Luis Severino receives another lifeline from manager Aaron Boone

Yankees' starter Luis Severino is at Yankee Stadium during a training session.

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This past week has been filled with challenges for Luis Severino, for various reasons. Following his disappointing performance on Sunday night in Baltimore, there were reports indicating his ouster from the Yankees rotation. However, the beleaguered starter gets another lifeline as manager Aaron Boone intends to start with him against the Astros.

Luis Severino’s last outing against the Orioles in Baltimore was a disaster. He allowed six runs without recording an out, leaving the Yankees no chance to bounce back, as they suffered a 9-3 loss to the Orioles. After the game, the Yankees right-hander expressed feelings of being the most ineffective pitcher in the game.

His performance led the Yankees manager to avoid giving any definite answer if he was going to have the starting pitcher in the rotation. The impending return of Nestor Cortes also set the reports claiming that Luis Severino had lost his position as the Yankees starting pitcher.

Aaron Boone didn’t provide a direct answer when asked about it. Neither he stood by his starter as he did in the past.

“We gotta continue to look under the hood and see why that high level of execution isn’t there,” he said. “Right now, we’re just going to continue to focus and work on that.”

However, on Wednesday, manager Aaron Boone officially confirmed that Luis Severino will be taking the mound for his next start on Friday.

Luis Severino faces a challenge but is ready for it

While Lusi Severino’s time as a Yankee may still be limited, he was pleased to have another opportunity to take the mound in pinstripes, and that will come on Friday when the Yankees face the Astros in The Bronx. The Yankees’ inability to trade him and Domingo German’s rehab decision might have forced Aaron Boone to start with the pitcher against the Astros.

Talking about his last outing, Luis Severino told that “It hasn’t been great” while speaking to The Post on Wednesday before the Yankees’ 7-2 victory over the Rays. He mentioned that he’s here to persevere and improve despite the challenging days, acknowledging that it has been a stressful period.

After the trade deadline had elapsed on Tuesday and the decision was made by general manager Brian Cashman not to trade any expiring contracts, Luis Severino expressed a sense of relief.

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Luis Severino conveyed that he is putting in significant effort to improve his performance, aiming to become a better player and contribute more to the team. He made these remarks on Wednesday after completing a bullpen session, which was observed by pitching coach Matt Blake and adviser Andy Pettitte. The Yankees starter stressed the importance of continuous dedication, driven by his belief in the untapped potential within himself.

Following a strained lat injury that kept him sidelined for over seven weeks, Luis Severino showed promise and performed well in his initial two starts upon returning to the mound. However, in the ten games following his return, his performance has declined significantly, resulting in an 8.94 ERA. During this stretch, he conceded seven runs or more in three out of his last five starts.

His difficulties reached a nadir on Sunday, as he surrendered six runs without recording an out against the Orioles, leading to a career-high of nine earned runs allowed over 3 ¹/₃ innings.

Following the start, he was self-critical and seemed unsure about the reasons behind his inability to reverse his performance. Luis Severino expressed that at the moment, he felt like he was the worst pitcher in the game, without a doubt.

On Wednesday, he acknowledged that he hasn’t been himself this year and admitted to being critical of his own performance. As both a player and a fan, he expressed frustration with his struggles and didn’t hold back in his self-criticism.

Luis Severino mentioned that his wife and mother expressed their concerns after the game, advising him not to speak negatively about himself. He also received supportive messages from teammates, friends, and numerous fans who emphasized that he should believe in his abilities and not be too critical of himself. This outpouring of encouragement has boosted his confidence.

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The Yankees’ decision to stick with Luis Severino, despite his inconsistent performance this season, may be influenced by his untapped potential, as well as Domingo German‘s placement on the restricted list to address alcohol abuse, which could create a need for additional pitching depth.

In his upcoming start on Friday, Luis Severino aims to translate his newfound confidence into better performance, focusing particularly on refining his fastball command.

The Yankees’ plans regarding how long Luis Severino will remain in the rotation despite his struggles have not been revealed yet. Severino mentioned that there haven’t been any discussions with the team about the possibility of going to the minors to work on his game in a lower-pressure setting, similar to what Alex Manoah did with the Blue Jays.

Luis Severino mentioned that his stuff is still present, but he’s currently struggling to hit his spots accurately. He acknowledged that his performance this season might impact his potential earnings in free agency, but he shared that he has stopped dwelling on that concern.

Luis Severino expressed that he was initially preoccupied with concerns about his upcoming free agency and its potential impact on his future. However, he shared that he has now shifted his focus away from worrying about it. He emphasized the importance of living in the present and not dwelling on what might happen next year. Despite any outcome this season, the 29-year-old pitcher remains optimistic about the possibilities ahead, highlighting that he is still in good health, and regardless, he can always sign a one-year deal with any team to continue improving.

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