Mother’s Day: How Anthony Volpe’s mom molded him into a Yankee phenom

Isabelle Volpe and her son Anthony, a star shortstop in the making for the Yankees.

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On May 12, 2024, Mother’s Day was celebrated across almost every country on Earth. Anthony Volpe, emerging as a rising star for the New York Yankees, already attribute his early success to the remarkable influence of his mother. Recounting his childhood days on the snug Upper East Side, Volpe reminisced about the makeshift baseball games he played with his father, Michael, using magazines as bases. 

However, one particular incident stands out vividly in his memory: the moment his baseball antics led to an unfortunate collision with his mom’s cherished vase, a souvenir from their honeymoon. Despite the scolding he received for the mishap, it became a memorable anecdote reflecting his journey from playful beginnings to professional prowess.

Now, at 23, Volpe stands as a record-breaker on the baseball diamond, thanks to his tenacity and his mom’s guiding principles. Last season marked his meteoric rise, becoming the first rookie in Yankee history to achieve both a 20-home run and 20-stolen base milestone while securing a coveted Gold Glove award. Such achievements not only underscore his athletic talent but also reflect the values instilled in him by his mom.

Anthony Volpe credits mom’s sacrifice for his rise with Yankees

sabelle Volpe and her son Anthony, a star shortstop in the making for the Yankees.

Anthony Volpe‘s admiration for his mother extends beyond her support for his athletic endeavors. He fondly recalls her selflessness and the aroma of her signature chicken parm, both of which have been constants throughout his life. He openly admits to being a “momma’s boy,” acknowledging her as his confidante and first port of call for any situation. In the Volpe household, it’s not George Steinbrenner’s iron-fisted leadership that holds sway, but rather the gentle yet firm hand of his mother, Isabelle. Her influence permeates every aspect of their family life, with decisions large and small ultimately passing through her discerning gaze.

“I’m definitely a momma’s boy in so many ways. She’s my best friend, my first call for anything. She’s the most selfless person I’ve ever been around.” Anthony Volpe confessed to NY POST.

Anthony Volpe sees reflections of his mother’s competitive spirit in himself, whether engaged in sports or friendly card games. Her tireless work ethic, as a first-generation Filipina immigrant and dedicated anesthesiologist, has left an indelible impression on him. Despite the demanding schedule of her profession, she unfailingly made time to attend his and his sister Olivia’s school and sports events. Her commitment to her family, coupled with her reluctance to boast about her sacrifices, exemplifies the epitome of maternal dedication.

sabelle Volpe and her son Anthony, a star shortstop in the making for the Yankees.
Anthony Volpe

Even the family dog, initially resisted by his mother, succumbed to her magnetic charm. Volpe fondly recalls how the dog, Jedi, quickly became enamored with her, a testament to her innate ability to connect with all beings, human and canine alike.

When asked about the wisdom his mother imparted, Volpe doesn’t hesitate: “Family. How important it is.” As he gears up for Mother’s Day, albeit on the road playing against the Rays, he takes a moment to send a heartfelt message to his mom, fully aware of her modesty and humility. “Hey, Mom, Happy Mother’s Day. Love you so much,” he shares, knowing that his gratitude transcends words.

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One thought on “Mother’s Day: How Anthony Volpe’s mom molded him into a Yankee phenom

  1. Anthony Volpe’s mom is a beautiful lady, but she looks too young to have a son playing Major League Baseball.

    The Yankees apparently have lucked out once again in terms of the role Great Parenting plays in making for great players.

    Derek Jeter’s parents were wonderful parents as well, which helped turn Derek into a Class-A Man & a HOF shortstop.

    And Aaron Judge is the classy man & great player that he his because of the love & devotion he received from his adopted parents.

    Hopefully, parents everywhere will take heed of the role that positive & supportive parenting can play in developing great men & women.

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