1915 New York Yankees

1915 New York Yankees

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The final standing5th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record69-83 (.454)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank5th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerBill Donovan
CaptainRoger Peckinpaugh
Top batterHome runs: Luke Boone, Roger Peckinpaugh (5), Wally Pip, Fritz Maisel, Ray Caldwell (4), Roy Hartzell (3)
BA: Fritz Maisel (.281), Doc Cook (.271), Hugh High (.258)
Runs: Fritz Maisel (77), Doc Cook (70), Roger Peckinpaugh (67) 
RBI: Wally Pip, Roy Hartzell (60), Fritz Maisel (46), Roger Peckinpaugh (44)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Ray Fisher: 18-11, 2.11
Ray Caldwell: 19-16, 2.89
Attendance record256,035 (4th of 8)

1915 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1915 New York Yankees season, marking the team’s 13th season and 15th in total, was a year of significant transition and challenge. Under new ownership and management, the Yankees endeavored to establish a stronger foothold in the American League, yet faced considerable obstacles along the way.

Managed by Bill Donovan, the team showed potential but struggled to maintain consistency. The Yankees finished the season with a 69–83 record, a clear indication of the challenges they faced on the field. This record placed them a significant 32½ games behind the American League champions, the Boston Red Sox, highlighting the gap the Yankees needed to bridge to become contenders.

1915 New York Yankees
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Playing their home games at the Polo Grounds, a historic venue shared with the New York Giants, the Yankees had the advantage of a familiar and prominent stage. However, the team’s performance did not always rise to the grandeur of their surroundings. The season was marred by a lack of cohesion and a series of underwhelming performances, both from the pitching staff and the batting lineup.

Despite these struggles, the 1915 season was not without its highlights. Individual players showed flashes of brilliance, and there were moments where the team’s potential for future success was evident. The season also served as a learning experience for both the management and the players, laying the groundwork for the development and future achievements that the Yankees would eventually be known for.

In retrospect, the 1915 New York Yankees season can be seen as a period of growing pains. While the team’s record was disappointing, the experiences of that year contributed to the evolution of the franchise. The lessons learned during this transitional phase were crucial in shaping the future of the Yankees, leading them toward becoming one of the most successful and iconic teams in baseball history.

An unprecedented day on the mound: Bruno Haas’ record-setting 16 walks against the Yankees on June 23, 1915

The game on June 23, 1915, between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Athletics is notable in baseball history, primarily for the remarkable, albeit dubious, record set by Athletics pitcher Bruno Haas. In this match, Haas astonishingly walked 16 Yankees hitters, setting an American League record for the most walks issued in a single game.

This game was a clear display of Haas’ struggles with control on the mound. Walking 16 batters in a single game is an indicator of significant difficulties in pitching accuracy and consistency. It’s important to understand that issuing so many walks not only reflects the pitcher’s challenges but also dramatically affects the pace and dynamics of the game. For the Yankees, these walks presented numerous opportunities to advance runners and score runs without the need for hits.

Bruno Haas’ record is a unique one in the annals of baseball. While walks are a common part of the game, and every pitcher experiences off days, issuing 16 walks in a game is exceptionally rare. This feat is indicative of a particularly rough performance, one where a pitcher is unable to find the strike zone with consistency.

The game would have been frustrating for Haas and the Athletics, but it was also likely frustrating for the Yankees’ hitters. While walks are advantageous, batters typically prefer to hit and play a more active role in the game. A game with so many walks can be unusually slow-paced and lacking in the usual rhythm of baseball.

This extraordinary event in baseball history is a reminder of the unpredictable and sometimes erratic nature of the sport. It underscores how a single player’s performance, in this case, a struggling pitcher, can significantly impact the game’s outcome and etch an unusual record in the sports annals. Bruno Haas’ record from the game on June 23, 1915, stands as a testament to this unpredictability and the varied challenges athletes face in their careers.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in Regular Season)

