2010 New York Yankees

The 2010 New York Yankees season: Andy Pettitte's farewell game and Derek Jeter celebrating ALDS win.
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Friday January 19, 2024

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The final standingLost in the ALCS against the Texas Rangers
Regular-season record95–67 (.586)
Post-season record5-4
Divisional rank2nd
ALDS record and opponentWon 3-0 vs Minnesota Twins
AL rank4
ALCS record and opponentLost 2-4 vs Texas Rangers
World Series record and opponentDid not play
ManagerJoe Girardi
CaptainDerek Jeter
Top batterHome runs: Mark Teixeira (33), Alex Rodriguez (30),  Nick Swisher, Robinson Cano (29)

BA: Robinson Cano (.319), Nick Swisher, Marcus Thames (.288), Brett Gardener (.277)

Runs: Mark Teixeira (113), Derek Jeter (111), Robinson Cano (103) 

RBI: Alex Rodriguez (125), Robinson Cano (109), Mark Teixeira (108)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)CC Sabathia: 21-7, 3.18
Andy Pettitte: 11-3, 3.28
Phil Hughes: 18-8, 4.19
Attendance record3,765,807 (1st of 14)

2010 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

The 2010 New York Yankees season began with a sense of anticipation and pride as the defending American League and World Series champions. Opening and closing the regular season against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park added a touch of historical significance, reminiscent of a bygone era.

The 2010 New York Yankees embarked on a journey marked by a reunion with the Los Angeles Dodgers, facing former Yankee icons turned Dodgers managers Joe Torre and Don Mattingly. The regular season unfolded with a mix of triumphs and challenges, ultimately resulting in a 95-67 record, securing a spot as the AL Wild Card and second place in the AL East, trailing behind the Tampa Bay Rays.

The emotional pinnacle of the season occurred on April 13, 2010, at Yankee Stadium. The crowd erupted in joy as each member of the 2009 championship roster was celebrated, and the players received their World Series rings. The ceremony symbolized the end of an eight-year title drought and ignited hope for a successful defense of their championship by the 2010 New York Yankees.

However, beneath the surface of the fan’s exuberance, there were concerns. The 2010 New York Yankees had a losing record against division rivals, going 9-10 against the Tampa Bay Rays, 8-10 against the Toronto Blue Jays, and managing only a 9-9 record against the Boston Red Sox. The team’s offense, while scoring a league-leading 859 runs, struggled with a .267 batting average, ranking seventh in the AL. Only Robinson Cano finished the season with a batting average above .300.

Despite these challenges, the pitching staff showcased its strength, with all five regular starting pitchers achieving double-digit wins. The team’s ERA of 4.06, while not dominant, held its ground as the seventh-best in the AL. The pitchers struck out 1,154 batters and surrendered the third-lowest hit total in the league, demonstrating a formidable defense.

In the modern era where pitching dominates, the 2010 New York Yankees exemplified a balanced approach. The team’s ability to win in blowout fashion, with a 35-17 record in games won by five or more runs, showcased an offense that could provide substantial support for its pitching staff. The season ultimately concluded in the ALCS, where the Yankees fell short against the Texas Rangers in six games, ending the emotional rollercoaster that defined the 2010 season for the passionate Yankees fanbase.

2010 New York Yankees’ most memorable game

In the annals of the 2010 New York Yankees season, one moment stands out as both poignant and bittersweet—the last game together for the legendary Core Four, marked by the retirement of Andy Pettitte. As the 2010 season drew to a close, Pettitte took the mound for the final time in the iconic pinstripes.

The emotional weight of this occasion was not lost on the fans who had witnessed the Core Four—Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, and Pettitte—forge a dynasty over the years. Pettitte, the crafty left-handed pitcher, had been a linchpin in the Yankees’ success. The 2010 New York Yankees season proved to be his swan song, a farewell that signaled the beginning of the end for this storied quartet.

The decision to retire was officially announced by Pettitte at a news conference held at the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium on February 4, 2011. This announcement came on the heels of the Yankees’ defeat in the 2010 American League Championship Series against the Texas Rangers—a poignant exit for a player whose career had been synonymous with postseason glory.

The reasoning behind Pettitte’s retirement was deeply personal. Citing a desire to spend more time with his family, Pettitte brought an end to a remarkable career that had seen him contribute to the Yankees’ unprecedented success. The Core Four, a symbol of resilience, leadership, and championship pedigree, had been integral to the team’s triumphs, securing four World Series Championships in five years and clinching seven American League pennants from 1996 to 2009.

As Pettitte bid farewell to the Bronx, the significance of the moment reverberated beyond the confines of the baseball diamond. It marked the end of an era, a gradual disbanding of the Core Four as each member eventually hung up their cleats. Posada would follow suit after the 2011 season, bringing an end to his illustrious 17-year career with the Yankees.

