2012 New York Yankees

The 2012 New York Yankees celebrate after winning the AL East and the ALDS.

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The final standingLost in the ALCS against the Detroit Tigers
Regular-season record95–67 (.586)
Post-season record3-6
Divisional rank1st
ALDS record and opponentWon 3-2 vs Baltimore Orioles
AL rank1
ALCS record and opponentLost 0-4 vs Detroit Tigers
World Series record and opponentDid not play
ManagerJoe Girardi
CaptainDerek Jeter
Top batterHome runs: Curtis Granderson (43), Robinson Cano (33), Nick Swisher, Mark Teixeira (24)

BA: Ichiro Suzuki (.322), Derek Jeter (.316), Robinson Cano (.313)

Runs: Robinson Cano (105), Curtis Granderson (102), Derek Jeter (99)

RBI: Curtis Granderson (106), Robinson Cano (94), Nick Swisher (93)
Top pitcher/ (W-L, ERA)CC Sabathia: 15-6, 3.38
Hiroki Kuroda: 16-11, 3.32
Phil Hughes: 16-13, 4.19
Ivan Nova: 12-8, 5.02
Attendance record3,542,406 (1st of 14)

2012 New York Yankees season: A brief summary

Commencing their odyssey in the balmy confines of St. Petersburg, Florida, on April 6, against the Tampa Bay Rays, the 2012 New York Yankees embarked on a narrative that would weave its way through the intricate tapestry of the 110th season in the franchise’s storied history.

Venturing into the regular season with the air thick with anticipation, the 2012 New York Yankees scripted a tale of prowess and tenacity, etching a commendable 95-67 record onto the pages of the baseball annals, securing the coveted 1st place in the fiercely contested AL East. This marked not just a statistic but a testament to the unyielding spirit that had become synonymous with the pinstripes, extending their streak of consecutive winning seasons to a remarkable 20—a testament to the enduring excellence of the Yankees.

However, as the postseason dawned, the plot thickened with a series of gripping conflicts. Facing off against the Baltimore Orioles in the Division Series, the 2012 New York Yankees emerged victorious in a five-act drama that tested the mettle of both teams. Yet, the climax of the American League Championship Series against the Detroit Tigers took an unforeseen twist, with the narrative punctuated by the abrupt and heart-wrenching departure of the team’s talisman, Derek Jeter. This unexpected turn of events cast a shadow over the 2012 New York Yankees’ postseason aspirations, culminating in a four-game sweep by the Tigers and leaving the fans with a bittersweet aftertaste.

For aficionados of the Bronx Bombers, 2012 transcended mere statistics and scores; it metamorphosed into a mosaic of personal metamorphosis. The narrator reflects on their own evolution from the hallowed halls of academia to a five-month sojourn in unemployment, eventually finding solace in a new beginning in Baltimore. Amidst these personal transformations, the 2012 New York Yankees’ season became more than just a series of games; it became a narrative parallel to the ebbs and flows of life itself.

The offseason leading to the 2012 campaign was marked by seismic shifts in the roster, with the retirement of the iconic Jorge Posada and the unexpected acquisitions of pitching virtuosos like Michael Pineda and Hiroki Kuroda. The stage was set for the 2012 New York Yankees to pull on the promise and potential, teeming with the excitement of new beginnings and unforeseen challenges.

The zenith of the 2012 New York Yankees unraveled in the poignant moment when Derek Jeter, the linchpin of the Yankees’ narrative, succumbed to a season-ending injury during the American League Championship Series. As he fell, so did the curtain on an era, leaving an indelible mark on the storyline. Jeter’s broken ankle, both metaphorically and physically, symbolized the end of an immortal chapter in the team’s history.

Yet, amid the setbacks and the echoes of finality, the 2012 New York Yankees showcased a collective embodiment of the game’s essence. It was a season that encapsulated the spirit of baseball—a symphony of MVP and Cy Young-level performances, unexpected heroics from seasoned veterans, and a pulsating pennant race that added an extra layer of drama to every game. The 2012 New York Yankees, despite falling short of clinching the ultimate prize, left an enduring legacy that transcends the final score, resonating with the fans as a celebration of the sport’s unpredictable beauty. In raising a toast to the bygone era, the author salutes the moments that defined the season, paying homage to the players, the memories, and the eternal hope that baseball symbolizes. The 2012 New York Yankees, in facing the denouement, managed to create a narrative worth savoring, ensuring their place in the hallowed corridors of baseball history.

