1917 New York Yankees

1917 New York Yankees

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The final standing6th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record71-82 (.464)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank6th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerBill Donovan
CaptainRoger Peckinpaugh
Top batterHome runs: Wally Pipp (9), Home Run Baker (6), Tim Hendryx (5)
BA: Home Run Baker (.282), Les Nunamaker (.261), Roger Peckinpaugh (.260)
Runs: Wally Pipp (82), Roger Peckinpaugh (63), Home Run Baker (57) 
RBI: Home Run Baker (71), Wally Pipp (70), Tim Hendryx (44)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Bob Shawkey: 13-15, 2.44
Attendance record330,294 (5th of 8)

1917 New York Yankees Season: A brief summary

The 1917 season of the New York Yankees, marking their 15th year, was a challenging period for the storied franchise. Finishing with a record of 71 wins and 82 losses, the team found itself lagging significantly behind in the American League, trailing the champion Chicago White Sox by a substantial 28½ games. This performance was a reflection of the team’s struggles both on and off the field.

Managed by Bill Donovan, the Yankees faced various hurdles throughout the season. Their performance at the Polo Grounds, their home grounds, did not provide the advantage they might have hoped for. The team’s overall play was inconsistent, lacking the cohesive teamwork and standout performances needed to climb the league standings. The pitching staff and batting lineup did not deliver at crucial moments, leading to a disappointing season finish.

The 1917 season, though lackluster for the Yankees, was set against a backdrop of significant historical events, including World War I. These external factors, while not directly influencing the team’s performance, were part of the larger context in which the season unfolded.

While not a memorable year in terms of success, the 1917 season was a part of the Yankees’ early years, a time when the franchise was still developing its identity and laying the groundwork for future success. The lessons learned during this challenging season likely contributed to the team’s growth and evolution in subsequent years. Despite the setbacks, the 1917 season remains a notable chapter in the rich history of the New York Yankees.

Opening Day 1917: A blend of baseball and patriotism at the Polo Grounds

The opening game of the 1917 New York Yankees season, held on April 11th at the Polo Grounds in New York, was a memorable event, steeped in both baseball tradition and patriotic fervor reflective of the era’s national sentiments. The game, which attracted a sizeable crowd of 16,000 fans, saw the Yankees face off against their formidable rivals, the Boston Red Sox.

This particular game was noteworthy not just for the sporting rivalry it showcased but also for the presence of a distinguished guest, Major General Leonard Wood. General Wood, a prominent military figure of the time, added a touch of ceremonial grandeur to the occasion by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch. His participation in the event was a significant nod to the patriotic spirit that permeated the nation, as the United States was deeply involved in World War I during this period.

Adding to the unique atmosphere of the day was an unusual spectacle involving drill sergeant Gibson, a recruiting officer from Macon, Georgia. It’s worth noting that Macon was where the Yankees had conducted their spring training, a critical period of preparation for the upcoming season. In a display that combined military discipline with sports, Sergeant Gibson led the Yankees players across the field in a disciplined formation, with the players carrying rifles. This march across the field was not just a symbolic gesture of patriotism but also a nod to the discipline and teamwork that both baseball and military service required.

This blend of baseball and military display was emblematic of the times, reflecting the broader national context in which sports were being played. The game, despite its final score of 10-3 in favor of the Boston Red Sox, remained a significant event for the fans and players alike. It was an intersection of sports, military honor, and national pride, making the opening game of the 1917 New York Yankees a notable moment in the annals of baseball history.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in Regular Season)