The last game for Pettitte in 2010 encapsulated not only the conclusion of a remarkable season for the 2010 New York Yankees but also the closing chapter of a defining era in Yankees history. The emotional resonance of that final outing lingered, serving as a poignant reminder that even baseball’s most enduring legends must eventually step away, leaving behind a legacy that would forever be etched in the hearts of Yankees fans.

2010 New York Yankees season in videos

ALDS Result

Yankees 3–0 Twins

1October 6@ Twins6–4Sabathia (1–0)Crain (0–1)Rivera (1)42,0321–0
2October 7@ Twins5–2Pettitte (1–0)Pavano (0–1)Rivera (2)42,0352–0
3October 9Twins6–1Hughes (1–0)Duensing (0–1)50,8403–0

ALCS Result

Yankees 2–4 Rangers

1October 15@ Rangers6–5Moseley (1–0)O’Day (0–1)Rivera (1)50,9301–0
2October 16@ Rangers2–7Lewis (1–0)Hughes (0–1)50,3621–1
3October 18Rangers0–8Lee (1–0)Pettitte (0–1)49,4801–2
4October 19Rangers3–10Holland (1–0)Burnett (0–1)Oliver (1)49,9771–3
5October 20Rangers7–2Sabathia (1–0)Wilson (0–1)49,8322–3
6October 22@ Rangers1–6Lewis (2–0)Hughes (0–2)51,4042–4

World Series result

(Didn’t play)

2010 New York Yankees roster

Alfredo Aceves27RR6′ 2″205Dec 8, 198231000.1$435,650
Jonathan Albaladejo27RR6′ 5″270Oct 30, 198241000.1
Lance Berkman34BL6′ 1″220Feb 10, 1976123728-0.3
A.J. Burnett33RR6′ 4″230Jan 3, 1977123333-0.8$16,500,000
Robinson Cano27LR6′ 0″228Oct 22, 198261601598.1$9,000,000
Francisco Cervelli24RR6′ 0″220Mar 6, 1986393800.9$410,800
Joba Chamberlain24RR6′ 3″245Sep 23, 198547300.1$487,975
Colin Curtis25LL6′ 1″200Feb 1, 19851st3112-0.4
Brett Gardner26LL5′ 11″195Aug 24, 198331501347.4$452,500
Chad Gaudin27RR5′ 10″190Mar 24, 19838300-0.1
Greg Golson24RR5′ 11″190Sep 17, 198532460
Curtis Granderson29LR6′ 1″200Mar 16, 198171361234.4$5,500,000
Chad Huffman25RR6′ 1″215Apr 29, 19851st940
Phil Hughes24RR6′ 5″240Jun 24, 1986431292.1$447,000
Derek Jeter HOF36RR6′ 3″195Jun 26, 1974161571551.7$22,600,000
Nick Johnson31LL6′ 3″235Sep 19, 197892421-0.1$5,500,000
Austin Kearns30RR6′ 3″240May 20, 1980936290
Boone Logan25RL6′ 5″215Aug 13, 198455101
Damaso Marte35LL6′ 2″215Feb 14, 1975113000.2$4,000,000
Mark Melancon25RR6′ 1″215Mar 28, 1985220-0.1
Juan Miranda27LL6′ 0″220Apr 25, 1983333140.1$400,000
Sergio Mitre29RR6′ 3″225Feb 16, 198172730.7$850,000
Chad Moeller35RR6′ 3″207Feb 18, 19751194-0.1
Dustin Moseley28RR6′ 4″215Dec 26, 198151690.3
Iván Nova23RR6′ 5″250Jan 12, 19871st1070.4
Eduardo Núñez23RR6′ 0″195Jun 15, 19871st30130
Chan Ho Park37RR6′ 2″210Jun 30, 197317270-0.5$1,200,000
Ramiro Pena24BR5′ 11″200Jul 18, 1985285410.3$412,100
Andy Pettitte38LL6′ 5″235Jun 15, 19721621212.6$11,750,000
Jorge Posada39BR6′ 2″215Aug 17, 1970161201061.3$13,100,000
Royce Ring29LL6′ 0″220Dec 21, 1980550-0.2
Mariano Rivera HOF40RR6′ 2″195Nov 29, 1969166102.4$15,000,000
David Robertson25RR5′ 11″195Apr 9, 198536400.8$426,650
Alex Rodriguez34RR6′ 3″230Jul 27, 1975171371344.2$33,000,000
Kevin Russo25RR5′ 11″190Jul 8, 19841st31130.1
CC Sabathia29LL6′ 6″300Jul 21, 19801034344.8$24,285,714
Romulo Sanchez26RR6′ 5″270Apr 28, 19843200.2
Nick Swisher29BL6′ 0″195Nov 25, 198071501433.8$6,850,000
Mark Teixeira30BR6′ 3″225Apr 11, 198081581574.1$20,625,000
Marcus Thames33RR6′ 2″220Mar 6, 1977982570.5$900,000
Javier Vazquez33RR6′ 2″210Jul 25, 1976133126-0.5$11,500,000
Randy Winn36BR6′ 2″175Jun 9, 1974132916-0.7$1,100,000
Kerry Wood33RR6′ 5″210Jun 16, 1977122401.5

