Twitter war breaks out between fans of AL MVP winner Judge, Ohtani

AL MVP winner Aaron Judge
Michael Bennington
Saturday November 19, 2022

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The ultimate AL MVP winner was long expected to be a battle between Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani. Both are arguably the finest players of the present generation of MLB players. One is the greatest power hitter of the most-followed baseball team in the world and another is the key arch of the richest MLB franchise.

With a huge following of each, they raised the expectations of their respective fans. As soon as the MLB announced Aaron Judge as the AL MVP winner, the Yankees fans began making fun of Ohtani, the main challenger to their superstar slugger. The Angels fans to jumped the fray to defend Ohtani and slam the MLB for awarding Aaron Judge as the AL MVP winner. This resulted in a lot of positive and funny reactions on Twitter.

Ohtani, the Los Angeles Angels two-way star, won the MVP award unanimously in 2021. But in 2022, he got only two first-place and 28 second-place votes to have 280 points. The Baseball Writers’ Association of America overwhelmingly selected Aaron Judge as the 2022 AL MVP winner. The Yankees’ power hitter had a total of 410 points with 28 first-place and two second-place votes. The Yankees slugger did deserve the honor, though, especially since he broke Roger Maris’ record for the most AL home runs in a single season with 62.

When it was announced that Aaron Judge was the AL MVP winner, a lot of people couldn’t help but make fun of those who thought Ohtani would win back-to-back MVP awards.

One fan said, “Respectfully to everyone who said Ohtani should win MVP, you were not only wrong, but he didn’t win MVP. The rightful winner of the 2022 AL MVP is Aaron Judge, go cry about it on your generic podcasts or Twitter accounts.”

Another fan posted the “Pretending to be Happy” meme and wrote, “Ohtani Fans right now. No one was going to ignore Aaron Judge’s great season. MVP!”

Ben Verlander, who has always stood up for Ohtani, was also heavily trolled for his stance. Still, the media person made sure to give Aaron Judge credit and say that he deserves to win.

“Congratulations to the 2022 American League MVP Aaron Judge! Incredible season and if EVER there was a season to beat what Shohei Ohtani is doing. It had to be what Judge just did. Well deserved. Congratulations!” Verlander wrote on Twitter.

Some people still didn’t like the fact that Judge didn’t win with everyone’s vote. Ohtani got the first-place vote from two people, which made a lot of fans angry.

Do you have anything to say to Ohtani fans after Judge became AL MVP winner?

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