2012 New York Yankees’ most memorable game

Amidst the turbulent finale of the 2012 New York Yankees season, one moment emerged as a luminous spark in the encroaching darkness—the unforgettable heroics of Raul Ibanez in Game 3 of the American League Division Series against the Baltimore Orioles.

The 2012 New York Yankees, seemingly on the precipice of playoff peril, found themselves trailing the Orioles 2-1 in the bottom of the ninth inning at Yankee Stadium on October 10. The stakes were high, with the prospect of falling into a 2-1 series deficit looming large. At this critical juncture, manager Joe Girardi made a bold and unprecedented move, electing to bench the struggling Alex Rodriguez, a player with over 600 career home runs, and entrusting the pivotal moment to Raul Ibanez.

In a decision that would etch his name into 2012 New York Yankees lore, Ibanez stepped up to pinch-hit for Rodriguez and promptly delivered a seismic jolt. With the crack of the bat, Ibanez sent a pitch from Baltimore closer Jim Johnson soaring into the right-field seats, knotting the game at 2-2. The Yankees faithful erupted in a cacophony of cheers, the stadium pulsating with the sheer improbability of the moment.

Yet, the narrative was far from over.

As the game stretched into the 12th inning, Ibanez, seemingly impervious to the weight of the situation, graced the plate once again. This time, facing Orioles reliever Brian Matusz, he summoned the magic once more. With a second titanic swing, Ibanez launched a walk-off home run, securing a 3-2 victory and, more importantly, a pivotal lead in the series.

The spectacle defied the conventional script of a postseason game. The 2012 New York Yankees, facing the twilight of the Jeter-era dynasty, found an unlikely savior in the form of Raul Ibanez. His dual heroics were more than just home runs; they were a testament to the resilience and fighting spirit that defined the 2012 Yankees. In a postseason marred by offensive struggles and the impending sense of an era drawing to a close, Ibanez’s heroics shone as a beacon of hope and defiance.

The sheer oddity of the 2012 New York Yankees was encapsulated in this improbable turn of events. The narrative, while hinting at the end of an era, unfolded in a thrilling and unexpected manner. Against the backdrop of an intense series against the Orioles, it fell upon Raul Ibanez, an unlikely protagonist, to seize the moment and propel the Yankees to a Game 3 triumph. The two Ibanez blasts became epic chapters in the Yankees’ playoff saga, infusing a touch of magic into an otherwise emotional and challenging postseason journey. In the grand theater of baseball, where the unexpected often takes center stage, Ibanez’s heroics in 2012 etched a lasting memory in the hearts of Yankees fans, a poignant reminder that in the face of uncertainty, the game still possesses the power to deliver moments of pure, unbridled thrill.

2012 New York Yankees season in Videos


ALDS Result

Yankees 3–2 Orioles

1October 7@ Orioles7–2Sabathia (1–0)Johnson (0–1)47,8411–0W1
2October 8@ Orioles2–3Chen (1–0)Pettitte (0–1)Johnson (1)48,1871–1L1
3October 10Orioles3–2 (12)Robertson (1–0)Matusz (0–1)50,4972–1W1
4October 11Orioles1–2 (13)Strop (1–0)Phelps (0−1)Johnson (2)49,3072–2L1
5October 12Orioles3–1Sabathia (2–0)Hammel (0–1)47,0813–2W1

ALCS Result

Yankees 0–4 Tigers

1October 13Tigers4–6 (12)Smyly (1–0)Phelps (0–1)47,1220–1L1
2October 14Tigers0–3Sánchez (1–0)Kuroda (0–1)Coke (1)47,0820–2L2
3October 16@ Tigers1–2Verlander (1–0)Hughes (0–1)Coke (2)42,9700–3L3
October 17@ TigersGame Postponed (rain) (rescheduled October 18)
4October 18@ Tigers1–8Scherzer (1–0)Sabathia (0–1)42,4770–4L4