2010 New York Yankees additions, transactions, and trades

Offseason Transactions:

  • Johnny Damon and Hideki Matsui left as free agents.
  • On December 8, the team obtained Curtis Granderson from the Detroit Tigers, sending Ian Kennedy to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and Phil Coke and Austin Jackson to Detroit.
  • Andy Pettitte signed a one-year contract worth $11.75 million on December 9.
  • On December 22, the team traded Melky Cabrera, Michael Dunn, and minor league pitcher Arodys Vizcaíno to the Atlanta Braves in exchange for Javier Vázquez and Boone Logan.
  • Nick Johnson signed a one-year contract worth $5.5 million on December 23.
  • Randy Winn signed a one-year contract worth $2 million on January 27.
  • Dustin Moseley signed a minor league contract with an invitation to spring training on February 16.
  • On February 28, Chan Ho Park signed a one-year deal worth $1.2 million with an additional $300,000 in incentives, leading to Edwar Ramírez being designated for assignment to create space on the 40-man roster.

Mid-season Acquisitions:

  • July 30: Austin Kearns was acquired from the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later (revealed on August 20 as Zach McAllister).
  • July 31: Lance Berkman was acquired by trading Mark Melancon and Jimmy Paredes to the Houston Astros.
  • On July 31, Kerry Wood was acquired from the Cleveland Indians for a player to be named later or cash considerations.

2010 New York Yankees debuts

  • Colin Curtis – 06-21-2010 – 25 years old
  • Chad Huffman – 06-13-2010 – 25 years old
  • Ivan Nova – 05-13-2010 – 23 years old
  • Eduardo Nunez – 08-19-2010 – 23 years old
  • Kevin Russo – 05-08-2010 – 26 years old

2010 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CFrancisco Cervelli249331726627721130381133420.271
1BMark Teixeira301587126011131543603310801931220.256
2BRobinson Cano27160696626103200413291093257770.319
SSDerek Jeter361577396631111793031067185631060.27
3BAlex Rodriguez3413759552274141292301254359980.27
LFBrett Gardner2615056947797132207547479791010.277
CFCurtis Granderson29136528466761151772467122531160.247
RFNick Swisher2915063556691163333298912581390.288
DHMarcus Thames338223721222617012330019610.288
CJorge Posada39120451383499523118573159990.248
3BRamiro Pena2485167154183511018716270.227
DHLance Berkman343712310692770190017150.255
OFAustin Kearns3036119102132430270012380.235
DHNick Johnson31249872121240280124230.167
LFRandy Winn362971617130118108150.213
DHJuan Miranda2733716471421310007120.219
OFColin Curtis253164597113018004150.186
UTKevin Russo2531544959200410390.184
IFEduardo Núñez233053501214101750320.28
OFGreg Golson2424232336200202030.261
OFChad Huffman259211813000200250.167
CChad Moeller359151423300000140.214
Team Totals30.5162637955678591485275322018231033066211360.267
Rank in 14 AL teams616103384287

2010 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPCC Sabathia292170.753.1834340200237.22099284
SPA.J. Burnett3310150.45.2633330100186.2204118109
SPPhil Hughes241880.6924.1931290000176.11628382
SPJavier Vazquez3310100.55.3231264000157.11559693
SPAndy Pettitte381130.7863.28212100001291235247
CLMariano Rivera40330.51.861055003360391412
RPJoba Chamberlain24340.4294.47301800371.2713735
RPDavid Robertson25450.4443.826401000161.1592626
RPChad Gaudin27120.3334.53001700048462724
RPBoone Logan252012.93510800040341313
Dustin Moseley28440.54.96169200065.1663636
Sergio Mitre290303.332731300154432320
Ivan Nova23120.3334.5107300042442221
Chan Ho Park37210.6675.62701500035.1402522
Kerry Wood332010.692401000261422
Damaso Marte35004.08300300017.21088
Alfredo Aceves2730131002001121054
Jonathan Albaladejo27003.97100500011.1955
Romulo Sanchez260002010004.1100
Mark Melancon250092020004754
Royce Ring290015.435000002.1344
Team Totals30.195670.5864.0616216215930391442.11349693651
Rank in 14 AL teams213712988356

