2011 New York Yankees

The 2011 New York Yankees teammates mob Derek Jeter after he achieved 3,000th career hit with a 400-foot home run at Yankee Stadium on July 9, 2011.
Esteban Quiñones
Friday January 19, 2024

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The final standingLost in the ALDS Against the Detroit Tigers
Regular season record97–65 (.599)
Post-season record2-3
Divisional rank1st
ALDS record and opponentLost 2-3 vs Detroit Tigers
AL rank1
ALCS record and opponentDid not play
World Series record and opponentDid not play
ManagerJoe Girardi
CaptainDerek Jeter
Top batterHome runs: Curtis Granderson (41), Mark Teixeira (39), Robinson Cano (28)

BA: Jesus Montero (.328 in 18 games), Robinson Cano (.302), Derek Jeter (.297), Alex Rodriguez (.276)

Runs: Curtis Granderson (136), Robinson Cano (104), Mark Teixeira (90)

RBI: Curtis Granderson (119), Robinson Cano (118), Mark Teixeira (111)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)CC Sabathia: 19-8, 3.00
Ivan Nova: 16-4, 3.70
Freddy García: 12-8, 3.62
Attendance record3,653,680 (1st of 14)

2011 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The anticipation was palpable as the 2011 New York Yankees kicked off the franchise’s 109th season against the Detroit Tigers on March 31. The hope was high, especially considering the remarkable milestone awaiting their captain, Derek Jeter.

As the season progressed, the 2011 New York Yankees displayed their prowess, securing a playoff berth in a doubleheader on September 21 and clinching the AL East division title in the second game. The regular season, marked by 97 wins, saw the Yankees standing tall as division champions. However, the true test awaited them in the postseason.

The October air was thick with excitement and nerves as the 2011 New York Yankees entered the American League Division Series against the Detroit Tigers. The dream of another World Series title hung in the balance. Unfortunately, the journey took an unexpected turn, culminating in a heartbreaking Game 5 loss on October 6. The Tigers emerged victorious, ending the 2011 New York Yankees’ season and shattering the hopes of fans who had dared to dream.

For the emotionally invested fan, the early exit felt like a gut punch. The disappointment was magnified by the fact that it was the first time since 2007 that the Yankees had lost an elimination game at home. Manager Joe Girardi found himself in the midst of a turbulent managerial cycle, raising questions about the 2011 New York Yankees’ postseason consistency.

The 2011 New York Yankees season also marked the end of an era as longtime catcher Jorge Posada bid farewell to his playing career. His departure added a layer of nostalgia and sentimentality to a season that was destined to be remembered for both triumph and heartbreak.

Amidst the challenges, a shining moment emerged in the form of Derek Jeter’s pursuit of 3,000 hits. In a surreal fashion, Jeter achieved this milestone in early July, electrifying a packed Yankee Stadium. The captain’s performance, including a home run off David Price, showcased his enduring greatness, providing a beacon of joy in an otherwise turbulent season for the 2011 New York Yankees.

The legendary Mariano Rivera, the Sultan of Save, etched his name in history on September 19 by securing his 602nd career save, surpassing Trevor Hoffman for the all-time record. At 41, Rivera continued to prove why he was considered the best closer in history.

However, not all tales from the 2011 New York Yankees season were filled with glory. Alex Rodriguez, the prolific slugger, faced another injury-riddled season, landing on the disabled list for knee surgery. Questions loomed about the toll injuries had taken on the veteran player, especially considering his struggles in the postseason against the Tigers.

As the season came to a close, the 2011 New York Yankees faced an offseason that seemed unusually quiet. While they managed to secure CC Sabathia with a contract extension, the lack of major moves left fans pondering the team’s strategy for the future. The disappointment of the postseason lingered, leaving the faithful fans hungry for redemption in the seasons to come.

2011 New York Yankees’ most memorable game

The most indelible moment of the 2011 New York Yankees season undoubtedly unfolded on a sun-soaked Saturday in The Bronx, where Derek Jeter etched his name into baseball immortality. On July 9, amidst the highs and lows of the season, Jeter became the first player in the storied history of the Yankees franchise to achieve the remarkable feat of 3,000 hits.

The stage was set against the Tampa Bay Rays, and Jeter delivered a performance for the ages. In an unbelievable display of skill and determination, the 2011 New York Yankees captain went a perfect 5-for-5, each hit carrying the weight of anticipation and history. However, it was the milestone hit that transcended the ordinary and transformed the afternoon into a legendary chapter in Yankees lore.