1915 New York Yankees roster

Walt Alexander24RR5′ 10″165Mar 5, 1891325231.1$2,400
Ed Barney25LR5′ 10″178Jan 23, 18901st1110-0.2$2,100
Paddy Baumann29RR5′ 9″160Dec 20, 1885577602$2,400
Luke Boone25RR5′ 9″160May 6, 189031301241.7$3,500
Neal Brady18RR6′ 0″197Mar 4, 18971st210.1$1,500
Carroll Brown26RR6′ 1″178Feb 20, 188952111-0.2$3,500
Ray Caldwell27LR6′ 2″190Apr 26, 1888672355.7$8,000
King Cole29RR6′ 1″170Apr 15, 18866106-0.1$3,800
Doc Cook29LR6′ 0″170Jun 24, 188631321312.2$3,750
Ensign Cottrell26LL5′ 9″173Aug 29, 1888570-0.1
Birdie Cree32RR5′ 6″150Oct 23, 1882874490.3$6,000
Tom Daley30LR5′ 5″168Nov 13, 188441000.1$3,250
Bill Donovan38BR5′ 11″190Oct 13, 187616101-0.1
Ray Fisher27RR5′ 11″180Oct 4, 1887630284.4$6,333
Frank Gilhooley23LR5′ 8″155Jun 10, 1892511-0.1$3,600
Roy Hartzell33LR5′ 8″155Jul 6, 1881101191100.7$4,000
Tim Hendryx24RR5′ 9″170Jan 31, 189131312-0.2$1,800
Hugh High27LL5′ 7″155Oct 24, 188731191152.3$3,000
Ray Keating21RR5′ 11″185Jul 21, 1893411100.1$5,000
Ernie Krueger24RR5′ 10″185Dec 27, 18902108-0.5
Gene Layden21LL5′ 10″160Mar 14, 18941st32-0.1$990
Fritz Maisel25RR5′ 7″170Dec 23, 188931361333.5$4,800
Cliff Markle21RR5′ 9″163May 3, 18941st321.1$1,200
Marty McHale28RR5′ 11″174Oct 30, 188651311-0.4$3,600
Elmer Miller24RR6′ 0″175Jul 28, 189022625-1.1$1,800
George Mogridge26LL6′ 2″165Feb 18, 18893651.3$2,100
Charlie Mullen26RR5′ 10″155Mar 15, 1889440180.3$3,000
Les Nunamaker26RR6′ 2″190Jan 25, 1889587690.9$5,000
Roger Peckinpaugh24RR5′ 10″165Feb 5, 189151421422.5$6,000
Cy Pieh28RR6′ 2″190Sep 29, 188632180.7$1,800
Wally Pipp22LL6′ 1″180Feb 17, 189321361343.3$3,300
Allen Russell21BR5′ 11″165Jul 31, 18931st530.4$1,800
Pi Schwert22RR5′ 10″160Nov 22, 18922940.1$1,800
Bob Shawkey24RR5′ 11″168Dec 4, 189031691.2$3,250
Skeeter Shelton27RR5′ 11″175Jun 29, 18881st1010-0.9
Ed Sweeney26RR6′ 1″200Jul 19, 1888853510.1$8,000
Dan Tipple25RR6′ 0″176Feb 13, 18901st320.3$2,500
Dazzy Vance24RR6′ 2″200Mar 4, 18911st830.3
Roxy Walters22RR5′ 8″160Nov 5, 18921st210$1,200
Jack Warhop30RR5′ 9″168Jul 4, 188482119-0.3$4,500

1915 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

February 1915:

  • February 4: Purchased Hugh High and Wally Pipp from the Detroit Tigers.

March 1915:

  • March 3: Paddy Baumann received from Providence (International) in an unknown transaction. (Date given is approximate. Exact date is uncertain.)

April 1915:

  • April: Purchased Dazzy Vance from the Pittsburgh Pirates.
  • April 7: Purchased Ensign Cottrell from the Boston Braves.

June 1915:

  • June 28: Purchased Bob Shawkey from the Philadelphia Athletics for $3,000.

July 1915:

  • July 14: Ensign Cottrell player rights sold to Richmond (International).
  • July 20: Purchased Ed Barney from Jersey City (International).
  • Purchased Gene Layden from Columbia (South Atlantic).
  • July 23: Purchased Elmer Miller from the St. Louis Cardinals.
  • Purchased Roxy Walters from Waco (Texas).
  • July 30: Purchased Walt Alexander from Kansas City (American Association).

August 1915:

  • August: Purchased George Mogridge from Minneapolis (American Association).
  • August 17: Purchased Tim Hendryx from New Orleans (Southern Association).
  • Released Jack Warhop.
  • August 19: Ed Barney selected by the Pittsburgh Pirates off waivers.

