2021 New York Yankees

The 2021 New York Yankees celebrate after beating the Twins on Sept 13, 2021.
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The final standingLost the Wild Card Game against Boston Red Sox
Regular season record92–70 (.568)
Post-season record0-1
Divisional rankNo. 2 in AL East
ALDS record and opponentDid not play
AL rankNo. 3
ALCS record and opponentDid not play
World Series record and opponentDid not play
ManagerAaron Boone
Top batterHome run: Aaron Judge (39), Giancarlo Stanton (35), Gary Sanchez (23), 

BA: Aaron Judge (.287), Giancarlo Stanton (.273), DJ LeMahieu (.268), Gio Urshela (0.267)

Run:  Aaron Judge (89), DJ LeMahieu (84), Giancarlo Stanton (64), 

RBI: Aaron Judge (98), Giancarlo Stanton (97), DJ LeMahieu (57)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Gerrit Cole: 16-8, 3.23Jameston Tailon: 8-6, 4.30Jordan Montgomery: 6-7, 3.83
Attendance record1,959,854 (3rd of 15)

The 2021 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 2021 New York Yankees season unfolded more like a slow-burning indie film than a blockbuster, lacking the dramatic crescendos and narrative twists that fans had hoped for. Anticipation gave way to a sense of anticlimax as the team grappled with a series of underwhelming performances, echoing the subdued tone of a less cinematic production. Despite sporadic flashes of brilliance, the overall arc of the 2021 New York Yankees season was characterized by a lack of the grand, defining moments that typically make a baseball season memorable. The slow erosion of expectations left fans with a sense of quiet disappointment, a far cry from the explosive narrative turns one might expect in a cinematic masterpiece.

The offense struggled to find its rhythm, paralleling the lackluster performance of Iron Man 3. Despite a brief surge in the summer, the bats remained mostly silent, underscoring the team’s inability to sustain momentum. On the pitching front, there were pleasant surprises for the 2021 New York Yankees, with Corey Kluber and ace Gerrit Cole delivering standout performances. Kluber’s no-hitter against the Texas Rangers and Cole’s masterful three-hit gem in Houston provided rare moments of brilliance.

The mid-season acquisitions of Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo brought balance to the lineup, and a thrilling 13-game winning streak injected a much-needed dose of excitement. The fans reveled in these highlights, but the specter of injuries loomed large, reminiscent of the toll taken on Iron Man’s armor. The fatigue of the bullpen and the impact of COVID-19 outbreaks, including the absence of third base coach Phil Nevin, added hurdles to the 2021 New York Yankees’ journey.

Derek Jeter‘s Hall of Fame induction brought a bittersweet moment, with the former captain choosing to focus on everything but himself. The 2021 New York Yankees season saw Gleyber Torres navigating a career rollercoaster, symbolizing the team’s collective struggle. Torres, once poised for stardom, faced a dip in performance and defensive challenges. However, a second-half adjustment saw him hitting .289, leaving fans hopeful for a resurgence in the upcoming season.

Despite the trials and tribulations, the 2021 New York Yankees clinched a Wild Card berth with a 92–70 record. The climax of the season, however, mirrored the disappointment of a plot twist gone wrong. A loss to the Boston Red Sox in the AL Wild Card Game marked the fifth consecutive playoff exit, leaving fans with a bitter taste in their mouths. The season’s narrative, much like a blockbuster with unresolved questions, left the 2021 New York Yankees with more uncertainties than answers as they headed into the offseason.

2021 New York Yankees’ most memorable game

In a season marked by inconsistencies and unforeseen challenges for the New York Yankees, one shining moment stood out as a beacon of brilliance, and it belonged to the resurgent Corey Kluber. The seasoned pitcher, once a powerhouse in the American League, had weathered a storm of injuries, threatening to overshadow what had promised to be a noteworthy career.

The anticipation surrounding Kluber’s Yankees debut in 2021 was palpable. Having thrown a mere 36.2 innings since 2019, he carried with him the weight of uncertainty. However, in just his ninth start with the Yankees, Kluber delivered a performance that would etch his name into the annals of Yankees history. Facing the Texas Rangers, the 2021 New York Yankees pitcher summoned the dominance of his prime, striking out nine batters across nine no-hit innings.

The game unfolded with a sense of poetic perfection, with Kluber just a third-inning walk away from achieving a perfect game. The tantalizing proximity to perfection only added to the drama of the moment. When the final out was secured, Kluber had not only thrown a no-hitter but also become the torchbearer of a tradition that harked back to David Cone‘s perfect game in 1999 – marking the 12th no-hitter in Yankees history.