World Series result

(Didn’t play)

2012 New York Yankees roster

David Aardsma30RR6′ 3″215Dec 27, 19817100$500,000
Robinson Cano29LR6′ 0″228Oct 22, 198281611598.4$14,000,000
Francisco Cervelli26RR6′ 0″220Mar 6, 19865300
Joba Chamberlain26RR6′ 3″245Sep 23, 198562200$1,675,000
Eric Chavez34LR6′ 1″215Dec 7, 197715113731.6$900,000
Chris Dickerson30LL6′ 4″230Apr 10, 198252540.2
Cody Eppley26RR6′ 5″205Oct 8, 198525900.7
Freddy Garcia35RR6′ 4″250Oct 6, 1976143017-0.1$4,000,000
Brett Gardner28LL5′ 11″195Aug 24, 198351680.2$2,800,000
Curtis Granderson31LR6′ 1″200Mar 16, 198191601533.3$10,000,000
Phil Hughes26RR6′ 5″240Jun 24, 1986632321.6$3,200,000
Raul Ibanez40LR6′ 2″225Jun 2, 197217130990.5$1,100,000
Ryota Igarashi33RR5′ 11″200May 28, 1979320-0.1
Derek Jeter HOF38RR6′ 3″195Jun 26, 1974181591582.2$16,000,000
Andruw Jones35RR6′ 1″225Apr 23, 19771794650.2$2,000,000
Hiroki Kuroda37RR6′ 1″205Feb 10, 1975533335.2$10,000,000
Boone Logan27RL6′ 5″215Aug 13, 198478000.9$1,875,000
Derek Lowe39RR6′ 6″230Jun 1, 1973161700.4
Russell Martin29RR5′ 10″215Feb 15, 198371331201.8$7,500,000
Darnell McDonald33RR5′ 11″205Nov 17, 1978642-0.1
Casey McGehee29RR6′ 1″220Oct 12, 198252216-0.7
Melky Mesa25RR6′ 1″200Jan 31, 19871st300
D.J. Mitchell25RR6′ 0″160May 13, 19871st400.1
Jayson Nix29RR5′ 11″195Aug 26, 1982574540.3
Ivan Nova25RR6′ 5″250Jan 12, 1987328280.4$527,200
Eduardo Núñez25RR6′ 0″195Jun 15, 1987338250.4$523,800
Steve Pearce29RR5′ 11″200Apr 13, 19836129-0.1
Ramiro Pena26BR5′ 11″200Jul 18, 19854310
Andy Pettitte40LL6′ 5″235Jun 15, 19721712122.2$2,500,000
David Phelps25RR6′ 2″200Oct 9, 19861st33112.2
Chad Qualls33RR6′ 4″235Aug 17, 1978980-0.1
Clay Rapada31RL6′ 5″195Mar 9, 198167000.8$525,000
Mariano Rivera42RR6′ 2″195Nov 29, 196918900.4$15,000,000
David Robertson27RR5′ 11″195Apr 9, 198556501.7$1,600,000
Alex Rodriguez36RR6′ 3″230Jul 27, 1975191221192.2$29,000,000
CC Sabathia31LL6′ 6″300Jul 21, 19801228283.3$23,000,000
Rafael Soriano32RR6′ 4″230Dec 19, 1979116902.6$11,000,000
Chris Stewart30RR6′ 4″215Feb 19, 1982655460.9$482,500
Ichiro Suzuki38LR5′ 11″175Oct 22, 19731267560.2
Nick Swisher31BL6′ 0″195Nov 25, 198091481464$10,250,000
Mark Teixeira32BR6′ 3″225Apr 11, 1980101231213.8$22,500,000
Justin Thomas28LL6′ 3″220Jan 18, 1984340-0.1
Cory Wade29RR6′ 2″185May 28, 19834390-0.8$508,925
Adam Warren24RR6′ 1″224Aug 25, 19871st11-0.3
Dewayne Wise34LL6′ 0″200Feb 24, 19781056150.5