Facing the formidable Tampa Bay ace David Price, Jeter summoned his iconic swing and sent a pitch soaring into the left-center field bleachers. The crowd erupted in a chorus of cheers and applause as the ball disappeared over the wall, marking not just a home run but a historic 3,000th hit for the captain. The significance of achieving this milestone with a home run, an exclamation point on a stellar career, added an extra layer of magic to the best moment in the 2011 New York Yankees history.

Jeter’s accomplishment resonated far beyond the box score of the 2011 New York Yankees. It was a testament to his enduring greatness, a symbol of consistency and excellence that defined his illustrious career. The milestone hit was more than a statistical achievement; it was a manifestation of dedication, resilience, and a deep-seated connection between a player and his team.

The pressure leading up to this moment was palpable, as Jeter pursued the elusive 3,000th hit with the eyes of Yankees fans fixed upon him. Yet, in a script that seemed crafted for Hollywood, Jeter not only reached the milestone but did so in a fashion that left an indelible mark on the collective memory of the Yankees faithful.

As the ball sailed over the left-center field bleachers, Jeter became the 28th player in baseball history to join the exclusive 3,000-hit club. The significance of being the first Yankee to achieve this feat elevated the moment to unprecedented heights. The cheers, the applause, and the sheer joy that reverberated through Yankee Stadium encapsulated the culmination of a remarkable journey, a journey that had begun in the pinstripes and now stood immortalized in the annals of baseball history.

Jeter’s historic day was not just about personal achievement; it was a shared experience between a legendary player and the fans who had witnessed his entire career. The afternoon concluded with Jeter’s final hit, an eighth-inning single that drove in the game-winning run, capping off a perfect 5-for-5 performance. At that moment, the weight of the milestone lifted, and Jeter, with a characteristic tip of his cap, acknowledged the adoring crowd.

The 3,000th hit was not just a moment in time; it became a symbol of Jeter’s legacy, a shining example of what it meant to wear the pinstripes with pride and deliver greatness when it was needed most. In the midst of a challenging season for the 2011 New York Yankees, Jeter’s historic achievement served as a beacon of inspiration and a reminder of the enduring magic that happens when a legendary player and a historic franchise converge on a sunny afternoon in The Bronx.

2011 New York Yankees season in videos

ALDS Result

Yankees 2-3 Tigers

1September 30TigersSuspended by (rain) – postponed to October 1
1October 1Tigers9–3Nova (1–0)Fister (0–1)50,9401–0
2October 2Tigers3–5Scherzer (1–0)García (0–1)50,5961–1
3October 3@ Tigers4–5Verlander (1–0)Soriano (0–1)Valverde (1)43,5811–2
4October 4@ Tigers10–1Burnett (1–0)Porcello (0–1)43,5272–2
5October 6Tigers2–3Fister (1–1)Nova (1–1)Valverde (2)50,9602–3

ALCS result

(Didn’t play)

World Series result

(Didn’t play)

