1905 New York Yankees (Highlanders)

1905 New York Yankees (Highlanders) team picture.

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The final standing6th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record71-78 (.477)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank6th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerClark Griffith
CaptainClark Griffith
Top batterHome runs: Jimmy Williams (6), Willie Keeler (4)
BA: Willie Keeler (.302), Wid Conroy (.273), Joe Yeager (.267)
Runs: Willie Keeler (81), Hal Chase (60), Patsy Dougherty (56)
RBI: Jimmy Williams (62), Kid Elberfeld (53), Hal Chase (49)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Jack Chesbro: 19-15, 2.20
Al Orth: 18-16, 2.86
Attendance record309,100 (6th of 8)

1905 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1905 season for the New York Highlanders, who would later become known as the New York Yankees, was notable for being only their third season in American baseball. Finishing sixth in the American League with a record of 71 wins and 78 losses might not seem particularly impressive at first glance, but when placed in the context of a young team still finding its footing, it offers a different perspective.

Managed by Clark Griffith, a key figure in baseball both as a player and a manager, the 1905 New York Yankees were navigating the complexities of establishing themselves in a competitive league. Griffith’s leadership would have been crucial in developing the team’s strategy and guiding its players through the highs and lows of the season.

Playing their home games at Hilltop Park, the Highlanders had the advantage of a dedicated fan base in New York, a city with a burgeoning love for baseball. The ballpark itself, situated on one of the highest points in Manhattan, provided a unique backdrop for the team’s home games, contributing to the growing lore of the team.

1905 New York Yankees season’s record is a bit deceiving, as baseball during this era was highly competitive and even tumultuous, with teams closely packed in terms of talent and outcomes often decided by narrow margins. The Highlanders’ performance, while not leading to a championship, laid down important groundwork for the team’s development and future successes.

In reviewing the 1905 season, it is essential to acknowledge both the challenges and achievements of the Highlanders. Their efforts in this early stage of their history were foundational in building what would become one of the most successful and storied franchises in baseball history. While this particular season may not stand out for its triumphs, it is a significant chapter in the evolving narrative of the New York Yankees.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in regular season)

1905 New York Yankees roster

John Anderson31BR6′ 2″180Dec 14, 1873113225-0.2
Hal Chase22RL6′ 0″175Feb 13, 18831st1281250
Jack Chesbro HOF31RR5′ 9″180Jun 5, 1874741385.2
Walter Clarkson26RR5′ 10″150Nov 3, 1878294-0.2
Jim Cockman32RR5′ 6″145Apr 26, 18731st1313-0.4
Joe Connor30RR6′ 2″185Dec 8, 18744870.2
Wid Conroy28RR5′ 9″158Apr 5, 187751011002.4
Phil Cooney22LR5′ 8″155Sep 14, 18821st11-0.1
Fred Curtis24RR6′ 1″Oct 30, 18801st220
Frank Delahanty22RR5′ 9″160Dec 29, 18821st95-0.2
Patsy Dougherty28LR6′ 2″190Oct 27, 187641161030.3
Jack Doyle35RR5′ 9″155Oct 25, 18691711-0.2
Kid Elberfeld30RR5′ 7″158Apr 13, 187571111082
Charlie Fallon24RR5′ 6″Mar 7, 18811st10
Dave Fultz30RR5′ 11″170May 29, 187571291190.3
Wilbur Good19LL5′ 11″180Sep 28, 18851st52-0.5
Art Goodwin29R5′ 8″195Feb 27, 18761st10-0.3
Clark Griffith HOF35RR5′ 6″156Nov 20, 1869142673.6
Ed Hahn29LR160Aug 27, 18751st45451.4
Bill Hogg23RR6′ 0″200Sep 11, 18811st39220.6
Fred Jacklitsch29RR5′ 9″180May 24, 18766110
Willie Keeler HOF33LL5′ 4″140Mar 3, 1872141491492.7
Red Kleinow27RR5′ 10″165Jul 20, 1877290790.7
Frank LaPorte25RR5′ 8″175Feb 6, 18801st11110.5
Louis LeRoy26RR5′ 10″180Feb 18, 18791st330
Joe McCarthy23RRDec 25, 18811st100
Deacon McGuire41RR6′ 1″185Nov 18, 18632174650.4
Doc Newton27LL6′ 0″185Oct 26, 187741171.4
Rube Oldring21RR5′ 10″186May 30, 18841st880.5
Al Orth32LR6′ 0″200Sep 5, 18721155395.8
Jack Powell30RR5′ 11″195Jul 9, 1874937230.1
Doc Powers34RR5′ 8″160Sep 22, 187071110-0.3
Ambrose Puttmann24L6′ 4″185Sep 9, 188031890.3
Jimmy Williams28RR5′ 9″175Dec 20, 187671291291.5
Joe Yeager29RR5′ 10″160Aug 28, 187571161082.8

1905 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

May 1905

  • May 30: John Anderson selected by the Washington Nationals off waivers.

June 1905

  • June 30: Signed Charlie Fallon as an amateur free agent.

July 1905

  • July 12: Signed Jack Doyle as a free agent.
  • July 13: Received Doc Powers on loan from the Philadelphia Athletics.
  • July 20: Signed Fred Curtis as a free agent.