2012 New York Yankees additions, transactions, and trades

  • October 31, 2011:Extended the contract of (Left-Handed Pitcher) CC Sabathia for five years, securing a guaranteed $122 million.
  • December 9, 2011:Inked a one-year deal with (Right-Handed Pitcher) Freddy Garcia, valued at $4 million plus potential incentives.
  • December 30, 2011: Agreed to a one-year contract with (Designated Hitter) Andruw Jones, amounting to $2 million with an additional $1.4 million in potential incentives.
  • January 23, 2012: Traded (Catcher) Jesús Montero and (Right-Handed Pitcher) Hector Noesi to acquire (Right-Handed Pitcher) Michael Pineda and minor league prospect (Right-Handed Pitcher) Jose Campos.
  • January 24, 2012: Officially confirmed the retirement of longtime Yankees catcher Jorge Posada.
  • January 26, 2012: Secured the services of (Right-Handed Pitcher) Hiroki Kuroda with a one-year contract valued at $10 million.
  • February 19, 2012: Traded (Right-Handed Pitcher) A. J. Burnett to the Pirates, receiving $13 million cash, minor league pitcher Diego Moreno, and minor league outfielder Excardo Ciones.
  • February 21, 2012: Signed (Designated Hitter) Raúl Ibañez to a one-year contract worth $1.1 million, with the potential to reach $4 million through plate appearance incentives.
  • February 22, 2012: Agreed to a one-year contract with (Right-Handed Pitcher) David Aardsma, valued at $500,000 plus an additional $500,000 in incentives, including a club option for 2013 at $500,000.
  • February 27, 2012: Signed (Infielder) Eric Chavez to a one-year contract worth $900,000, with added incentives.
  • March 16, 2012: Inked a one-year Minor League contract with (Left-Handed Pitcher) Andy Pettitte, with a value of $2.5 million.
  • July 23, 2012: Acquired Ichiro Suzuki through a trade involving two minor league pitchers.
  • August 12, 2012: Finalized a contract with (Right-Handed Pitcher) Derek Lowe.

Additional transactions:

  • November 16, 2011: Signed Mike O’Connor as a free agent.
  • November 23, 2011: Signed Jayson Nix as a free agent.
  • December 8, 2011: Released Greg Golson.
  • December 13, 2011: Signed Gustavo Molina and Matt Daley as free agents.
  • December 28, 2011: Signed Hideki Okajima as a free agent.
  • December 31, 2011: Signed Andruw Jones as a free agent.
  • January 4, 2012: Signed Cole Garner and Dewayne Wise as free agents.
  • January 5, 2012: Signed Doug Bernier as a free agent.

2012 New York Yankees debuts

  • Melky Mesa – 09-22-2012 – 25 years old
  • D.J. Mitchell – 05-01-2012 – 24 years old
  • David Phelps – 04-08-2012 – 25 years old
  • Adam Warren – 06-29-2012 – 24 years old

2012 New York Yankees team stats (batting)

CRussell Martin29133485422508918021536153950.211
1BMark Teixeira321235244516611327124842154830.251
2BRobinson Cano2916169762710519648133943261960.313
SSDerek Jeter381597406839921632015589445900.316
3BAlex Rodriguez36122529463741261711857131511160.272
LFRaul Ibanez40130425384509219319623035670.24
CFCurtis Granderson3116068459610213818443106103751950.232
RFNick Swisher3114862453775146360249323771410.272
DHEric Chavez34113313278367812016370030590.281
LFAndruw Jones359426923327467014340028710.197
OFIchiro Suzuki386724022728731315271455210.322
UTJayson Nix297420217724431304186314530.243
CChris Stewart30551571411534801132010210.241
IFEduardo Núñez2538100891426411111126120.292
OFDewayne Wise3455636111163138702120.262
CICasey McGehee29225953983016005100.151
LFBrett Gardner28163731710200322570.323
1BSteve Pearce2912302564001400580.16
OFChris Dickerson3025171454002530350.286
DHRamiro Pena2634401000000000.25
OFDarnell McDonald3344400000000020
DHMelky Mesa2532201000100000.5
CFrancisco Cervelli2632110000000100
Team Totals3316262315524804146228013245774932756511760.265
Rank in 14 AL teams9254141112274

