1916 New York Yankees

1916 New York Yankees

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The final standing4th in AL (Did not qualify for World Series)
Regular season record80-74 (.519)
Post-season record(Not played)
AL rank4th
World Series record and opponent(Not played)
ManagerBill Donovan
CaptainRoger Peckinpaugh
Top batterHome runs: Wally Pipp (12), Home Run Baker (10), Roger Peckinpaugh (4)
BA: Home Run Baker (.269), Hugh High (.263), Wally Pipp (.262)
Runs: Wally Pipp (70), Roger Peckinpaugh (65), Lee Magee (57) 
RBI: Wally Pipp (93), Roger Peckinpaugh (58), Home Run Baker (52)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)Bob Shawkey: 24-14, 2.21
Ray Fisher: 11-8, 3.17
Attendance record469,211 (5th of 8)

1916 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 1916 New York Yankees season marked a significant milestone in the storied history of this iconic franchise. This year, the Yankees, under the guidance of manager Bill Donovan, achieved their first winning season since rebranding from the Highlanders, a notable shift that set the stage for the team’s future successes.

With a record of 80-74, the Yankees showed considerable improvement and competitiveness in the American League. Their performance, although not enough to clinch the championship, was a considerable step up from previous seasons. Finishing 11 games behind the Boston Red Sox, the eventual American League champions, the Yankees displayed a blend of budding talent and strategic play that hinted at the potential for future greatness.

1916 Yankees
Dead Ball Era

One of the most interesting aspects of the 1916 season was the Yankees’ home field, the Polo Grounds. This iconic venue, shared with the New York Giants, was a central part of New York’s baseball history and provided a grand stage for the Yankees’ play. The Polo Grounds not only offered a unique setting but also contributed to the growing rivalry with the Giants.

A noteworthy element of this season was the use of the “NY” logo on the team’s jerseys. This would be the last year the logo would appear until its revival in 1936. The significance of this emblem, now synonymous with the Yankees’ brand, cannot be overstated. Its temporary absence from the uniform marked the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in the team’s history.

Overall, the 1916 season was a turning point for the Yankees. It was a year where the groundwork was laid for future success. The combination of a winning record, the experience of playing in the Polo Grounds, and the historical context of the “NY” logo all contribute to the rich tapestry of the Yankees’ history. This season encapsulated a moment of transition and promise, an essential step on the road to becoming one of the most successful and renowned teams in baseball history.

The historic Yankees-Senators clash of April 1916

The game on April 20, 1916, held at Griffith Stadium, stands out as a particularly notable event in the 1916 New York Yankees season, not just for its outcome but also for its historical and cultural significance. The presence of President Woodrow Wilson, who threw the ceremonial first pitch, elevated the game to more than just a regular season matchup; it became an event of national interest, intertwining the worlds of sports and politics in a way that was relatively uncommon at the time.

Griffith Stadium, serving as the backdrop for this event, was a key venue in baseball history and home to the Washington Senators. The stadium’s unique ambiance and architectural features contributed to the day’s significance, providing a fitting stage for a game attended by a sitting U.S. President.

President Wilson’s involvement in the game was symbolic, reflecting the growing popularity and national importance of baseball in American culture. His participation in the ceremonial first pitch was a gesture that recognized baseball as America’s pastime, a sport deeply intertwined with the national identity.

The game itself was a showcase of talent, particularly highlighted by the performance of Walter Johnson, one of the era’s most dominant pitchers. Johnson’s prowess on the mound for the Senators was a key factor in their decisive 12-4 victory over the Yankees. His role in this game added a layer of athletic excellence to the day’s proceedings, further enhancing the game’s appeal and historical significance.

For the New York Yankees, despite the loss, the game was a part of their journey in the 1916 season, marking one of the many challenges they faced on their path to establishing themselves as a formidable team in the American League. The experience of playing against top-tier talent like Walter Johnson and participating in such a high-profile game would have been invaluable for the development of the team.