August 1905

  • Drafted Tom Hughes from Topeka (Western Association) in the 1905 rule 5 draft.
  • Signed Wilbur Good as a free agent.
  • Purchased Walter Clarkson from Jersey City (Eastern) around this time.
  • August 7: Doc Powers returned to the Philadelphia Athletics as part of the earlier loan.
  • August 8: Purchased George Moriarty from Toledo (American Association).
  • August 14: Signed Wilbur Good as a free agent (listed twice; may denote a clerical duplication or reaffirmation of his signing).
  • Around August 20: Purchased Ed Hahn from New Orleans (Southern Association). Purchased Bobby Keefe from Tacoma (PCL). Purchased Ira Thomas from Providence (Eastern).
  • August 22: Purchased Frank Delahanty from Birmingham (Southern Association).
  • Around August 25: Purchased Frank LaPorte from Buffalo (Eastern). Purchased Louis LeRoy from Montreal (Eastern).

September 1905

Around early September: 

  • Received Joe Connor on loan from Newark (Eastern).
  • Received Phil Cooney on loan from Paterson (Hudson River).
  • Purchased Joe McCarthy from Poughkeepsie (Hudson River).
  • Received Jim Cockman from Newark (Eastern) in an unknown transaction.
  • September 11: Jack Powell’s player rights sold to the St. Louis Browns.
  • Around September 15: Fred Jacklitsch received from Providence (Eastern) in an unknown transaction.

1905 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Hal Chase – 04-14-1905 – 22 years old
  • Jim Cockman – 09-28-1905 – 33 years old
  • Phil Cooney – 09-27-1905 – 23 years old
  • Fred Curtis – 07-24-1905 – 24 years old
  • Frank Delahanty – 08-23-1905 – 22 years old
  • Charlie Fallon – 06-30-1905 – 24 years old
  • Wilbur Good – 08-18-1905 – 19 years old
  • Art Goodwin – 10-07-1905 – 28 years old
  • Ed Hahn – 08-29-1905 – 30 years old
  • Bill Hogg – 04-25-1905 – 23 years old
  • Frank LaPorte – 09-29-1905 – 25 years old
  • Louis LeRoy – 09-22-1905 – 26 years old
  • Joe McCarthy – 09-27-1905 – 23 years old
  • Rube Oldring – 10-02-1905 – 21 years old

1905 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CRed Kleinow2788279253235663124720340.221
1BHal Chase22128501465601161663492215620.249
2BJimmy Williams28129540470541072086621450460.228
SSKid Elberfeld30111451390481021820531823160.262
3BJoe Yeager2911544940154107167042825280.267
OFWillie Keeler33149654560811691444381943130.302
OFPatsy Dougherty2811645941856110963291728400.263
OFDave Fultz3012948842249981330424439470.232
UTWid Conroy281014273855510519112252532470.273
CDeacon McGuire417225722895072033318210.219
OFEd Hahn2943199160325150011125100.319
OFJohn Anderson3132108991223310149880.232
3BJim Cockman3213443854000224100.105
2BFrank LaPorte25114140416101121140.4
UTDoc Powers341138333610020160.182
SSRube Oldring21833302901164240.3
UTFrank Delahanty22929270610020140.222
UTJoe Connor30827224510021350.227
1BFred Curtis2421090210021100.222
CFred Jacklitsch291431000010110
1BJack Doyle351430000000000
3BPhil Cooney221330000000010
CJoe McCarthy231220000000010
Charlie Fallon24100000000000
PAl Orth32551391311324311824220.183
PJack Chesbro31411161126216301022320.188
PBill Hogg2339736734000105230.06
PJack Powell30377165412101204120.185
PClark Griffith3526393227110503110.219
PAmbrose Puttmann2418343231012020080.313
PDoc Newton271123222300010190.136
PWalter Clarkson26919191100000040.053
PLouis LeRoy2631080100000120.125
PWilbur Good195882300000030.375
PArt Goodwin29100000000000
Team Totals29.315255794957588122816361234802003605340.248
Rank in 8 AL teams8337431613
Non-Pitcher Totals29.315250474461552114215154214511963404080.256
Pitcher Totals29.315253249636861272294201260.173

1905 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPAl Orth3218160.5292.86403732660305.127312297
SPJack Chesbro3119150.5592.2413822430303.126212574
SPBill Hogg239130.4093.239221393120517810473
SPJack Powell308130.3813.5372312131120321410779
RPClark Griffith35960.61.6825717421101.2823019
RPAmbrose Puttmann24270.2224.27179751186.1795041
RPWalter Clarkson26330.53.9194430046402620
Doc Newton27220.52.11117320059.2612314
Louis LeRoy26110.53.7533020024261410
Wilbur Good190204.7452300019181710
Art Goodwin2900811000000.1243
Team Totals29.171780.4772.9315215264881641353.21235622440
Rank in 8 AL teams6388117578

1905 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Americans (21)8130.381
Chicago White Sox (23)7150.318
Cleveland Naps (22)10120.455
Detroit Tigers (21)8130.381
Philadelphia Athletics (20)8110.421
St. Louis Browns (22)1570.682
Washington Senators (23)1570.682

1905 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (11)740.636
May (26)7180.280
June (18)990.500
July (27)16100.615
August (28)16120.571
September (34)14190.424
October (8)260.250

How do you rate the 1905 New York Yankees?

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