1917 New York Yankees roster

Walt Alexander26RR5′ 10″165Mar 5, 189152017-0.4$3,000
Ángel Aragón26RR5′ 5″150Aug 2, 18903149-0.7$2,400
Home Run Baker31LR5′ 11″173Mar 13, 188691461464.5$9,167
Paddy Baumann31RR5′ 9″160Dec 20, 188574920-0.4$3,000
Neal Brady20RR6′ 0″197Mar 4, 18972210.3$1,500
Ray Caldwell29LR6′ 2″190Apr 26, 1888863343.7$8,000
Howie Camp23LR5′ 9″169Jul 1, 18931st550.1$1,200
Nick Cullop29LL5′ 11″172Sep 17, 1887530180.3$4,500
Jack Enright21RR5′ 11″177Nov 29, 18951st11-0.2$1,800
Chick Fewster20RR5′ 11″160Nov 10, 18961st1111-0.1$1,500
Ray Fisher29RR5′ 11″180Oct 4, 1887823182.3$6,333
Joe Gedeon23RR6′ 0″167Dec 5, 1893433310$4,000
Frank Gilhooley25LR5′ 8″155Jun 10, 1892754460.6$3,600
Tim Hendryx26RR5′ 9″170Jan 31, 189151251032.9$2,100
Hugh High29LL5′ 7″155Oct 24, 18875103980.6$3,000
Bill Lamar20LR6′ 1″185Mar 21, 18971st1111-0.2$1,800
Slim Love26LL6′ 7″195Aug 1, 189033391.5$2,400
Lee Magee28BR5′ 11″165Jun 4, 188975146-1$8,333
Fritz Maisel27RR5′ 7″170Dec 23, 18895113104-0.5$4,800
Armando Marsans29RR5′ 10″157Oct 3, 1887725250.3$4,000
Bob McGraw22RR6′ 2″160Apr 10, 18951st220$1,800
Elmer Miller26RR6′ 0″175Jul 28, 189041141060.7$1,800
George Mogridge28LL6′ 2″165Feb 18, 1889529251.4$2,800
Ed Monroe22RR6′ 5″187Feb 22, 18951st91-0.2$1,500
Les Nunamaker28RR6′ 2″190Jan 25, 18897104822.1$5,000
Roger Peckinpaugh26RR5′ 10″165Feb 5, 189171481484$6,000
Bill Piercy21RR6′ 1″170May 2, 18961st110.2$2,400
Wally Pipp24LL6′ 1″180Feb 17, 189341551553.2$4,500
Muddy Ruel21RR5′ 9″150Feb 20, 1896266-0.2$2,100
Allen Russell23BR5′ 11″165Jul 31, 1893330101.6$2,500
Bob Shawkey26RR5′ 11″168Dec 4, 1890532264.1$5,000
Urban Shocker26RR5′ 10″170Sep 22, 1890226131$2,100
Walt Smallwood24RR6′ 2″190Apr 24, 18931st200.1$1,500
Herb Thormahlen20LL6′ 0″180Jul 5, 18961st110.1$1,800
Sammy Vick22RR5′ 10″163Apr 12, 18951st1010-0.1$300
Roxy Walters24RR5′ 8″160Nov 5, 1892361501.2$3,000
Aaron Ward20RR5′ 10″160Aug 28, 18961st86-0.4$1,200

1917 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

Before 1917 Season:

  • Mike Cantwell player rights sold to Newark (International).

June 1917:

  • June 23: Purchased Howie Camp and Aaron Ward from Charleston (South Atlantic).

July 1917:

  • July 5: Traded Tom Blodgett (minors), Dazzy Vance, and $4,250 to Memphis (Southern Association). Received Sammy Vick.
  • July 15: Traded Lee Magee to the St. Louis Browns. Received Armando Marsans.

August 1917:

  • August 14: Purchased Bill Lamar, Herb Thormahlen, and Chick Fewster from Baltimore (International) for $20,000.
  • August 21: Purchased Muddy Ruel from the St. Louis Browns.

September 1917:

  • September 15: Walt Alexander player rights sold to Toledo (American Association).
  • September 20: Drafted Zinn Beck from Milwaukee (American Association) in the 1917 Rule 5 draft.

