Aaron Boone faces a challenging choice between two players

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Faces Challenging Decision in Fourth Season at Helm.

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Josh Donaldson and DJ LeMahieu were benched by Aaron Boone for the game against the Rangers on Saturday night, June 24, following a wave of criticism.

Throughout this week, Josh Donaldson and DJ LeMahieu faced disapproval due to their underwhelming performances. Donaldson’s performance was so disappointing that he even faced boos from the crowd. Meanwhile, LeMahieu received criticism from his coach, Aaron Boone, who decided to keep both players out of the game this time.

When asked about his decision in a press conference before the Texas Rangers game, Aaron Boone was firm in his response:

“I simply felt like I wanted to rely on IKF [at third base] today. Hopefully, that gives us a bit more energy.”

Yankees fans debate Aaron Boone’s decision-making skills

Aaron Boone holds first press conference of Spring Training

Numerous fans are sharing their views on Aaron Boone’s decision. Some are lauding Aaron Boone for benching Josh Donaldson and even urging him to stay off the field permanently.

Meanwhile, Donaldson is in a quandary as he approaches his last season with the Yankees and may consider retiring at the season’s end.

Aaron Boone’s decisions have sparked heated debates among Yankees fans. While some support his choices, others question his ability as a coach, especially considering the Yankees’ worst month of the year.

Josh Donaldson‘s situation adds further uncertainty as his contract nears its end, and speculations about retirement arise. As the season progresses, all eyes are on Aaron Boone and his upcoming decisions.

What do you think? Leave your comment below.

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68 thoughts on “Aaron Boone faces a challenging choice between two players

  1. Perhaps it’s best that this season is a no post season, season. In 2008 that happened and we all know how 2009 ended 🏆

  2. Let’s set the record straight …. G.Torres swings at every 1st pitch and swings for HRs and has made a lot of errors since last yr , J.Donaldson cnt hit since last yr. , Germàn is not a consistent above average pitcher , Stanton needs to stay hydrated better and stop reinjuring his hammies , and D.J. needs to relax at the plate .
    but D.J. is great infield utility man !!!! . On another note , As far as I’m concerned…Cashman , Levine and Boone had plenty of time during the off season to make good trades and bring in some quality young players .
    All three of them shld be ashamed of themselves . They’ve let all Yankee fans dwn including the Yankee Organization . They need to GO !!!. Seems like Cashman and Levine want the Yankees to fail so , One of their own can take over and become new owner of the Yankee Organization . Be careful Steinbrenners !!!.

    1. While injuries has decimated their lineup, Boone is not inspirational to his players. All he does is make excuses for poor play and mismanages the lineup. Depends too much on the long hall when he doesn’t have long ball hitters! Needs to change his strategy and start manufacturing runs from small hall. The hell to analytics, as they don’t work well with this team . Bottom line is changes are needed and they should start with Boone’s firing or the hitting coach being dismissed. Even when Judge returns, it won’t be enough to win a championship with the current roster and coaching staff. Wake up Hal and make some changes!

      1. Paul O’Neil should be the batting coach. He breaks down at Bats like nobody else. I was surprised that Cashman actually responded to my tweet. He says that O’Neil is Unvaccinated and because of that he can’t be considered. That’s hideous. I mean isn’t Cashman aware of the fact that the vaccine never worked? I mean come on. I wonder how long before the cv19 hoax is exposed? How many players were negatively effected by the shot? Basketball, football and soccer players have been dropping like flies yet msm and the sports word refuses to connect the dots. Google search all the sudden deaths, mostly heart failure have been happening to high school, college and pro athletes in the past 2 years. The numbers are staggering yet nobody mentions vaccines. Big money Big Pharma is well insulated for sure.

        1. Vaccine never worked? Players in all sports dropping like flies?? You’re right, no one is talking about it. Covid-19 is a hoax? and tRump won in 2020! lol.

        2. I’m sick and tired of you vaccine deniers. I lost a son who was unvaccinated, who like everyone in my family who was, including my 3 other children, would still be alive. He was too young to get the vaccine. My god will you idiots just shut up and take Trump with you. You want to play with your life, STFU and risk your life. I hate Cashman, but I respect his decision to honor the vaccine restrictions.

          1. I guess you want Biden to manage. What Biden has done to our country is the same as Boone and Cashman to to Yankees. Total destruction.