2012 New York Yankees team stats (pitching)

SPHiroki Kuroda3716110.5933.3233330320219.22058681
SPCC Sabathia311560.7143.38282802002001848975
SPPhil Hughes2616130.5524.1932320100191.119610189
SPIvan Nova251280.65.0228280000170.119410095
SPFreddy Garcia35760.5385.2301710000107.11126462
SPAndy Pettitte40540.5562.871212000075.1652624
CLRafael Soriano32210.6672.2669054004267.2551717
RPDavid Robertson27270.2222.676501700260.2521918
RPBoone Logan27720.7783.74800800155.1482323
RPCody Eppley26120.3333.335901400046461917
RPClay Rapada313012.82700700038.1291412
David Phelps25440.53.343311500099.2813837
Cory Wade29110.56.46390700039462928
Derek Lowe39110.53.041701000123.22498
Joba Chamberlain261014.35220500020.2261110
Mariano Rivera42110.52.169090058.1622
Chad Qualls331016.148040007.11055
D.J. Mitchell25003.864030004.2722
Justin Thomas280094000003233
Ryota Igarashi3300122010003444
Adam Warren240023.141100002.1866
David Aardsma300091010001111
Dewayne Wise340001010000.2000
Darnell McDonald33000000000000
Team Totals30.595670.5863.8416216215662511445.11401668617
Rank in 14 AL teams114551027745

2012 New York Yankees vs. opponents/ team splits

Opponent (Games)WonLostWP
Atlanta Braves (6)420.667
Baltimore Orioles (18)990.500
Boston Red Sox (18)1350.722
Chicago White Sox (7)250.286
Cincinnati Reds (3)120.333
Cleveland Indians (6)510.833
Detroit Tigers (10)640.600
Kansas City Royals (7)430.571
Los Angeles Angels (9)540.556
Minnesota Twins (7)430.571
New York Mets (6)510.833
Oakland Athletics (10)550.500
Seattle Mariners (9)630.667
Tampa Bay Rays (18)8100.444
Texas Rangers (7)430.571
Toronto Blue Jays (18)1170.611
Washington Nationals (3)301.000

2012 New York Yankees monthly record

Month (Games)WonLostWP
April (22)1390.591
May (28)14140.500
June (27)2070.741
July (26)13130.500
August (28)15130.536
September (28)17110.607
October (3)301.000

2012 New York Yankees All-Stars

  • Robinson Cano
  • Curtis Granderson
  • Derek Jeter
  • CC Sabathia

2012 New York Yankees awards and honors

Gold Glove Awards

  • Mark Teixeira – AL Gold Glove
  • Robinson Cano – AL Gold Glove

Silver Slugger Awards:

  • Derek Jeter – AL Silver Slugger
  • Robinson Cano – AL Silver Slugger

All-Star Appearances:

  • Robinson Cano
  • Curtis Granderson
  • Derek Jeter
  • CC Sabathia

Other Achievements

  • Derek Jeter led the major leagues with 216 hits.
  • Robinson Cano finished 4th in AL MVP Voting.
  • Derek Jeter finished 7th in AL MVP Voting.
  • Joe Girardi finished 5th in AL Manager of the Year Voting.

2012 New York Yankees most forgettable moment

The most forgettable moment of the 2012 New York Yankees etched in the hearts of every fan, transcends the confines of a single game. It’s the shattering of dreams, the dull thud of hope hitting the cold October ground.

As the clock ticked into extra innings during Game 1 of the ALCS, we clung to the edge of our seats, riding the rollercoaster of emotions that defines postseason baseball. The 2012 New York Yankees, with a fighting spirit that defined us, mounted a comeback for the ages in the ninth inning. A flicker of hope ignited in the eyes of the pinstriped faithful.

But fate, it seems, had other plans. In the 12th inning, when the air crackled with anticipation, our collective heartbeat synchronized with the rhythm of the game, and disaster struck. Derek Jeter, the stalwart captain, the embodiment of everything we held dear, crumbled on the field. The gasp that echoed through the stadium mirrored the collective gasp of a city that prided itself on resilience.