Regrettably, the jubilation was short-lived for the 35-year-old pitcher, as a shoulder injury would soon relegate him to the injured list, disrupting what could have been a remarkable comeback season. Nonetheless, Kluber’s no-hitter became a timeless chapter in the 2021 New York Yankees’ narrative, a testament to the enduring magic of the game and a beacon of hope for fans who found solace in such unforgettable moments.

2021 New York Yankees season in videos

Wild Card result

Yankees 0−1 Red Sox

1October 5@ Red SoxFenway Park2–6Eovaldi (1−0)Cole (0−1)38,3240–1


(Didn’t play)


(Didn’t play)

World Series

(Didn’t play)

2021 New York Yankees roster

Albert Abreu25RR6′ 2″190Sep 26, 199522800.1
Greg Allen28BR6′ 0″187Mar 15, 1993515110.4
Trey Amburgey26RR6′ 2″210Oct 24, 19941st22-0.1
Miguel Andujar26RR6′ 0″211Mar 2, 199554542-0.3
Rob Brantly31LR6′ 0″190Jul 14, 1989765-0.2
Zack Britton33LL6′ 1″200Dec 22, 198711220-0.4$13,000,000
Jay Bruce34LL6′ 3″230Apr 3, 1987141010-0.3$1,350,000
Luis Cessa29RR6′ 0″222Apr 25, 199262900.7$1,050,000
Aroldis Chapman33LL6′ 4″235Feb 28, 1988126101.5$16,000,000
Gerrit Cole30RR6′ 4″220Sep 8, 1990930305.7$36,000,000
Nestor Cortes26RL5′ 11″210Dec 10, 1994423142.8
Jonathan Davis29RR5′ 8″190May 12, 19924125-0.2
Estevan Florial23LR6′ 1″195Nov 25, 199721170.3
Mike Ford28LR6′ 0″225Jul 4, 199232218-0.3
Clint Frazier26RR5′ 11″212Sep 6, 199456656-1.4$2,100,000
Joey Gallo27LR6′ 5″250Nov 19, 1993758550.5
Deivi Garci­a22RR5′ 9″163May 19, 1999222-0.2
Brett Gardner37LL5′ 11″195Aug 24, 1983141401131$2,850,000
Domingo German28RR6′ 2″181Aug 4, 1992422181.3
Luis Gil23RR6′ 2″185Jun 3, 19981st660.8
Chris Gittens27RR6′ 4″250Feb 4, 19941st1610-0.2
Chad Green30LR6′ 3″215May 24, 199166702.4$2,150,000
Andrew Heaney30LL6′ 2″200Jun 5, 19918125-0.5
Aaron Hicks31BR6′ 1″205Oct 2, 198993230-0.3$10,785,714
Kyle Higashioka31RR6′ 1″202Apr 20, 1990567580.4
Clay Holmes28RR6′ 5″245Mar 27, 199342501.3
Aaron Judge29RR6′ 7″282Apr 26, 199261481446.1$10,175,000
Michael King26RR6′ 3″210May 25, 199532261
Corey Kluber35RR6′ 4″210Apr 10, 19861116161.4$11,000,000
Brody Koerner27RR6′ 2″220Oct 17, 19931st200
Brooks Kriske27RR6′ 3″205Feb 3, 1994280-0.8
Ryan LaMarre32RL6′ 1″215Nov 21, 19886970
DJ LeMahieu32RR6′ 4″220Jul 13, 1988111501471.5$15,000,000
Jonathan Loaisiga26RR5′ 11″165Nov 2, 199445703.3
Tim Locastro28RR6′ 1″200Jul 14, 19925980
Lucas Luetge34LL6′ 4″205Mar 24, 198755711.4
Jordan Montgomery28LL6′ 6″228Dec 27, 1992530303.3$2,130,000
Nick Nelson25RR6′ 1″205Dec 5, 19952112-0.9
Darren O’Day38RR6′ 4″220Oct 22, 1982141200.3$1,750,000
Rougned Odor27LR5′ 11″200Feb 3, 19948102890.3$12,333,333
Hoy Park25LR6′ 0″200Apr 7, 19961st100
Wandy Peralta29LL6′ 0″227Jul 27, 199164610.9
Stephen Ridings25RR6′ 8″220Aug 14, 19951st500.1
Anthony Rizzo31LL6′ 3″240Aug 8, 19891149460.5
Joely Rodriguez29LL6′ 1″223Nov 14, 199142100.3
Sal Romano27LR6′ 5″255Oct 12, 19935400
Gary Sanchez28RR6′ 2″230Dec 2, 199271171050.7$6,350,000
Clarke Schmidt25RR6′ 1″200Feb 20, 1996221-0.3
Luis Severino27RR6′ 2″218Feb 20, 19946400.3$10,750,000
Giancarlo Stanton31RR6′ 6″245Nov 8, 1989121391343.1$29,000,000
Jameson Taillon29RR6′ 5″230Nov 18, 1991529292.3
Mike Tauchman30LL6′ 1″220Dec 3, 19905114-0.1
Gleyber Torres24RR6′ 1″205Dec 13, 199641271230.8$4,000,000
Gio Urshela29RR6′ 0″215Oct 11, 199161161090.6$4,650,000
Andrew Velazquez26BR5′ 9″170Jul 14, 1994428200
Luke Voit30RR6′ 2″258Feb 13, 1991568550.3$4,700,000
Tyler Wade26LR6′ 1″188Nov 23, 19945103350.3
Justin Wilson33LL6′ 2″205Aug 18, 198710210-0.5$2,850,000
Asher Wojciechowski32RR6′ 4″235Dec 21, 19885110.1$100,000

