Yankees pay the price after Aaron Boone’s costly Gerrit Cole decision in defeat to Mets

Yankees ace Gerrit Cole is on the mound against the Mets at Citi Field on June 14, 2023.

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NEW YORK – Had Aaron Boone continued with Gerrit Cole in the seventh, the Yankees would have not allowed the Mets to come back making a clean sweep of the 2023 Subway Series! However, the manager opted to remove the Yankees ace after six flawless innings and the Mets capitalized on it by equalizing the game in the seventh. Gerrit Cole’s withdrawal by Boone proved to be a mistake, ultimately becoming the turning point of Wednesday night’s matchup.

Despite facing a 3-1 deficit in the seventh inning, the Mets managed to rally and load the bases, ultimately scoring two crucial runs. This comeback prevented them from fading away and led to their eventual 4-3 victory over the Yankees.

Gerrit Cole did a fabulous job

During the 2019 season, Gerrit Cole and Justin Verlander formed a formidable duo as co-aces for a team that went on to win the pennant. The Houston Astros, their team at the time, fell just one victory short of capturing the coveted world championship. Additionally, in the AL Cy Young voting, Verlander and Gerrit Cole secured the top two positions, with Verlander taking first place and the Yankees ace closely following in second.

In a highly anticipated matchup on Wednesday night at Citi Field, the two right-handed pitchers faced each other once again, this time as rivals in the Subway Series. They immediately engaged in a classic pitcher’s duel, resulting in a thrilling 4-3 victory for the Mets in 10 innings.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone acknowledged the high level of talent on the mound for both teams, recognizing the Hall-of-Fame caliber of Verlander and Gerrit Cole. He emphasized the significance of the matchup and mentioned the Yankees’ goal of sweeping the Mets in the two-game series before the game.

The anticipation of witnessing the marquee matchup between Verlander and Gerrit Cole was evident in Aaron Boone’s words. He expressed his excitement about watching two elite pitchers compete against each other, recognizing the level of skill and competitiveness they bring to the game.

Gerrit Cole showcased his dominance in the opening four frames, retiring every batter he faced without allowing a hit or a baserunner. As the game progressed, he maintained his strong performance, and by the end of the sixth inning, Gerrit Cole had accumulated a comfortable two-run advantage. However, his pitch count had reached 95, prompting his departure from the game.

Was Gerrit Cole’s departure premature?

Continuing his impressive form, the right-handed pitcher delivered another stellar performance, conceding only one earned run on four hits while striking out eight batters over six innings. He concluded his outing after throwing 96 pitches, showcasing his efficiency and effectiveness on the mound.

Over the course of his six innings on the mound, Gerrit Cole recorded eight strikeouts without issuing a single walk. He allowed four hits, with the most significant ones being back-to-back doubles by Francisco Alvarez and Tommy Pham in the fifth inning.

However, Gerrit Cole maintained a flawless performance until the fifth inning when Francisco Lindor broke his streak with a powerful double. Throughout six innings, the Yankees ace demonstrated his dominance by allowing only one run on four hits, striking out eight batters, and issuing no walks. As a result, his season ERA improved to 2.75, marking a significant achievement. It’s worth noting that Gerrit Cole had struggled in previous encounters with the Mets, boasting a career-high ERA of 6.75 in six starts against them. Thus, this outing can be seen as a satisfying reversal of fortunes for Cole.

In the sixth inning, Gerrit Cole provided a glimmer of hope for the Mets as Mark Vientos and Nimmo hit consecutive singles to open the frame. However, the Yankees ace quickly regained control and managed to retire the next three batters in a row, eluding any potential damage from the Mets’ offense.

As soon as he departed, Cordero and Marinaccio, Yankees relievers, surrendered two runs in the seventh, resulting in a tie.

Boone erred in withdrawing Cole

AP Photo/Steve Nesius

Gerrit Cole began the game in dominant fashion, retiring 12 consecutive batters without allowing a baserunner. However, in the fifth inning, Francisco Lindor broke that streak with a powerful leadoff double.

Alvarez followed with a well-hit ball to the warning track in right field, advancing Lindor to third base. However, Gerrit Cole quickly regained his composure and struck out Brett Baty to end the threat.

In the bottom half of the inning, the Mets managed to load the bases against pitchers Jimmy Cordero and Ron Marinaccio. Marinaccio hit Brandon Nimmo on the elbow, allowing the Mets to score their first run of the inning. Following that, Starling Marte stepped up to the plate and delivered a crucial hit to left field, resulting in a game-tying run for the Mets.