        3. Excellent analysis. Paul O’Neil DOES break down pitches better than anyone, as you wrote. He can be a GREAT hitting coach if given the opportunity. The non-vaxxed excuse is beyond absurd, especially now that we know what we’ve all learned in the interim.
          I’m mystified about Giancarlo Stanton’s lack of production. Commentators have called out his movement in the batter’s box when he strikes out (which is way too often), and how he hits with stunning power when his legs are firmly planted as the pitch comes to the plate. Why hasn’t the Yankee’s hitting coach helped him make the adjustments? As for DJ – He’s another year older but his skills are still there in the field where he’s near flawless. However, at the plate he seems lost of late. Again, a good hitting coach should’ve helped DJ make the necessary adjustments by now. Donaldson, a former MVP, has either lost it entirely or needs a change of scenery by way of trade. Of course, what team wants to give up a player for a merely defensive guy? I predict that if the Yankees deal German to another team he will flourish and perhaps come back to haunt them down the road. Inconsistency has been his problem, yet he has amazing stuff. The NY Yankees have too many players who’re having non-traditional years (except Aaron Judge), and that includes our usually reliable all-star First Baseman Rizzo! This team was fun to watch in ’22, but the ’23 Yankees simply break my heart.

      2. I tweeted to B. Cashman to consider Paul O’Neil as the batting instructor. He sure knows how to break down a swing. Cashman responded that O’Neil is ‘unvaxxed’ and can’t be considered. WTF? Has he not heard that the shot was useless?

        1. You should change your username to ‘Simpleton’. Most ridiculously stupid comment ever. Go peddle to lies and decisiveness on the Fox News website and leave this to sports fans.

    2. Your right on most of it. For starters they should Fire Cashman cause all he caresabout is Saving money! Offer Derek Jeter the GM Position along with Head of BB Operations! Goodbye Levine Derek is no nonsense and his experience in Marlins Organization would help him. Make John Flaherty Mgr. Theres a guty that knows his BB n Dont believe hes a Stat guy. Boone has blown games because of pitchers count when they were pitching well. I also think they getting that first pitch BS from Rizzo cause he goes after it all the time n sometimes he thinks he has a Driver in his hand . Believe DJ goes after first pitch all time. He is the best Utility player in BB He needs to hit . Voloe needs a stint in Minors to fine tune some hitting n fielding. Also Communication in Outfield

    3. You took the words right out of my mouth! Hal needs to step back, fire people and rehire management that KNOWS modern-day baseball and the business..the fans supply the payrolls and he needs to acknowledge why the fans want a much needed change. Stop with all these circus-acts and get this team ready for a world series for 2024 or 2025..playoffs is no longer enough!!!

    4. As A Boston Red Sox Fan.. I Love Seeing Donaldsons’ Name Penciled Into The Lineup Everyday.. Including Stanton, & Lamahue.

    1. Other than being A Yankee what has Don Mattingly done as a manager that he would be the answer. Each team he’s left has immediately done better. And I love the guy.

      1. Dude, you’re a true IDIOT cuz you got it backwards!!!! Don Mattingly IS the reason the Dodgers are a dynasty right now!!!! He built that team then passed it on. He ALSO is the reason the Marlins gave a lot of young studs!!!!! Get educated and open your blind eyes!!!!

    2. Don Mattingly could not win with a stacked Dodger team and was fired from the Marlins. Do you know how bad you have to be to be fired by the Miami Marlins? No thanks, Donnie.

      1. You are ALSO an idiot!!!! Don Mattingly is the one who built the Dodgers of today and he NEVER EVER got fired from either team, he resigned from both the Dodgers and the Marlins……..some of you guys speak from the ass and not your head

  3. I think that Arron Boone should sit down on the bench he should just relax he’s always on top of the steps.in short if he shows that he’s relax the players will also relax.lead by example.

      1. That’s the least of Boone problems. He doesn’t know how to manage his pitching staff. He leaves bad pitchers in too long and takes out good pitchers too soon. He needs to learn how to play small ball. He never bunts guys over. He stinks.

  4. How about putting together a major league caliber roster, and teaching ob% matters, as does BA and hustling every play.

    this squad is full of guys that shouldn’t have ever been allowed to put on the pinstripes.

    Cashman needs to stop trying to find diamonds in the rough and develop players and make moves before other teams beat him to the punch.

    Might want to reevaluate the approach to hitting

  5. It time to give up on Josh as far as DJ he. Need to relax and take some time away from the game to get right

  6. Listen, nobody is hitting! Boone cannot swing the bat for these guys. Stanton is lucky when he makes contact, he is guessing on every pitch. Donaldson is done, he has been given plenty of chances to turn it around. LeMahieu could still figure it out. Send Volpe down, bring Peraza up. Simple.