2010 New York Yankees vs. opponents/ team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Arizona Diamondbacks (3)210.667
Baltimore Orioles (18)1350.722
Boston Red Sox (18)990.500
Chicago White Sox (6)420.667
Cleveland Indians (8)620.750
Detroit Tigers (8)440.500
Houston Astros (3)301.000
Kansas City Royals (8)530.625
Los Angeles Angels (8)440.500
Los Angeles Dodgers (3)210.667
Minnesota Twins (6)420.667
New York Mets (6)330.500
Oakland Athletics (10)910.900
Philadelphia Phillies (3)120.333
Seattle Mariners (10)640.600
Tampa Bay Rays (18)8100.444
Texas Rangers (8)440.500
Toronto Blue Jays (18)8100.444

2010 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (22)1570.682
May (29)16130.552
June (26)16100.615
July (26)1970.731
August (29)16130.552
September (27)12150.444
October (3)120.333

2010 New York Yankees All-Stars

  • Robinson Cano
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Derek Jeter
  • Phil Hughes
  • Andy Pettitte
  • Mariano Rivera
  • CC Sabathia
  • Nick Swisher

2010 New York Yankees awards and honors

Gold Glove Awards:

  • Derek Jeter – AL Gold Glove
  • Mark Teixeira – AL Gold Glove
  • Robinson Cano – AL Gold Glove

Silver Slugger Award

  • Robinson Cano – AL Silver Slugger

All-Star Appearances

  • Robinson Cano
  • Alex Rodriguez
  • Derek Jeter
  • Phil Hughes
  • Andy Pettitte
  • Mariano Rivera
  • CC Sabathia
  • Nick Swisher

Other Achievements

  • Robinson Cano finished 3rd in AL MVP Voting.
  • CC Sabathia finished 3rd in AL Cy Young Voting.
  • Joe Girardi finished 6th in AL Manager of the Year Voting.

Greatest Moments of the 2010 New York Yankees

In the symphony of the 2010 Yankees’ season, Mark Teixeira orchestrated a historic performance on May 8, hitting three home runs against the Red Sox. Like a rare melody, he joined the exclusive ranks of Yankees’ greatness, only the second player since Lou Gehrig to achieve such a feat.

As the baseball calendar turned its pages to June 11, the veteran maestro Andy Pettitte added his 200th victory to the Yankees’ scorecard, becoming the third virtuoso in pinstripes to reach this milestone.

In a dazzling display against the Astros, Jorge Posada painted a masterpiece with grand slams in consecutive games, etching his name into the Yankees’ annals as the third artist to craft such a masterpiece.

On the canvas of July 3–4, Brett Gardner brushed bold strokes, becoming the first in MLB history to compose a grand slam and an inside-the-park home run in harmonious succession.

In a midsummer night’s dream against the Royals on July 22, Derek Jeter showcased his swift artistry, claiming only the second inside-the-park home run of his storied career in a 10–4 victory, reminiscent of his rookie year brilliance.

Jorge Posada, the seasoned virtuoso, added another note to his repertoire, achieving his 1,000th career RBI against the Royals. He joined the esteemed 1,000 RBI club, an exclusive gathering of Yankees legends that includes Yogi Berra and Bill Dickey. Posada’s composition also echoed in the broader MLB symphony, making him one of the few catchers in history with 1,000 RBIs, 350 doubles, and 250 home runs, a distinguished ensemble featuring Carlton Fisk, Iván Rodríguez, Johnny Bench, and Gary Carter.

On July 25, Robinson Canó hit the high notes, recording his 1,000th career hit, adding a sweet refrain to the Yankees’ harmonic progression.

August 4 marked the crescendo as Alex Rodriguez unleashed his 600th career home run against the Toronto Blue Jays, a powerful chord resonating through the stadium.

Derek Jeter, the captain of this grand composition, surpassed the legendary Babe Ruth on the all-time hits list on August 8, collecting his 2,874th hit with a second-inning single. In the same symphony against the Red Sox, Alex Rodriguez contributed his own verse, notching his 300th career stolen base. This feat made Rodriguez the 10th virtuoso in baseball history with at least 1,500 runs scored, 2,500 hits, 200 home runs, and 300 stolen bases, a performance worthy of a standing ovation in the grand amphitheater of baseball history.

Heartbreak for 2010 New York Yankees

In 2010, Yankees fans experienced profound sorrow as three significant figures closely associated with the team passed away, casting a shadow of heartbreak over the baseball community. The first blow came on July 11, with the passing of the iconic Yankee Stadium public address announcer, Bob Sheppard, at the age of 99. A mere two days later, on July 13, the team mourned the loss of the formidable owner, George Steinbrenner, who, at 80, had been the longest-tenured owner in Yankees history and a prominent figure in active ownership. The somber series of events continued on July 21 with the demise of former Yankees manager and executive Ralph Houk.

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