Trouble in the booth: John Sterling, Michael Kay reportedly in a bitter clash

Michael Kay and John Sterling

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All is not well between John Sterling and Michael Kay, the two most prominent voices for the New York Yankees. According to WFAN radio host Craig Carton, both sportscasters were found to be feuding during the Yankees’ annual Homecoming Dinner.

In his afternoon drive show on WFAN, Carton delivered this news, which took the New York sports media and the Yankees fans by surprise. He claimed that Michael Kay, who does the TV voice for the Bombers, and John Sterling, who does the radio voice, are now “at war” because of something that happened at a recent team event.

Corton cited one of his friends as the source. His friend went to the Yankees’ annual Homecoming Dinner last week. It was May 10. Both John Sterling and Michael Kay took turns introducing the Yankees’ team members. On opposite sides of the dais, they were doing their work, first John Sterling and then Michael Kay.

Toward the end of the presentation session, two players were left — Ron Marinaccio and Aaron Judge. John Sterling was to present Marinaccio and Michael Kay to go with the Yankees captain and MLB home-run record holder.

But John Sterling went off on his own and introduced Judge leaving Kay to present Marinaccio because of this. Carton claimed that this episode led to bad blood between the two most famous people in the Yankees’ booth and Kay had broken up because Sterling stole his spotlight on the radio.

Carton mentioned that he was informed about Michael Kay’s strong displeasure, describing him as “livid” and “ticked off beyond belief.” John Sterling had effectively preempted his own thoughts by stealing the opportunity to introduce Aaron Judge. As a result, it was revealed that a significant rift had developed between John Sterling and Michael Kay. The prevailing belief was that John’s actions were intentional.

If genuine and calculated, it was a gutsy move on Sterling’s part, which is likely to have more fallout in the coming days.

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46 thoughts on “Trouble in the booth: John Sterling, Michael Kay reportedly in a bitter clash

    1. Seeing this has been a horrific season with I juries brings shirt fuses with everyone on the Yanjees side. This too will pass as I am sure there will be a duscussion.behind closed doors. At least I hope this will happen. Already the media is making thus a “Field Day” , as this kind if friction becomes a writers or a journalists dream.
      I truly hope both sides will come to an.amicabke result. We have enough drama in the club house and on ghe field these dats.

    2. Let’s face it Michael, john is simply a better play by play guy. He continues to get better. Kay is too predictable.

      1. Half of what comes out of Sterling’s mouth is incorrect. Most of the time he inaudible and sounds like he is having a stroke with his gibberish talk. Sterling has vision issues as well and no longer can see if a ball is a home run leading to an inaccurate call on a routine fly ball. The guy is washed up egomaniac with HR calls that have been played out since 1998 using idiotic player nicknames that make zero sense. I can’t listen to either Sterling or Waldman with the petty bickering that goes on between them. Sterling needs to retire and Waldman needs to go back and annoy Boston fans.

    1. Tell Kay to grow up. He is an egotistical blabber mouth with the world’s worst,self serving, stupid and meaningless home run call. Please resign Seeya

      1. Great comment!
        I love John Sterling calling games. I could hear John Sterling telling Michael Kay to beat it,
        “Michael Kay – Go Away”. Kay’s home run calls are even worse than Bob Costas, “There it goooes- C Ya”, – zzzzzzzzz ;-()
        In the dynasty years, I used to have the games on the television with no sound, and listen to John Sterling calling the game on the radio.
        Btw, why is John Sterling not calling games lately? I miss hearing him. His fill in is pretty good, imo.

  1. Think it’s bs, and Craigie, is looking to stir the pot. He’s known to say crap for the sake of saying crap.


  2. John was really upset when he didn’t have the opportunity to call Aaron Boone’s AL Championship Home Run call because it was Charlie Stieners turn that inning for lead announcer. So I definitely could see John doing this on purpose, we all know Yankee Home Run calls are all about John

  3. Kay is a thin skinned know it all but Sterling is an egotistical, mistake prone buffoon who thinks the Yankees world revolves around him. He’s in his 80’s but refuses to retire bec his ego won’t allow it. This putz should just go away already. We Yankees fans will get along just fine without his mistakes, his moronic home run calls and his stupidity

    1. You nailed it. I am so lucky to have grown up listening to Mel Allen, Red Barber and the Scooter. What a shame that such a great franchise would allow Sterling and Waldman broadcast games all these years. The worst duo ever.