  7. Aaron Boobe’s 6-year trial run as a first time manager/coach at any level needs to finally end. It should never have begun.

  8. Bring Donny Baseball and Yankee pride back to NY. Boone moves people all over the place in and out of the line up. No time to get comfortable. Injuries have killed the Yanks this year but they don’t even know who they are right now. He’s between a bunch of old timers and young talented guys who are having their confidence destroyed. Too bad he inherited that rediculous Stanton contract. What a waste product.

    1. Unfortunately the “Hit Man” is under contract with the Blue Jays. I’m sure they wouldn’t let him go easily, or whether Don would even want to return to the Bronx Zoo, especially with Boone as “manager”.

      1. Mattingly ACTUALLY WANTS to manage the Yankees….He was actually angry with Cashman for passing him for Boone…

  9. I think that the manager should go. I maybe a Blue Jays fan. But i do watch other teams. The Yankees are a great team

    Like Toronto we have a winning streak and losing streak. Benching 2 great hitters is ridiculous. There’s something called DH. Have you considered shifting your infielders and out fielders. I have seen excellent saves and hits by Donaldson and Le hamieu. ( sorry I spelt it wrong) .

    I would like to know why the Yankees uniform doesn’t have names on the striped uniform 99 JUDGE ETC…

  10. Bryan Cashman and Aaron Boone need to be replaced cause this team is not going nowhere,the on base percentage its the lowest I’ve ever seen,it’s so embarrassing to watch a 300 million dollar team play this bad,

  11. Our batting coach, Dillon Lawson, must shoulder the blame for this team’s hitting woes.
    How can a person who’s never swung a bat at a professional pitch – at any level – believe he can assist in professional hitters’ batting woes?
    The last time he swung at a pitch in earnest was at Transylvania University (a division III school) and he’s been coaching ever since. He never coached in the Major League before, so who was the genius who decided he was good enough for the New York Yankees? One guess. The same guy who thought Montas was the answer to the 2022 Yankees’ pitching depth.

    1. What about the training staff? The whole new age staff Cashman brought in a few yrs ago to cut down on injuries. This yr the Yanks lead MLB in days on DL and last yr they were top 5 in this.
      Vashman hired the hitting coach and training staff but will never answer for it. He has more job security than a civil servant.

  12. Does anyone believe Boone is making these calls? These are dictated to him from above. Boone is just a puppet. That is why he has the job. Girardi tried to make his own decisions and that is why he is gone. It’s not only the Yanks either. Many other teams do the same thing.

  13. Boone isn’t the problem, Cashman isn’t the problem, the hitting coach isn’t the problem, the pitching coach isn’t the problem, the owner isn’t the problem, the bench coach isn’t the problem. You cannot field a World Series caliber team without at least 4 outstanding players that are under salary control. No amount of money can compete w picking first in the draft.

  14. DJ got a hit on Friday night and gets benched?? And in the same game as Josh?. Josh just needs to go down or ride the bench. DJ’s defense at 3rd or any base is better than Donaldson. He is just done. Move on, and send Stanton down too. The anxiety of seeing them in the line up is nauseating. Just kick Stanton in the leg he will be out for 2 months. And Boone cannot make pitching decisions any more. He is clueless. It would actually be nice if the media didn’t ask Boone anything -because we wouldn’t have to read or hear is pathetic rambling with no substance. Put Boone on the IL

    1. Stanton sucks too. I’m so tired of him sometimes I wonder why he brings a bat to the plate. I can do what he does for a lot less.

  15. DJ is able to play every infield position well.Aron Boone has to be out of his mind not to play him.The manage is always changing lineup this to me is a sign that he isn’t sure of what he’s doing .When starting pitchers are pitching weight in later innings he pulls them some times I’m wondering what game he’s watching. He does the opposite when a pitcher is struggling. He is doing the team a deserves. I have been watching the Yankees for over 50 years and I have never seen so many injuries. Back in the day they were warriors now every one wants a big paycheck and the effort gone out the window.Please bring back the old ways where winning was everything. See if your able to get players to play more likeJ Jeter who gave his all every game

  16. Boone is terrible. Cashman is terrible. The team will not get better until there is a change in philosophy from the boom or bust philosophy. The emphasis on launch angle and exit velo has led to the worst team since 1991.

    1. Boone and Cashman should promote more accountability.
      This is the NY Friggen Yankee’s.
      Lets get back to winning at sll cost!
      We should never have to stoop and be compared to TB, Toronto, Baltimore.
      We never have.
      Drop Donaldson, Volpe to minors, bench DJ and others when they don’t produce. Look at BA, RBI’ and OBP. If none of this replace them.
      Bring up prospects … if they don’t cut it back down to develop. Do not develop at the Major League level.
      Be sure everyone gets back to This is the NY Yankees and losing isn’t an optiom.