Jeter, with his warrior spirit, tried to field a ball hit up the middle, and in that moment, everything changed. He couldn’t rise, and as he was helped off the field, a sinking feeling settled in our hearts. A fractured ankle, a cruel twist of fate, and suddenly the postseason landscape darkened.

The statistics will tell you that we lost our leadoff hitter, the MLB’s all-time leader for hits and runs in the postseason. But the impact runs deeper than numbers on a scorecard. Jeter was more than a player; he was always the heartbeat of the Yankees, the living embodiment of our undying spirit.

Then, we faced a daunting reality. Ichiro Suzuki stepped into the leadoff spot, the burden heavy on his seasoned shoulders. The heart of our order, once a formidable force, now labors under the weight of prolonged slumps. The bases, a stage for triumph, stood loaded but yielded no glory.

Jayson Nix, a worthy replacement, stepped into Jeter’s shoes. But really, could any bat truly fill the void left by “Mr. November”? Defensively, perhaps an improvement, but the intangibles – the leadership, the will – are irreplaceable for the 2012 New York Yankees.

As we grappled with this void, with Jeter’s absence casting a long shadow over our aspirations, there was little time to dwell. The clock ticked, and with each passing moment, the urgency to regroup intensified.

With the final chapters of the 2012 New York Yankees’ season written, the absence of Derek Jeter cast a shadow too vast to escape. The echoes of that fractured ankle reverberated through each subsequent game, a haunting reminder of what once was. With Jeter’s departure, the stage was set for a somber denouement, and the curtains inevitably closed on a season that held the promise of greatness.

4 best moments of the 2012 New York Yankees

The Domination chronicles continued

The climactic moment unfolded amidst the seventh-inning saga, as the electronic oracle of the scoreboard revealed the unraveling of the Baltimore Orioles against the Tampa Bay Rays on October 3. This revelation seamlessly secured another conquest of the American League East throne for the Yankees.

Yet, the 2012 New York Yankees, fueled by an insatiable desire for exclamation, didn’t just settle for the laurels of inevitability. They orchestrated a symphony of hits and runs, dismantling the Boston Red Sox with a resounding 14-2 victory, proving that the art of overwhelming triumphs never loses its timeless charm.

Kuroda’s masterpiece: A Texas-sized silence

In the hallowed grounds of Yankee Stadium on August 14, Hiroki Kuroda wove a tapestry of dominance, carrying a no-hitter into the seventh inning against the formidable Texas Rangers. The final brushstroke on his masterpiece came in the form of a two-hit shutout, sealing a 3-0 triumph.

This gem marked Kuroda’s zenith in an illustrious inaugural season in the Bronx, signifying his ascendancy from the Japanese League to become the linchpin of the pitching rotation. His stellar 16-win campaign held the fort during CC Sabathia’s injury-ridden spells and Andy Pettitte’s three-month hiatus with a broken ankle.

A-Rod joins the Grand Slam Pantheon

Trailing the Atlanta Braves after seven innings, the 2012 New York Yankees summoned a celestial surge in the eighth, rewriting the narrative with a six-run onslaught that culminated in a 6-4 victory. The crescendo of this comeback was struck by Alex Rodriguez, whose grand slam off Atlanta reliever Jonny Venters not only secured the win but also etched his name alongside Lou Gehrig in the annals of baseball history.

Go ahead and call it a Bronx resurrection

In the cathedral of comebacks, Fenway Park, on April 21, the 2012 New York Yankees found themselves in a seemingly insurmountable pit. Felix Doubront had orchestrated a symphony of shutout innings, and the Red Sox led 9-0.

The resurgence began humbly with Mark Teixeira’s solo home run in the sixth, a harbinger of the storm that followed. Seven runs in the seventh and another seven in the eighth shattered the Boston illusion, and the 2012 New York Yankees emerged from the Fenway labyrinth with a stunning 15-9 victory, transforming the improbable into the unforgettable.

How do you rate the 2012 New York Yankees?

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