  4. Sterling is almost 90 and an egomaniac. I’ve met Kay several times in public & he was always a gentleman

  5. Michael K has my vote… It’s too bad … if it’s true… they made a good team when it came to co-mceeing different events at the stadium… But like everything else …all good things come to an end… It’s time to retire, John…

    1. I don’t like either one one is getting senile and the other one is somewhat nasty if you don’t agree with him. Why does Kay refer to every throw a catcher makes trying to pick off a baserunner as a SNAP THROW? Wtf is the definition of a SNAP throw? I mean it isn’t a snap throw when they try to throw a runner out stealing a base only when they try to pick a runner off a base! Stupid description

  6. You and I both know it’ll take something utterly catastrophic for either or both of these to leave, and stop trying to think differently. Ever notice the ownership never complains?

  7. Michael Kay is a Diva and so petty. He deserves it. Good for you John Sterling; you’re a darling!

  8. Kaye is a whining idiot. Good for Sterling!! Hopefully he’ll quit over this. 🤣🤣🤣

  9. They’re both egomaniacs. It doesn’t surprise me at all. They didn’t get along when they worked together. If Sterling did that on purpose, which he probably did, then he’s kind of a dick .

  10. The guy is 90 years Mike and not much longer for this earth. Let it go. You really want to hold a grudge against an old man over not being able to say introduce AJ because he did? Let it go. Give it to him. Let him have it. You have way more future opportunities than he does, I guarantee you that. And I would imagine he probably helped you at some point when you were coming up through the ranks.

  11. Well I believe John Sterling who taught Michael Kay the job and is much much older than he is should have let John introduce Judge. It’s petty and stupid to fight over such things. Sterling does not have many years left in the booth give him the respect he deserves and Michael appreciate what you have accomplished and have and let it go

  12. I watch games on the MLB App, and I am very happy that I can watch the YES Video broadcast while listening to John and Susan on the WFAN Broadcast. I started this when O’Neil started doing games from his basement.

  13. John is getting older, who knows how much longer. He does a pretty good job considering everything involved. So what Michael Kay should take the high road on this one let it slide who even knows next year. Great thing about baseball, always a game tomorrow.

  14. Grown men acting like children – who gets to announce the “better player”. As if we care which of these two fools actually does the job?

  15. John Sterling is a great broadcaster. Michael Kay is a nothing. The words he knows is see you. Hopefully we will see him out of town for good.

  16. Throw the rascals out!
    Let’s have O’Neill and Cone with a polished announcer. Except Joe Buck!!!!

  17. Sterling’s days are long passed now, and he needs to go. It’s incredible that this is the best that the NY market can do!!

  18. Really! Gentlemen!
    John& Michael, are to me two of the best unbiased opinions in broadcasting for the Yankees, they both call it like it is,they both do a great job, and to even think about a rift between them these days of the world divided by so many things in life, just say ,it ain’t so joe!

  19. It’s comical how big ego can get… by the way, Aaron Judge is NOT the “MLB home-run record holder.”

  20. Sterling may have some goofy HR calls but his delivery of the game is still top notch at 85 or whatever he is. Go listen to the opposing team broadcast on Sirius xm someday and you will immediately appreciate Sterling, he’s still top notch. Don’t get me started on Kay.

  21. Kay is so predictable. Sterling keeps getting better and is a solid play by play guy. We never wonder the count or the score con Juan. Go Johnny go. “That’s baseball Suzyn”.

  22. The Scooter and Bobby Murcer were my favorites. I have to admit John Sterling’s and Susan’s voices are soothing and I miss him. Egos are a standard for anyone involved with the Yankees. Just ask anyone who has been to an event and asked for an autograph.

  23. Michael Kay: forced, contrived, insert canned calls here announcer.
    John Sterling: Lovable curmudgeon. Home run calls we love, some we cringe about and to a person if you ask who is the voice of the NY Yankees, it’s John Sterling….period. Not just radio, not television, the voice period.

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