In summary, the April 20, 1916, game against the Washington Senators was a microcosm of the era’s baseball culture. It was a blend of sport, politics, and iconic personalities, all converging on the diamond of Griffith Stadium. The presence of President Woodrow Wilson, the dominance of Walter Johnson, and the participation of a developing Yankees team all contributed to making this game a noteworthy chapter in the 1916 season and in the broader tapestry of early 20th-century baseball history.

Postseason result

(Did not qualify – Eliminated in Regular Season)

1916 New York Yankees roster

Walt Alexander25RR5′ 10″165Mar 5, 1891436221.4$3,000
Ángel Aragón25RR5′ 5″150Aug 2, 18902138-0.1$2,100
Home Run Baker30LR5′ 11″173Mar 13, 18868100953.6$9,167
Paddy Baumann30RR5′ 9″160Dec 20, 1885679511.2$3,000
Luke Boone26RR5′ 9″160May 6, 1890449370$3,000
Jess Buckles26LL6′ 2″205May 20, 18901st200
Ray Caldwell28LR6′ 2″190Apr 26, 1888745201.8$8,000
Mike Cantwell22LL6′ 0″160Jun 15, 18941st10-0.1$1,500
Doc Cook30LR6′ 0″170Jun 24, 1886443-0.2$3,000
Nick Cullop28LL5′ 11″172Sep 17, 1887428222.1$3,500
Bill Donovan39BR5′ 11″190Oct 13, 187617100.1
Ray Fisher28RR5′ 11″180Oct 4, 1887731210.2$6,333
Joe Gedeon22RR6′ 0″167Dec 5, 18933122120-0.7$4,000
Frank Gilhooley24LR5′ 8″155Jun 10, 1892659571.5$3,600
Roy Hartzell34LR5′ 8″155Jul 6, 1881113414-0.6$4,000
Tim Hendryx25RR5′ 9″170Jan 31, 1891415150.5$1,800
Hugh High28LL5′ 7″155Oct 24, 188741171071.3$3,000
Solly Hofman33RR6′ 0″160Oct 29, 188214660.2
Ray Keating22RR5′ 11″185Jul 21, 1893514110$3,250
Slim Love25LL6′ 7″195Aug 1, 18902201-0.8$2,400
Lee Magee27BR5′ 11″165Jun 4, 188961311301.5$8,333
Fritz Maisel26RR5′ 7″170Dec 23, 188945340-0.3$4,800
Cliff Markle22RR5′ 9″163May 3, 18942117-0.8$1,350
Elmer Miller25RR6′ 0″175Jul 28, 1890343400$1,800
George Mogridge27LL6′ 2″165Feb 18, 1889430212.5$2,400
Charlie Mullen27RR5′ 10″155Mar 15, 1889560310.1$3,000
Les Nunamaker27RR6′ 2″190Jan 25, 1889691773.3$5,000
Rube Oldring32RR5′ 10″186May 30, 1884124343-0.2$6,000
Roger Peckinpaugh25RR5′ 10″165Feb 5, 189161451454.4$6,000
Wally Pipp23LL6′ 1″180Feb 17, 189331511484.2$4,000
Allen Russell22BR5′ 11″165Jul 31, 189323519-0.6$2,100
Germany Schaefer40RR5′ 9″175Feb 4, 187614100
Bob Shawkey25RR5′ 11″168Dec 4, 1890453276.6$3,250
Urban Shocker25RR5′ 10″170Sep 22, 18901st1291.8$1,350
Roxy Walters23RR5′ 8″160Nov 5, 1892266573.2$1,500

1916 New York Yankees player additions, transactions, and trades

January 1916:

  • January 14: Purchased Lee Magee from the Brooklyn Tip-Tops for $22,500.
  • January 21: Purchased Nick Cullop from the Kansas City Packers.
  • January 21: Purchased Germany Schaefer from the Newark Pepper.

February 1916:

  • February 15: Purchased Home Run Baker from the Philadelphia Athletics for $37,500.

May 1916:

  • May 15: Doc Cook player rights sold to Oakland (PCL).

