Yankees to celebrate ‘Seinfeld’ night with 18k Costanza bobbleheads giveaway

Yankees to celebrate Seinfeld with Costanza bobbleheads giveaway on July 5, 2024.

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The New York Yankees are swinging for the fences with a touch of nostalgia, announcing a special “Seinfeld” themed night dedicated to the sitcom’s iconic character, George Costanza.

The Yankees have revealed on social media that fans attending their July 5 game against the Boston Red Sox will receive a limited-edition George Costanza bobblehead. The first 18,000 fans through the gates will get their hands on this unique commemorative item.

The announcement playfully compared Costanza to legendary Yankees like Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, and Mantle, acknowledging the character’s enduring popularity among fans.

The planned bobblehead itself captures the essence of George Costanza, played by Jason Alexander. It features him in a classic right-handed batting stance, clad in a light blue collared shirt, tie, and black slacks, mirroring his usual attire on the show. The “Seinfeld” logo takes center stage on the front, leaving no doubt about the inspiration behind this bobblehead.

For an extra dose of authenticity, the base of the bobblehead displays the inscription “Assistant To The Traveling Secretary,” a nod to Costanza’s long-held dream job within the Yankees organization, as depicted in the sitcom.

Yankees fans thrilled for “Seinfeld” bobblehead night

News of the Yankees’ “Seinfeld” themed night and George Costanza bobblehead giveaway sent a wave of excitement through the fanbase. Fans flooded the team’s social media posts with enthusiastic comments, many calling it the “best bobblehead ever.”

Costanza’s on-screen tenure with the Yankees, though entirely fictional, spanned several seasons of “Seinfeld.” It all began in season five’s “The Opposite” episode, where a disgruntled Costanza lands the coveted position – a hilarious twist considering his usual approach to life.

In true Costanza fashion, he attributes his success to doing the exact opposite of everything he normally would, a comedic theme that ran throughout the show.

The bobblehead design itself pays homage to a specific scene from season eight. Dressed in his signature attire of a light blue collared shirt, tie, and black slacks, the bobblehead depicts Costanza mid-swing, channeling his inner hitting coach for Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams.

The scene sees Costanza confidently explain the physics of hitting (velocity and trajectory) to the legendary Yankees, hilariously downplaying the complexity of the skill. After effortlessly launching a home run himself, he nonchalantly remarks, “it’s not complicated,” solidifying the iconic moment for fans.

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