2021 New York Yankees additions, transactions, and trades


  • December 2: Luis Cessa re-signs with the Yankees on a one-year, $1 million contract.


  • January 6: The Yankees acquire outfielder Greg Allen from the Cleveland Indians in exchange for James Reeves.
  • January 24: The Yankees trade for starting pitcher Jameson Taillon from the Pittsburgh Pirates, sending four prospects (Miguel Yajure, Roansy Contreras, Maikol Escotto, and Canaan Smith).
  • January 27: The Yankees sign Cy Young right-handed starting pitcher Corey Kluber to a one-year, $11 million contract after acquiring him from the Texas Rangers.
  • January 27: DJ LeMahieu re-signs with the Yankees for a six-year, $90 million contract in free agency.
  • February 10: The Yankees sign sidearm right-handed pitcher Darren O’Day to a one-year, $1.75 million contract as a free agent, following his season with the Atlanta Braves.
  • February 22: Brett Gardner re-signs with the Yankees on a one-year, $4 million contract in free agency.
  • February 23: The Yankees acquire left-handed pitcher Justin Wilson from the New York Mets on a one-year, $4 million contract in free agency.

Regular Season – 2021

  • April 6: The Yankees acquire second-baseman Rougned Odor from the Texas Rangers, along with cash considerations and minor-league outfielders Antonio Cabello and Josh Stowers, in a trade.
  • April 27: The Yankees trade outfielder Mike Tauchman to the San Francisco Giants and acquire left-handed pitcher Wandy Peralta and infielder Connor Cannon.
  • July 1: The Yankees acquire outfielder Tim Locastro from the Arizona Diamondbacks for minor league right-handed pitcher Keegan Curtis.
  • July 26: The Yankees acquire right-handed relief pitcher Clay Holmes from the Pittsburgh Pirates for minor league infielders Diego Castillo and Hoy Jun Park.
  • July 27: The Yankees trade relievers Luis Cessa and Justin Wilson to the Cincinnati Reds for a player to be named later.
  • July 29: The Yankees acquire outfielder Joey Gallo and left-handed relief pitcher Joely Rodríguez from the Texas Rangers for minor leaguer prospects: second basemen Ezequiel Duran and Trevor Hauver, right-handed pitcher Glenn Otto, and infielder Josh Smith.
  • July 29: The Yankees acquire first baseman Anthony Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs for minor leaguers right-handed pitcher Alexander Vizcaino and outfielder Kevin Alcantara, along with cash considerations ($5.5 million), covering the remaining balance of Rizzo’s $16.5 million salary for the season.
  • July 30: The Yankees acquire starting left-handed pitcher Andrew Heaney from the Los Angeles Angels, along with cash considerations for minor league right-handed pitchers Janson Junk and Elvis Peguero.

2021 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Trey Amburgey: Debut on 07-16-2021 with the New York Yankees at the age of 26.
  • Luis Gil: Debut on 08-03-2021 with the New York Yankees at the age of 23.
  • Chris Gittens: Debut on 06-05-2021 with the New York Yankees at the age of 27.
  • Brody Koerner: Debut on 08-03-2021 with the New York Yankees at the age of 27.
  • Hoy Park: Debut on 07-16-2021 with the New York Yankees at the age of 25.
  • Stephen Ridings: Debut on 08-03-2021 with the New York Yankees at the age of 25.