In the extra inning, Manager Aaron Boone decided to bring in left-handed pitcher Nick Ramirez to face Nimmo. However, Nimmo had other plans as he crushed a clutch double over the head of Buaers in right field, driving in the winning run for the Mets.

In the decisive 10th inning, Brandon Nimmo delivered a crucial blow with an RBI double off Nick Ramirez, sealing the Mets’ 4-3 victory over the Yankees. In the extra frame of the 10th inning, the Yankees couldn’t capitalize on the automatic runner, opening the door for the Mets to secure a walk-off victory. The Mets emerged victorious, marking just their second win in the last 11 games.

Had there been Gerrit Cole, the seventh-inning Mets’ come back would have not happened and turned the tide against the Yankees!

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63 thoughts on “Yankees pay the price after Aaron Boone’s costly Gerrit Cole decision in defeat to Mets

      1. Boone cannot in game manage without looking @ a stat sheet. He can’t tell if a player is on his game or not, period. Never could and never will. You tell a good manager when he out manages his opponent. Buck killed him !

        Marinaccio was not the guy with the bases juiced. Kahnle was available and isn’t wild like Marinaccio and has a better change up which plays perfect on FB looking batters.

        Again Boone is a pile of dung and Cashman is not a great evaluator of manager talent.

        1. Get Mattingly or Gardi back still have little more then half a season crashman got to go to. They had the triple A ace could have brought him in sitting 12 games. Boone can go to wilke barr little league coming soon.

    1. Ok, let’s not waste another Season. We are very capable of winning another World Series THIS YEAR!
      So; thank you Aaron Boone, but please Hal your Father handled Billy Martin, so you can handle anyone. Let’s get the right guys in place NOW so we can all celebrate on Broadway THIS October. PLEASE Hal!

      1. Win a World Series? Really? The lineup is brutal outside of Judge and the starting pitching is weak. You can win with a 50 Homer Guy and a strong bullpen. Thank God Boston is in the division as that is the only team that is weaker

    2. Boone needs to go. Trade Torres and Donaldson for someone that can swing a bat. In loss 1-5 hitters 2 for 20! Pathetic baseball.

    3. Not as long as this Steinbrenner(Hal) is the owner… He just gave both 3 yr contracts!?!
      Donaldson hitting .130 and Gio Urshela who they let go is hitting .300 ….

    4. Sooner the better. How long can Boone nurse that one homerun agents the Red Sox’s. He in my opinion, is a fake manager. In my 89 years watching and listening to Yankee games,I believe he is the worst.

    5. Boones problem is he computer manages. He doesn’t navage by observing what’s going on. Like how hard is the pitcher He panicks and changes pitchers

    6. Everyone of you commentors are correct! But, and here is the big But. Until Yankee fans stop buying tickets and filling the stands, Hal is not going to do a damn thing. He doesnt care at all if the team wins or not as long as he is making money! If you can boycott AB and Target, you can boycott the Yankees. Otherwise, nothing will change. I’ve been a Yankees fan for 64 years and it pains me not to watch.

    7. I agree , Boone & Cashman need fired! Bones made these kind of BONEHEAD MOVES BEFORE AND DID SO IN PLAYOFFS LAST YEAR BY PULLING A PITCHER TO SOON! Well Boones not the Old Professor “ Casey Stengel” but Casey blew a few and in World Series once he never started Ace Whitey Ford to start the Series! He was fired that fall!!!! Fyi

      1. I agree with you 💯 % about Casey. He was 70 years old when he was managing in 1960. He would fall asleep in the dugout during games. He was a great manager and his record goes without saying; but age catches up on all of us and it was time for him to go.

    1. Being a Fan of the Yankees, I do think the Organization needs a New Voice to lead the team. Aaron Boone have not been the right leader for this Team. There’s No reason why this Team should be in the position they are in. Being committed to a person because he agrees with everything the organization says and does will Not bring any championships. Change needs to happen.

      1. The writing here is terrible. Disjointed, rambling and repetitive. Did you have to meet a minimum number or words requirement? Do you get paid by number of words? Please get an editor app.