1917 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Howie Camp – 09-19-1917 – 24 years old
  • Jack Enright – 09-26-1917 – 21 years old
  • Chick Fewster – 09-19-1917 – 20 years old
  • Bill Lamar – 09-19-1917 – 20 years old
  • Bob McGraw – 09-25-1917 – 22 years old
  • Ed Monroe – 05-29-1917 – 22 years old
  • Bill Piercy – 10-03-1917 – 21 years old
  • Walt Smallwood – 09-19-1917 – 24 years old
  • Hank Thormahlen – 09-29-1917 – 21 years old
  • Sammy Vick – 09-20-1917 – 22 years old
  • Aaron Ward – 08-14-1917 – 20 years old

1917 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CLes Nunamaker28104341310228192033521250.261
1BWally Pipp241556695878214329129701160660.244
2BFritz Maisel271134664044680440202936180.198
SSRoger Peckinpaugh26148629543631412470411764460.26
3BHome Run Baker31146613553571562426711848270.282
OFTim Hendryx261254783934398147544662450.249
OFElmer Miller2611445037943951133351140440.251
OFHugh High291034323653786116119848310.236
OFFrank Gilhooley255420216514406108630130.242
OFLee Magee285120017317384108313180.22
CRoxy Walters246118717116452001429220.263
2BJoe Gedeon23331311171528700847130.239
2BPaddy Baumann3149115110102421082490.218
OFArmando Marsans2925100881020400156830.227
CWalt Alexander2620605117210414110.137
UTÁngel Aragón261450452310020220.067
OFBill Lamar2011424121000031020.244
2BChick Fewster201141362800011550.222
OFSammy Vick2210383641030022160.278
SSAaron Ward20827260300010150.115
OFHowie Camp23522213610000120.286
CMuddy Ruel21620171200011220.118
PRay Caldwell2963140124123261212216160.258
PBob Shawkey26329184316400803150.19
PGeorge Mogridge28297669611030301150.159
PUrban Shocker2626534508000601170.178
PRay Fisher2923525069011300140.18
PNick Cullop2930494417100203140.159
PSlim Love263339362600010160.167
PAllen Russell23303631310200104120.323
PEd Monroe22912121210010060.167
PBob McGraw222330000000030
PBill Piercy211320000000100
PNeal Brady202220100000000.5
PHerb Thormahlen201220000000020
PJack Enright211110000000000
PWalt Smallwood24200000000000
Team Totals26.815558725136524122617252274451364965350.239
Rank in 8 AL teams2777816458
Non-Pitcher Totals26.715553134631490112415847244081344664150.243
Pitcher Totals27.2155559505341021453372301200.202

1917 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPBob Shawkey2613150.4642.44322651620236.12078164
SPRay Caldwell2913160.4482.863229321102361999275
SPGeorge Mogridge289110.452.98292541510196.11858265
SPNick Cullop29590.3573.3230188521146.11617054
SPRay Fisher29890.4712.192318312301441264935
RPUrban Shocker26850.6152.61261367011451245942
RPSlim Love26650.5452.3533918201130.11155034
RPAllen Russell23780.4672.24251010602104.1894226
RPEd Monroe221013.4591810128.2351511
Bob McGraw220100.8222010011951
Neal Brady2010122110009622
Bill Piercy2101031101009933
Herb Thormahlen200102.251100008932
Jack Enright210105.41100005553
Walt Smallwood240002020002100
Team Totals26.971820.4642.661551556887961411.11280558417
Rank in 8 AL teams6352785645

1917 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (23)9130.409
Chicago White Sox (22)10120.455
Cleveland Indians (22)7150.318
Detroit Tigers (23)9130.409
Philadelphia Athletics (22)1570.682
St. Louis Browns (22)1390.591
Washington Senators (21)8130.381

1917 New York Yankees monthly Record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (12)750.583
May (25)13110.542
June (28)15130.536
July (31)14160.467
August (27)7200.259
September (28)12160.429
October (4)310.750

How do you rate the 1917 New York Yankees?

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