2011 New York Yankees roster

Luis Ayala33RR6′ 2″205Jan 12, 197875201.3$650,000
Dellin Betances23RR6′ 8″265Mar 23, 19881st210
Andrew Brackman25RR6′ 10″230Dec 4, 19851st300.1
A.J. Burnett34RR6′ 4″230Jan 3, 1977133432-0.1$16,500,000
Robinson Cano28LR6′ 0″228Oct 22, 198271591575.8$10,000,000
Buddy Carlyle33LR6′ 3″210Dec 21, 19777800
Francisco Cervelli25RR6′ 0″220Mar 6, 1986443350.8$455,700
Joba Chamberlain25RR6′ 3″245Sep 23, 198552700.7$1,400,000
Eric Chavez33LR6′ 1″215Dec 7, 19771458400.4$1,500,000
Bartolo Colon38RR5′ 11″285May 24, 19731429261.4$900,000
Chris Dickerson29LL6′ 4″230Apr 10, 1982460100.3
Freddy Garcia34RR6′ 4″250Oct 6, 19761326252.8$1,500,000
Brett Gardner27LL5′ 11″195Aug 24, 198341591344.1$529,500
Steve Garrison24BL6′ 1″195Sep 12, 19861st100
Greg Golson25RR5′ 11″190Sep 17, 1985492-0.3
Brian Gordon32LR6′ 0″190Aug 16, 19782220.1
Curtis Granderson30LR6′ 1″200Mar 16, 198181561516.1$8,250,000
Phil Hughes25RR6′ 5″240Jun 24, 198651714-0.4$2,700,000
Derek Jeter HOF37RR6′ 3″195Jun 26, 1974171311311.4$14,729,364
Andruw Jones34RR6′ 1″225Apr 23, 19771677580.9$1,500,000
George Kontos26RR6′ 3″225Jun 12, 19851st700.1
Aaron Laffey26LL5′ 11″190Apr 15, 198551100.2
Brandon Laird23RR6′ 1″215Sep 11, 19871st1160
Boone Logan26RL6′ 5″215Aug 13, 198466400.4$1,200,000
Jeff Marquez26RR6′ 2″190Aug 10, 19842300.1
Russell Martin28RR5′ 10″215Feb 15, 198361251182.4$4,000,000
Sergio Mitre30RR6′ 3″225Feb 16, 1981840-0.3
Gustavo Molina29RR6′ 1″245Feb 24, 19824320$455,000
Jesus Montero21RR6′ 3″235Nov 28, 19891st18170.6
Héctor Noesí24RR6′ 4″220Jan 26, 19871st3020.2
Ivan Nova24RR6′ 5″250Jan 12, 1987228272.5$432,900
Eduardo Núñez24RR6′ 0″195Jun 15, 1987211283-0.4$419,300
Ramiro Pena25BR5′ 11″200Jul 18, 198532310-0.8
Lance Pendleton27LR6′ 3″225Sep 10, 19831st1100.2
Jorge Posada40BR6′ 2″215Aug 17, 19701711593-0.4$13,100,000
Scott Proctor34RR6′ 1″195Jan 2, 1977780-0.7
Mariano Rivera41RR6′ 2″195Nov 29, 1969176402.9$14,911,700
David Robertson26RR5′ 11″195Apr 9, 198547003.7$460,450
Alex Rodriguez35RR6′ 3″230Jul 27, 19751899974$32,000,000
Austin Romine22RR6′ 1″216Nov 22, 19881st94-0.2
CC Sabathia30LL6′ 6″300Jul 21, 19801133336.4$24,285,714
Amauri Sanit31RR5′ 8″205Jul 4, 19791st40-0.3
Rafael Soriano31RR6′ 4″230Dec 19, 1979104200.4$10,000,000
Nick Swisher30BL6′ 0″195Nov 25, 198081501482.2$9,100,000
Mark Teixeira31BR6′ 3″225Apr 11, 198091561533.4$23,125,000
Raúl Valdés33LL5′ 11″190Nov 27, 19772600.2
Cory Wade28RR6′ 2″185May 28, 198334001.3
Kevin Whelan27RR5′ 11″205Jan 8, 19841st200

2011 New York Yankees additions, transactions, and trades

Managerial Changes:

  • Manager Joe Girardi agreed to a new 3-year contract valued at $9 million.
  • Pitching coach Dave Eiland was dismissed, and Larry Rothschild was appointed as the new pitching coach.

November 2010:

  • Minor league players Melky Mesa, Dellin Betances, Ryan Pope, and Brandon Laird were added to the 40-man roster.
  • Players such as Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Mariano Rivera, Nick Johnson, Javier Vázquez, Marcus Thames, Kerry Wood, Lance Berkman, Austin Kearns, Chad Moeller, Dustin Moseley, and Alfredo Aceves became free agents.
  • Juan Miranda was traded to the Diamondbacks in exchange for minor league pitcher Scottie Allen.
  • Reliever Jonathan Albaladejo was released.
  • Sergio Mitre avoided arbitration by signing a one-year, $900,000 deal.
  • Derek Jeter signed a new contract worth $51 million over 3 years with a fourth-year option after 2013.
  • Mariano Rivera signed a two-year, $30 million contract.
  • In the Rule 5 draft, the Yankees selected pitchers Robert Fish and Daniel Turpen, while losing Lance Pendleton to the Astros and George Kontos to the Padres.

December 2010:

  • Cliff Lee turned down the Yankees’ offer and instead signed with the Phillies.
  • Catcher Russell Martin and reliever Pedro Feliciano were signed.
  • Several former Major Leaguers were signed to minor league deals.
  • Outfielder Jordan Parraz was claimed off waivers by the Red Sox.
  • RHP Jonathan Albaladejo was released.
  • 3B Adam Silva and OF Wilmer Romero were signed.
  • RHP Alfredo Aceves and RHP Dustin Moseley were elected free agency.
  • SS Doug Bernier, RHP Buddy Carlyle, C Gustavo Molina, and RHP Mark Prior were signed.
  • C Russell Martin was signed.
  • Jordan Parraz was claimed off waivers by the Red Sox.
  • LHP Pedro Feliciano was signed.
  • Brian Schlitter was claimed off waivers by the Cubs.
  • RHP Rafael Soriano was signed.
  • OF José Figueroa and RHP Luis Niebla were signed.
  • Jordan Parraz was designated for assignment.
  • RHP Luis Ayala was signed.
  • RF Andruw Jones was signed, and RHP Brian Schlitter was designated for assignment.
  • The Phillies claimed RHP Brian Schlitter off waivers.
  • LHP Neal Cotts was released.
  • 1B Nick Ebert was signed.
  • RHP Eliseo Batista was signed.
  • Robert Fish was claimed off waivers by the Kansas City Royals.
  • Rule 5 pick Daniel Turpen was returned to the Red Sox.
  • LHP Jose Ortegano was claimed off waivers.
  • RHP Kevin Millwood was signed to a minor league contract.
  • Rule 5 pick Lance Pendleton returned from the Astros.
  • Eric Chavez was added to the roster, and 2B Ronnie Belliard was released.
  • Luis Ayala, Bartolo Colón, Freddy García, and Gustavo Molina were added to the roster.
  • Francisco Cervelli and Pedro Feliciano were placed on the 15-Day disabled list.
  • Reegie Corona, Colin Curtis, and Dámaso Marte were placed on the 60-Day disabled list.
  • RHP Rómulo Sánchez was released.

April 2011:

  • RHP Carlos Silva was signed to a minor league contract.
  • RHP Luis Ayala was placed on the 15-day disabled list.
  • RHP Phil Hughes was placed on the 15-day disabled list.
  • RHP Lance Pendleton was called up from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.
  • RHP Buddy Carlyle was called up from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.
  • LHP Jose Ortegano was released.
  • Héctor Noesí was optioned to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.
  • LHP Brad Halsey was signed.
  • C Francisco Cervelli was activated from the 15-day disabled list.
  • DH Gustavo Molina was optioned to Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees.

2011 New York Yankees debuts

  • Dellin Betances – 09-22-2011 – 23 years old
  • Andrew Brackman – 09-22-2011 – 25 years old
  • Steve Garrison – 07-25-2011 – 25 years old
  • George Kontos – 09-10-2011 – 26 years old
  • Brandon Laird – 07-22-2011 – 24 years old
  • Jesus Montero – 09-01-2011 – 21 years old
  • Hector Noesi – 05-18-2011 – 24 years old
  • Lance Pendleton – 04-15-2011 – 28 years old
  • Austin Romine – 09-11-2011 – 22 years old
  • Amauri Sanit – 05-12-2011 – 32 years old
  • Kevin Whelan – 06-10-2011 – 27 years old

2011 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CRussell Martin28125476417579917018658250810.237
1BMark Teixeira31156684589901462613911141761100.248
2BRobinson Cano28159681623104188467281188238960.302
SSDerek Jeter371316075468416224466116646810.297
3BAlex Rodriguez35994283736710321016624147800.276
LFBrett Gardner2715958851087132198736491360930.259
CFCurtis Granderson301566915831361532610411192510851690.262
RFNick Swisher3015063552681137300238522951250.26
DHJorge Posada40115387344348114014440239760.235
IFEduardo Núñez24112338309388218253022622370.265
LFAndruw Jones347722219027478013330029620.247
3BEric Chavez33581751601642712260014340.263
CFrancisco Cervelli2543137124173340422419290.266
DHJesus Montero2118696192040412007170.328
OFChris Dickerson296055509132017402170.26
IFRamiro Pena25234640540014002110.1
CIBrandon Laird2311252134000100340.19
CAustin Romine229201923000000150.158
OFGreg Golson259121112000010120.182
CGustavo Molina2936601100000000.167
Team Totals30.8162630655188671452267332228361474662711380.263
Rank in 14 AL teams725117139195

2011 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPCC Sabathia301980.704333330310237.12308779
SPA.J. Burnett3411110.55.1533320000190.1190115109
SPIvan Nova241640.83.728271000165.11637468
SPBartolo Colon388100.444429260110164.11728573
SPFreddy Garcia341280.63.6226251000146.21526359
SPPhil Hughes25550.55.791714111074.2844848
CLMariano Rivera41120.3331.9164054004461.1471313
RPDavid Robertson264011.08700800166.24098
RPLuis Ayala33220.52.095202000056511713
RPBoone Logan26530.6253.46640600041.2432016
RPRafael Soriano31230.44.12420800239.1331818
Héctor Noesí24220.54.473021400056.1632928
Cory Wade28610.8572.04400800039.233109
Joba Chamberlain252012.83270300028.223109
Lance Pendleton27003.211109000141055
Scott Proctor34030980300011191311
Aaron Laffey26210.6673.38110000010.21344
Brian Gordon320105.2322000010.11266
Buddy Carlyle330104.78060007.2544
Amauri Sanit310012.864010007121010
Raúl Valdés33002.76000006.2822
George Kontos260037040006422
Sergio Mitre300011.814040005.1997
Jeff Marquez26002.253030004511
Dellin Betances23006.752100002.2122
Andrew Brackman250003010002.1100
Kevin Whelan27005.42010001.2011
Steve Garrison240001010000.2000
Team Totals30.897650.5993.7316216215753471458.11423657605
Rank in 14 AL teams114491024834