  1. Boone is 1/3 of the 3 Stooges the other two are Hal and Cash. The Yankees can win all 162 regular season games and none headed Boone will mess it up in the play offs by doing exactly what he did. He and his idiot pitching coach and both catchers ( bring up Ben) are clueless as to what their pitchers can and cannot do.

    1. Thanks for noticing such a glaring error by the writer. Shows how easy it is to question others’ errors and not worry about your own. Everyone is a perfect manager the day after.

    2. Thanks Jim!
      There is a school of thought that visiting teams should NOT bunt in the top half of the extra innings, because bunting
      almost certainly prevents scoring more than one run. Also, who did we have left in the pen who wasn’t already used?
      All that said, I am a proponent of the eye test vs statistics.

  2. Even worse, not calling for the first batter in the top of the 10th to bunt the runner the runner to third leads me to believe Boone’s mind is someplace else. And while you cannot predict it happening, the next batter hit fly ball that would have brought home the runner at third for the lead.

  3. Totally agree with Steve Rosenblstt. Boone’s refusal to small ball when it obviously calls for smallball is mind boggling. Get the man to third at all costs with none out.

  4. Boone is over thinking situations, if a pitcher is doing good let him continue. I have seen plenty of these so call decisions back fire and Yankees lose. I’m a die hard Yankee fan let the pitcher do his job, if he gets in a jam then do what needs to be done.

  5. Maybe if Stanton, Donaldson, Rizzo or LeMahieu could do their job 1/15!!! Boone’s decisions wouldn’t have mattered!

  6. Aaron Boone is an IDIOT!!!! It’s not the first time that he’s pulled a successful starter only to have it blow up in his face. He’ll NEVER learn. He needs to GO along with Cashman. Save us all a lot of grief and give them BOTH to someone else SOON.

  7. Boone has quality bullpen arms and is pacing Cole for the long-term, with much of the marathon still ahead. Today’s managers don’t allow starters to exhaust themselves, even when they’re pitching well, unless they don’t have a fresh arm or a quality replacement.

    1. Boone is by far the worst manager in baseball,..Bombers are being let down by his lousy pitching decisions..time to make a change..NOW!!!

  8. Boone continues to demonstrate his inability to manage his pitching staff & in particular his bullpen. Cashman continues to come up short on stocking the bullpen with quality arms. The Yankees are hamstrung with 6 players that eat up the salary cap. Therefore, you have inferior players throughout the roster. It’s time for both Cashman & Boone to be released. If Hal refuses, then Hal needs to go. The Yankees for the last 10 years are SERIOUSLY FLAWED. I can go on & on with this team.

  9. 1.Fire BaBaBooney once and for all. His expertise is getting ejected. He has no feel for the game, relies excessively on analytics, and constantly makes the wrong decisions. He is not a motivator.

    2. Teach the pampered players how to move runners over. Make them watch a Rays game .Cash has them motivated and confident.

  10. Boone made several errors.
    1. Pulling Cole to Soon.
    2. Top of 9th letting Volpe not move runner over. (Happened twice in game).
    3. Most importantly pulling pitching to Nimmo in 10th. Should have walked Nimmo, let abreu pitch to Marte. Bringing lefty Escobar to pitch to Nimmo, even if he got him it would have set up a lefty/righty against Marte.

  11. As long as Aaron Boone and that stupid Cashman are at the helm ; forget a World Championship. Jesus !! The mistakes this mgr. commits are outstanding !! Get rid of him now !!

  12. George would never had hired Boone and had he Boone would not have lasted 2 seasons cashman would have been long gone! Paul O’Neil has some of the characteristics of billy Martin. Hire O’Neil and just watch! 2023 World Series champs.

  13. Boone needs to go!!! Worst Yankee manager how much longer do we need to see he can’t handle the pitching staff. We need a change or it’s another lost season!!!!

  14. All of you are missing the main point. Hitting is the problem. Home runs are nice, they do not win championships. We need a philosophy that gets runners on base and moves them without the long ball.

  15. As long as Cash and Boone are making decisions for NYY, a world series victory will NEVER happen!!! Hal, it’s up to you.

  16. Cole was at 95 pitches, and we have the best bullpen in baseball, so I don’t see yanking Cole after 6 innings as a bad decision. The fact that the pen blew the game is what cost the Yanks, along with a TOTAL lack of offense. If Boone had left Cole in and he had given up a couple runs in the 7th, fans would have been all over Boone for not going to the pen. It is not usually the manager’s fault when the players fail to get the job done.