      1. I don’t think Boone is the problem! I think Cashman and Steinbrenner Boone Has been here 6 years and we have been in the playoffs every year! Be careful what you wish for.. Stanton, Donaldson, Torres and LeMaieiu need to go. Stanton and Donaldson are useless! Herman needs to be canned. What happened to Peralta?
        Stop leaving these guys in until the game is out of reach. I don’t care if it’s the 1st inning!

  17. Wake up people it’s Hal that’s the problem he’s a soccer fan. As long as the family is making money and people show up to watch this stuff he’s happy. Let him go to his soccer team let someone else buy the team , he’s a liar to. He promised Judge he had plenty of money left over to get Aaron offensive help where r they . BRING IN EPSTEIN but don’t forget what Cashman done in the past,but time for a change.

    1. Hal said he is not like his father and he is right..it shows! The yankees org is plummeting..his father would never allow this to happen. He needs to sell the org to Jeter and Co. To bring back the spirit of the yankees so winning is not an option, it’s a must!!!

  18. Yankees need to find some older players that are looking good according to what they did in the past, sign them for a ton of money, and win some games!

  19. Follow the money. This is why the yankees will not win. Too much spent on a few players. Doesn’t leave much to fill out the remainder of team.

  20. Donaldson should definitely be dropped or traded for almost nothing. You’re either paying his huge salary for not being here or for being here and doing nothing. Almost any of their top minimum wage farmhands could supply what he does offensively and probably supply speed or hope for the fans. We’re basically playing a man short.

  21. Cashman has to go he is the one that asked Boone to apply for the job then hired him. Cashman will not admit any of his mistakes and there are many. Boone manages scared nobody knows any of there coaches they have no identity. Love Judge but when he comes back they still won’t get over the hump. Boone has to go and simply I am tired of Hal’s speeches every October that he is disappointed and promises better things to come

  22. Gleyber is horrible!. Too many errors. Swings at the 1st pitch. Never works a count. Peraza needs to take his spot. The obvious Donaldson, Boone and Cashmen gotta go. Stanton, DJ need to get their head straight. Boone needs to stop being a loyal buddy friend and put winning first. That’s clearly not with this roster. Calhoun in the Outfield?! Really?! Calhoun is a good player don’t get me wrong. Outfield?! Yankees look the worst i have ever seen in a long time. They look sloppy. Boone only looked like he knew what he was doing because he was handed a golden team the 1st few years. But he still managed to screw that up. Hal doesn’t care if we win. As long as people fill the seats. This loyal to Cashmen is what’s killing the Yankees.

  23. It’s not just Boone, it’s there pitching ! Every year they make the same mistake. I also blame Cashman & Hal & Hank…very poor decision making here. It takes “PITCHERS” to win the game…DUH !

  24. Ed Mooney is correct. Hal is the problem, is a pathological liar and only cares about fielding a representative team in name only. Looks good on paper so fans come out and spend their money. Unfortunately, we can’t fire Steinbrenner so I guess we’ll always suck. The GM and manager are just puppets and will do whatever they’re told to keep their jobs.

  25. Hire Paul O’Neil to manage the Yankees fire everyone else. Paul is a no nonsense guy he always reminded me of Billy Martin and billy was a no non sense player and manager. Money no longer wins championships development of younger players that want to win does!

  26. Hey all, Boone is not making the lineup, Analytics people are. Boone gets to take all the shit and get bashed. That’s what he is truly getting paid the big bucks for. Does anyone know the name of the analytics staff, no, not unless you are their parents. In that case they won’t get bashed. WAKE UP and start calling for the heads of the dumbasses that really put those lineups out there.

    Buck S.

  27. The Yankees are once again, TOP heavy, too much reliance on the long ball. I remember a team that won several championships, you look at rose averages they were in the .300s. This team is mid 200s.
    They still need another no. 1 starter, come and Cortez can’t carry the team. And the rest of the rotation is either suspect or sucks.
    Although they got some speed they don’t steal enough. Had everyone forgotten how to love a runner over?
    And I think Boone needs to go, you want to shake things up, star with the manager.

  28. Boone is the worst manager. He has no clue how to manage a pitching staff. He leaves bad pitchers in too long and takes out good pitching too quickly. He also has no çlue how to play small ball. He wouldn’t know what a bunt is if it bit him in his ass.

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