July 1916:

  • July 13: Signed Rube Oldring as a free agent.

August 1916:

  • August 2: Signed Solly Hofman as a free agent.
  • August 26: Signed Bob McGraw as an amateur free agent.

September 1916:

  • September 1: Signed Mike Cantwell as a free agent. (Date given is approximate. Exact date is uncertain.)
  • September 9: Released Rube Oldring.
  • September 15: Drafted Ed Monroe from Memphis (Southern Association) in the 1916 rule 5 draft.
  • September 15: Drafted Ben Shaw from Macon (South Atlantic) in the 1916 rule 5 draft.

1916 New York Yankees player Debuts

  • Jess Buckles – 09-17-1916 – 26 years old
  • Mike Cantwell – 08-17-1916 – 22 years old
  • Urban Shocker – 04-24-1916 – 25 years old

1916 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CLes Nunamaker27912982602577147028434210.296
1BWally Pipp2315161754570143201412931654820.262
2BJoe Gedeon2212249243550921440271440610.211
SSRoger Peckinpaugh25145635552651412284581862500.255
3BHome Run Baker30100402360469723210521536300.269
OFLee Magee27131581510571311843452950310.257
OFFrank Gilhooley24582632234062531101637170.278
OFHugh High2811645337744991341281347440.263
UTPaddy Baumann30792662373568531251019160.287
CRoxy Walters2366226203135493023214420.266
OFFritz Maisel265318315818365007420180.228
OFRube Oldring3243174158173780112612130.234
OFElmer Miller2543170152123432118811180.224
IFCharlie Mullen275916214611399101879130.267
3BLuke Boone26461461241423401878100.185
CWalt Alexander253694788206103013200.256
OFRoy Hartzell34337864121210071930.188
OFTim Hendryx25157262101871054860.29
OFSolly Hofman33629270811021110.296
UTAngel Aragón251227241500032220.208
OFDoc Cook30411100100010020.1
OFGermany Schaefer401110000000000
PBob Shawkey255310093517100403210.183
PRay Caldwell28459593619200412170.204
PGeorge Mogridge27307066414110202200.212
PRay Fisher28316962511300215120.177
PNick Cullop2828595506000203130.109
PAllen Russell2235574522000006200.044
PRay Keating2214332927000302100.241
PUrban Shocker251230212400010570.19
PSlim Love252016141000010170
PCliff Markle221115130000000140
PJess Buckles262110000000010
PBill Donovan39100000000000
PMike Cantwell22100000000000
Team Totals26.215659255198575127719459354921795166320.246
Rank in 8 AL teams1524615575
Non-Pitcher Totals26.215653804706548119718758354731774865000.254
Pitcher Totals25.91565454922780710192301320.163

1916 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPBob Shawkey2524140.6322.215327242148276.22047868
SPGeorge Mogridge276120.3332.31302151020194.21747150
SPRay Fisher281180.5793.17312179121791918163
SPAllen Russell226100.3753.2341914816171.11388361
SPNick Cullop281360.6842.05282249011671516038
SPRay Caldwell285120.2942.99211811410165.21426255
RPSlim Love252014.912011100047.2462926
Ray Keating22560.4553.071411060091914231
Urban Shocker25430.5712.62129341082.1672524
Cliff Markle22430.5714.53117131045.2412623
Jess Buckles26002.252010004321
Mike Cantwell220001000002020
Bill Donovan390001010001100
Team Totals25.780740.5192.771561567284111714281249561440
Rank in 8 AL teams4553313355

1916 New York Yankees record vs. opponents/ Team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Boston Red Sox (22)11110.500
Chicago White Sox (22)12100.545
Cleveland Indians (22)10120.455
Detroit Tigers (23)8140.364
Philadelphia Athletics (22)1570.682
St. Louis Browns (22)9130.409
Washington Senators (23)1570.682

1916 New York Yankees monthly Record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (12)750.583
May (26)15100.600
June (26)15110.577
July (33)16170.485
August (29)13160.448
September (26)11150.423
October (4)301.000

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