  17. The order in which a manager should call the shots – 1. Go with the gut. 2. Analytics
    We need old school baseball with Homer’s sprinkled in. Hal you have my email. Call me.

    1. I can not remember a Yankees team that made so many fundamental mistakes/errors. As for Donaldson, just the talk of signing him was ridiculous, and then Yankees did sign him, the absolute worse move of the decade .His numbers at Toronto were steroid numbers, and besides, he’s been washed up for several years now. And as I’ve said for the past three or four years, why is Aaron Judge not playing first base ? The errors Judge would save on high throws, and more importantly, the many more games he would be playing over his career, versus being injured a few times from playing the outfield. The Yankees should learn to play fundamental small ball, and big things will happen from there. Such a boring game with so many swinging for the fences, and accepting a 1 for 5 day as a success because the 1 was a homerun, and most likely a solo shot at that.

  18. Supposedly Cole had cramps and that’s why Boone removed him. You can’t nit pick every move. Baseball is checkers, not chess. It’s up to the players.

    Cashman is the problem, not Boone.

  19. b
    Boone makes glaring errors with the pitching staff. He is quick to use the bullpen when he should not. The starters must be very frustrated with him.

  20. No one is as mediocre as Bubble-Gum Boone. And to make matters worse, Cashman and Hal S. are just as terrible. There is no hope until Cashman and Boone find their way out of the Bronx, one way street…to never return.

  21. Aaron Boone is a moron who has no feel for the game and his players, Gerrit Cole shut down the Mets and would have done so in 7th inning and Yankees would have swept, Isiah Kiner-Falefa was a hot hand and stole home, why is Boone taking him out? He is looking at stat sheets and computers instead of looking at the game. Boone needs to go.

  22. I’m sorry the Yankees management should’ve looked for a new manager before this season started. Why take a pitcher out who is doing well and still has another inning or so left in him? Not every pitcher will have a perfect game, but if they still have energy and are on target, leave them in!!!
    His decisions have caused most of these loses. I know it’s not all on him, because the Yankees also need to get their bats going.
    They have the most expensive team, and some of the best players.
    Wake up Boone!!!! Call Joe Torre to give you some advice, Lord knows it’s needed.

  23. Lmao Yanks are trash. Cashman and Boone are lost and look like they belong in Little league games, the yanks are a last place team outside of Judge. They’re lucky the Sox suck this year cuz y’all be basement dwellers without them.

  24. I agree with your criticism of Aaron Boone for removing Cole early, but why are you calling it a clean sweep of the subway series for the Mets? The Yankees won the first game 7-6.

  25. When will the Yankees ownership realize that it’s time to get rid of Aaron Boone. He has lost numerous games for the team in the last 3 seasons. Getting kicked out of 4 games already this early in the season isn’t helping the team. He’s too buddy buddy with the players for one thing, and not strict enough. He’s not there to make friends, but to win ball games. His decision making is very questionable as he has removed pitchers much too early when they have been dominating the game and leaving others in too long when getting schellacked. It seems as if he is deliberately trying to lose games for the players. I’ve been a diehard Yankee fan for over 80 years but have been sickened to see what has transpired the last 3 plus years with the Aroldis Chapman fiasco and the stupid trades of some of the players that have really tried to their best to do the best for the team. Watch the stats of some of those that have been let go and see how the poor moves have come back to bite the Yankees in the ass. So buddy buddy Cashman should be considered giving walking papers as well. After all it is a “business”as we’ve been told so many times before. Since the super computers of these days only take micro-seconds to figure out various stats etc., here’s one for you compute. How many times in the past 5 years have the Yankees as a team died with bases loaded during a game compared to any other team in either league? I think you would be amazed at the outcome. Also another stat to compare is how many players have been placed upon an served time on the IL compared to others in either league? And isn’t it amazing how many players after being awarded with multiple million dollar contracts end up unable to play for extended periods because of minor injuries such as stubbed toes etc. They make steel toed boots for construction workers and other trades, why not for baseball spikes, or is it because the multi-million dollar contracts have been signed on the dotted line so why not sluff off. I’m betting many up and coming young players have played while hurt but kept trying their best to achieve their goals. Too many pussies in the game today…

  26. Outcome based criticism is not fair. Who’s to say what would have happened if Cole stayed in the game. Maybe he catches a line drive off his shin and he breaks his leg. Who knows?

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