September 1915

  • September 15: Drafted Jim Brown from Topeka (Western Association) in the 1915 rule 5 draft.
  • Drafted Urban Shocker from Guelph (Canadian) in the 1915 rule 5 draft.

1915 New York Yankees player debuts

  • Ed Barney – 07-22-1915 – 25 years old
  • Neal Brady – 09-25-1915 – 18 years old
  • Gene Layden – 07-29-1915 – 21 years old
  • Cliff Markle – 09-18-1915 – 21 years old
  • Allen Russell – 09-13-1915 – 22 years old
  • Skeeter Shelton – 08-25-1915 – 27 years old
  • Dan Tipple – 09-18-1915 – 25 years old
  • Roxy Walters – 09-16-1915 – 22 years old

1915 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CLes Nunamaker26872772492456630173223240.225
1BWally Pipp2213656147959118201346018766810.246
2BLuke Boone251304944314488122543141741530.204
SSRoger Peckinpaugh2414262654067119187544191249720.22
3BFritz Maisel2513559253077149166446511248350.281
OFRoy Hartzell33119467387399711236071957370.251
OFDoc Cook2913255447670129165233291862430.271
OFHugh High2711950542751110197143221362470.258
IFPaddy Baumann2976260219306413122891028320.292
OFBirdie Cree32742461962342820157836220.214
CEd Sweeney2653173137122620053325120.19
1BCharlie Mullen264010290112410075210120.267
OFElmer Miller242690834121003004140.145
CWalt Alexander2425856871740152113160.25
OFTim Hendryx2413464048200103420.2
OFSkeeter Shelton27104340110000002100.025
OFEd Barney2511403617000821360.194
CErnie Krueger2410312935100001050.172
CPi Schwert229191865300600160.278
OFTom Daley301010822000110220.25
OFGene Layden2137722000001010.286
OFFrank Gilhooley2314400000000010
CRoxy Walters2223301000000000.333
PRay Caldwell2772155144273541420439320.243
PRay Fisher27309383592007004200.108
PJack Warhop3021545137300210390.137
PCarroll Brown2621333206100000170.188
PCy Pieh28213030120001000120.067
PMarty McHale2813292123000100670.143
PBob Shawkey24162929373101000100.241
PRay Keating2111292634000100380.154
PKing Cole2910161301000000160.077
PGeorge Mogridge266141201000010150.083
PBill Donovan3810131211000000160.083
PAllen Russell2159802000000040.25
PCliff Markle2137400000000230
PDazzy Vance2487302100100300.667
PEnsign Cottrell2677700000000030
PDan Tipple2536610000000020
PNeal Brady1824400000000020
Team Totals26.615457704982583116216750314591981335706690.233
Rank in 8 AL teams74858145368
Non-Pitcher Totals26.615452354497537108215348274251921305365330.241
Pitcher Totals26.9154535485468014243463341360.165

1915 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPRay Caldwell2719160.5432.8936351313030526611598
SPRay Fisher2718110.6212.11302822040247.22198258
SPJack Warhop30790.4383.96211921200143.11647463
SPCarroll Brown26360.3334.11911550096.2954944
SPRay Keating21360.3333.631110181079.1664132
SPMarty McHale28370.34.251311160078.1864537
RPCy Pieh28450.4442.87218932094784030
RPBob Shawkey24470.3643.26169651085.2783831
RPBill Donovan380304.8191700033.2351818
RPDazzy Vance240303.5483410028231411
King Cole29230.43.18106420151412718
George Mogridge26230.41.766513104133118
Allen Russell21120.3332.675321002721108
Cliff Markle212010.39321200231531
Ensign Cottrell260103.3870600021.129128
Dan Tipple25110.50.95321200191462
Neal Brady18003.122100008.2933
Team Totals26.869830.4543.06154154531011211382.21272588470
Rank in 8 AL teams5461486645

1915 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (22)12100.545
Chicago White Sox (22)7150.318
Cleveland Indians (23)1390.591
Detroit Tigers (22)5170.227
Philadelphia Athletics (20)1190.550
St. Louis Browns (23)12100.545
Washington Senators (22)9130.409

1915 New York Yankees monthly Record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (12)840.667
May (22)11110.500
June (29)14150.483
July (28)11170.393
August (28)11150.423
September (30)11190.367
October (5)320.600

How do you rate the 1915 New York Yankees?

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