2021 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CGary Sánchez281174403835478131235400521210.204
1BAnthony Rizzo31492001733243708212016280.249
2BDJ LeMahieu321506795978416024110574273940.268
SSGleyber Torres2412751645950119220951146501040.259
3BGio Urshela2911644242042112182144910201090.267
LFJoey Gallo275822818833307013220037880.16
CFBrett Gardner371404613874786164103940601000.222
RFAaron Judge2914863355089158240399861751580.287
DHGiancarlo Stanton3113957951064139190359700631570.273
IFRougned Odor271023613224265120153901271000.202
1BLuke Voit306824121326517111350021740.239
OFClint Frazier26662181832034905152032650.186
CKyle Higashioka3167211193203510010290017590.181
LFMiguel Andujar2645162154193920612017280.253
IFTyler Wade261031451273134510517616370.268
CFAaron Hicks31321261081321304140014300.194
1BMike Ford282272606800350011230.133
SSAndrew Velazquez2628686711154116411230.224
OFGreg Allen281548379104102505130.27
1BChris Gittens27164436140015007130.111
1BJay Bruce34103934341013005130.118
CFEstevan Florial2311252036201210560.3
OFRyan LaMarre329242134002410260.19
OFTim Locastro289232144201200170.19
UTRob Brantly316212003100000040.15
OFJonathan Davis2912181741000000150.059
OFMike Tauchman3011161413100020160.214
RFTrey Amburgey2624400000000020
RFHoy Park2511100000000000
Team Totals29.416260605331711126621312222666631862114820.237
Rank in 15 AL teams1510131514310411213

2021 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPGerrit Cole301680.6673.2330300210181.11516965
SPJordan Montgomery28670.4623.8330300000157.11507367
SPJameson Taillon29860.5714.329290000144.11307369
SPDomingo German28450.4444.582218000098.1895250
SPNestor Cortes26230.42.92214300093753230
SPCorey Kluber35530.6253.831616011080743734
CLAroldis Chapman33640.63.3661046003056.1362321
RPChad Green301070.5883.126701500683.2573229
RPLucas Luetge34420.6672.745711300172.1673022
RPJonathan Loaisiga26940.6922.17570800570.2561917
RPWandy Peralta29330.52.95461800342.2381914
Michael King26240.3333.55226300063.1572925
Luis Cessa29310.752.822901300038.1311712
Albert Abreu252015.152801400136.2272121
Andrew Heaney30220.57.32125200035.2382929
Luis Gil23110.53.0766000029.1201110
Clay Holmes28520.7141.612505000281885
Joely Rodriguez291012.842102000192186
Zack Britton330105.89220400118.1171412
Justin Wilson33110.57.5210700018181715
Nick Nelson250208.79112300014.1151614
Darren O’Day38003.38120100010.2944
Deivi Garci­a220206.482200008.1876
Brooks Kriske27110.515.268080007.2121413
Clarke Schmidt25005.682110006.11184
Luis Severino2710104010006200
Stephen Ridings25001.85000005421
Asher Wojciechowski32004.51100004322
Sal Romano270105.44000003.1722
Brody Koerner270032020003211
Team Totals29.192700.5683.7416216215932471435.11243669596
Rank in 15 AL teams41132234353

2021 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Atlanta Braves (4)310.750
Baltimore Orioles (19)1180.579
Boston Red Sox (19)9100.474
Chicago White Sox (6)510.833
Cleveland Indians (7)430.571
Detroit Tigers (6)330.500
Houston Astros (6)420.667
Kansas City Royals (6)420.667
Los Angeles Angels (7)340.429
Miami Marlins (3)301.000
Minnesota Twins (7)610.857
New York Mets (6)240.333
Oakland Athletics (7)430.571
Philadelphia Phillies (4)220.500
Seattle Mariners (7)520.714
Tampa Bay Rays (19)8110.421
Texas Rangers (7)610.857
Toronto Blue Jays (19)8110.421
Washington Nationals (3)210.667

2021 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (26)12140.462
May (28)17110.607
June (26)12140.462
July (23)1490.609
August (29)2180.724
September (27)15120.556
October (3)120.333

2021 New York Yankees All-Stars

  • Aaron Judge
  • Gerrit Cole
  • Aroldis Chapman

2021 New York Yankees awards and honors

  • Corey Kluber: AL Player of the Week (April 26–May 2), AL Player of the Week (May 17–23), No-hitter on May 19th
  • Gerrit Cole: AL Pitcher of the Month (April), One-hitter on July 10th
  • Aaron Judge: AL Player of the Week (May 10–16), 9/11 game-tying home run
  • Luke Voit: AL Player of the Week (August 16–22)
  • Luis Gil: Impressive debut on August 3rd
  • Giancarlo Stanton: Go-ahead grand slam on September 25th
  • Triple Play: Yankees’ triple play on May 20th
  • Walk-off Win: Yankees’ walk-off win on October 1st to clinch a playoff spot
  • All-Star Selections: Aaron Judge, Gerrit Cole, and Aroldis Chapman in the 2021 All-Star Game

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