Domingo German follows CC’s footsteps to redeem life, career


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The New York Yankees announced on Wednesday that their right-handed pitcher, Domingo German, has taken the voluntary step of entering an inpatient rehab for alcohol abuse. This marks the second instance in the past eight years when a Yankees starting pitcher has sought treatment for alcohol-related issues during the season. Back in October 2015, CC Sabathia temporarily left the team to seek help at a rehab center, right before the Yankees’ playoff defeat to Houston in the AL wild-card game.

Cashman addressed the media and shed light on the decision, disclosing that an “episode” occurred on Tuesday and expressing his worry for Domingo German and his family.

Cashman emphasized the seriousness of the issue, acknowledging its widespread impact on many individuals. He expressed hope that the measures taken by Domingo German would be beneficial for the rest of his life and stressed the importance of addressing the problem directly. Cashman emphasized the significance of treatment facilities in providing Domingo German with the necessary tools to tackle the issue.

The Yankees have put Domingo German on the restricted list as he undergoes treatment. This means his season has effectively ended.

The team emphasized the importance of Domingo German’s complete focus on addressing his health and well-being, stating that they would respect his privacy as he embarks on this process.

Brian Cashman informed the media that Domingo German will not be taking the mound for the remainder of this season.

Earlier, the 30-year-old Domingo German, who is signed until 2024, faced several personal challenges, as he was suspended for domestic violence in 2020. An investigation by MLB uncovered instances of physical abuse toward his girlfriend in December 2019, resulting in an 81-game suspension before the 2020 season.

Boone reflected on Domingo German’s struggle with alcohol and mentioned that it dated back several years. He acknowledged that, for the most part, the pitcher has been a responsible individual, keeping his personal issues from affecting his job. However, Boone expressed sadness over the situation and wished for Domingo German to receive the appropriate support and guidance to steer him in a positive direction for the rest of his life.

Domingo German is brilliant but inconsistent

Domingo German was given the Gatorade treatment on Wednesday night, following his flawless pitching performance.
Marca English

Domingo German, who will be 31 years old on Friday, achieved a remarkable feat by pitching the 24th perfect game in MLB history on June 28 against Oakland. Unfortunately, that outstanding performance stands out amidst a season where he has struggled. His overall record is 5-7 with a 4.56 ERA.

Earlier in the week, Domingo German was removed from the starting lineup against the Tampa Bay Rays due to armpit discomfort. However, he made a surprise appearance in relief and went on to deliver an impressive performance, throwing five scoreless innings and allowing just two hits in a 5-1 loss.

Domingo German has showcased moments of brilliance while playing for the Yankees, with one of the most remarkable being an outstanding performance in an 11-0 victory against the Athletics. During that game, he achieved the major’s first perfect game since 2012, which held deep personal significance as it served as a tribute to his late uncle, who had passed away just two days prior. The emotional impact of the loss was evident as Domingo German was visibly moved, shedding tears in the clubhouse.

In joining the ranks of Don Larsen (1956), David Wells (1998), and David Cone (1999), he became one of the few Yankees pitchers to accomplish the feat of pitching a perfect game.

Throughout his six-year tenure in the majors, Domingo German has faced challenges both on and off the field. In May, he received a 10-game suspension for using an illegal sticky substance on the mound during a game in Toronto.

Domingo German has a history of troubles


Domingo German began his professional baseball journey when he was signed by the Florida Marlins as an international free agent back in 2009. He gradually progressed through the minor leagues until the Yankees acquired him in a trade in 2014. In 2017, he earned his promotion to the major leagues and has remained a consistent presence in the Yankees’ bullpen ever since.

In the 2019 season, Domingo German had an impressive record of 18-4 with the Yankees. However, during that same season, he was placed on administrative leave by MLB due to an ongoing investigation into an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend.

After being suspended for 81 games, he sat out the entire pandemic-shortened 2020 season and playoffs. Upon his return to the club in February 2021, he met face-to-face with Yankees teammates and publicly apologized during spring training.

In 2021, The Athletic published a report indicating that German had been under the influence of alcohol on the night when he engaged in the violent incident with his then-girlfriend, who is now his wife.

Cashman expressed his concern for the individual and his immediate family, stating that Domingo German was dealing with a very serious issue. He mentioned that the starter remained a part of the Yankee family and all were keeping him in their prayers as he took steps to address the problem.

After the 7-2 victory over Tampa Bay on Wednesday night, ace Gerrit Cole also. shared his feelings about the situation. According to him, it impacts other Yankees players as human beings and they genuinely care about their teammates and their families, making it a sad situation overall. Cole emphasized that they all wanted the best for Domingo German during this challenging time.

German second after Sabathia to go for alcohol rehab

Charlez Wenzelberg/NYP

It was not the first time that a Yankees player has gone to rehab to treat alcoholism. Eight years ago, ace CC Sabathia made a public decision to seek treatment for alcohol abuse during the 2015 season, His decision occurred just one day before the American League Wild Card Game, making it highly visible, but it proved to be life-changing for him, and he has remained sober since then.

The former six-time All-Star and 2009 World Series Champion has taken on a new role as a spokesperson for the My Relationship with Alcohol campaign, which is backed by biopharmaceutical company Alkermes. Through this campaign, he aims to increase awareness about alcohol dependency and its impact on individuals and communities.

During his playing career, Sabathia faced personal challenges, including the loss of his father to cancer in 2003 and a beloved cousin. As his struggles with alcohol intensified, he described himself as a “strange alcoholic” in the opening lines of his book “Till the End.”

In an interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King, Sabathia revealed that during his playing days, he had a routine where he would pitch and then engage in heavy drinking for the next three days. After coming out of a game, he would immediately feel the need to drink and continue the cycle for three days before taking a two-day break. This pattern of normalizing drinking and detoxing himself allowed him to pitch, and he would repeat the process again.

After an incident outside a Toronto nightclub in August 2015, Sabathia first felt the need to seek help, but he hesitated and avoided taking action. However, his wake-up call came when he found himself unable to stop drinking after a three-day bender in Baltimore, just before the MLB playoffs in the same year. This prompted him to realize that he had hit rock bottom. The Cy Young Award Winner made the courageous decision to confront his drinking problem head-on and voluntarily entered rehab. Despite his wife’s suggestion to wait until the season was over, Sabathia knew that the time to act was now, as he feared he might never have another chance to address his addiction if he postponed seeking help.

Following his rehabilitation in 2016, he continued to compete for an additional three years, achieving what he considers the most significant milestone of his career. Sabathia encountered a career revival in 2017, seamlessly transforming his pitching style from a focus on power and speed to one centered around precision and masterful control.

Will there be a similar redemption for Domingo German?

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