2011 New York Yankees vs. opponents/ team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Baltimore Orioles (18)1350.722
Boston Red Sox (18)6120.333
Chicago Cubs (3)210.667
Chicago White Sox (8)620.750
Cincinnati Reds (3)210.667
Cleveland Indians (7)430.571
Colorado Rockies (3)210.667
Detroit Tigers (7)340.429
Kansas City Royals (6)330.500
Los Angeles Angels (9)540.556
Milwaukee Brewers (3)301.000
Minnesota Twins (8)620.750
New York Mets (6)420.667
Oakland Athletics (9)630.667
Seattle Mariners (9)540.556
Tampa Bay Rays (18)990.500
Texas Rangers (9)720.778
Toronto Blue Jays (18)1170.611

2011 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
March (1)101.000
April (23)1490.609
May (29)15140.517
June (26)1880.692
July (27)16110.593
August (28)17110.607
September (28)16120.571

2011 New York Yankees All-Stars

  • Robinson Cano
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Derek Jeter
  • Curtis Granderson
  • Russel Martin
  • Mariano Rivera
  • David Robertson
  • CC Sabathia

2011 New York Yankees awards and honors

Silver Slugger Awards:

  • Curtis Granderson – AL Silver Slugger
  • Robinson Cano – AL Silver Slugger

All-Star Appearances:

  • Robinson Cano
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Derek Jeter
  • Curtis Granderson
  • Russell Martin
  • Mariano Rivera
  • David Robertson
  • CC Sabathia

Other Achievements:

  • Curtis Granderson finished 4th in AL MVP Voting.
  • Robinson Cano finished 6th in AL MVP Voting.
  • CC Sabathia finished 4th in AL Cy Young Voting.
  • Mariano Rivera finished 8th in AL Cy Young Voting.
  • Ivan Nova finished 4th in AL Rookie of the Year Voting.
  • Joe Girardi finished 5th in AL Manager of the Year Voting.

Jorge Posada bids audieu

In the hallowed halls of Yankee history, where legends are etched in pinstripes and moments are immortalized in the echoes of cheering fans, a chapter closed with both nostalgia and gratitude. Jorge Posada, the stalwart catcher, the heart of the Yankees for 17 glorious seasons, stood before the world with tears in his eyes, announcing the end of an era at a news conference that resonated with both poignancy and pride.

As the cameras flashed and microphones hovered, Posada, then 40, expressed his loyalty to the only team he had ever known. “I could never wear another uniform. I will forever be a Yankee,” he declared a sentiment that echoed through the hearts of fans who had witnessed his every triumph and setback. Posada’s retirement was not merely a farewell; it was a love letter to a city, a team, and a legacy.

The 2011 season had been a tough one for Posada, a season of transitions and adjustments. The five-time All-Star found himself in unfamiliar roles, in and out of the lineup, and often shoulder the responsibility of designated hitter. Yet, even in the face of adversity, Posada’s gratitude shone through as he thanked his lifelong friend and teammate, Derek Jeter. “Thank you, buddy. Hopefully, you won’t miss me that much,” he quipped, a touch of humor masking the bittersweet moment.

Posada’s retirement marked the end of an era, removing one of the last vestiges of the Yankees dynasty that dominated the late ’90s. With four World Series championships from 1996 to 2000, Posada, along with Jeter and Mariano Rivera, formed the triumvirate that defined an era of baseball excellence. Now, only Jeter and Rivera remain, and as Jeter mused, “Mo’s going to be here longer than all of us.”

In the twilight of his career, Posada took a moment to reflect on the journey that had brought him to this emotional crossroads. With a career batting average of .273, 275 home runs, and 1,065 RBIs, his numbers tell the tale of a player whose impact transcended statistics. He was a leader, a mentor, and a symbol of unwavering dedication to the game and the team he loved.

As Posada bid adieu to the game, the Bronx faithful were left with memories of clutch hits, triumphant celebrations, and the indomitable spirit of a catcher who wore his heart on his sleeve. The legacy of Jorge Posada, forever a Yankee, etched in the annals of baseball history, will resonate in the Bronx and beyond, a testament to the enduring power of loyalty, passion, and the pursuit of greatness.

How do you rate the 2011 New York Yankees?

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