)13210.382
August (28)16120.571
September (24)1680.667

George Halas and the Yankees: A unique chapter in early sports history

On December 18, 1918, an intriguing crossover in the world of sports occurred when George Halas, who would later achieve legendary status as the coach of the Chicago Bears in football, was signed as a free agent by the New York Yankees. This moment represents a fascinating intersection of baseball and football history, featuring a figure who would go on to be synonymous with the National Football League (NFL).

Halas’ signing with the Yankees is a testament to his athletic versatility and prowess. Before emerging as a titan in the football world, he showcased talent in baseball, enough to be recognized and signed by one of baseball’s most prominent franchises. His time with the Yankees, although not as celebrated or as impactful as his football career, is a noteworthy aspect of his early sports career.

This moment also reflects the multi-sport nature of athletes during this era, where specialization was less common than in modern times. Athletes like Halas often played multiple sports, sometimes switching between them seasonally.

George Halas’ signing with the Yankees is more than a historical footnote; it highlights the diverse athletic background of a man who would later revolutionize professional football. It’s a reminder of the interconnected history of American sports and the multifaceted nature of the athletes who played during this period.

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