Aaron Judge points finger at teammates, Boone warns as Yankees plunge to 28-year low

Aaron Judge in Yankees dugout at Truist Park, Atlanta, during the game against the Braves on August 15, 2023.

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Amidst their ongoing downward trajectory in the season, the Yankees have now reached a .500 win-loss record hitting a new low for the first time in 28 years. A visibly disturbed Aaron Judge pinned blame on his teammates for failing to produce the desired results. The results also led the team manager to issue a warning.

“We’re not showing up. That’s what it comes down to,” the Yankees captain said as reported by Gary Phillips of New York Daily News. “We’re not showing up when we need to, especially down the stretch… We got every opportunity to keep ourselves in the race. We’re not capitalizing when we need to.”

In a scenario reminiscent of past instances where Luis Severino‘s early-game struggles weighed them down, the Yankees found themselves unable to bounce back. Their offense was largely absent, managing only one hit in a lackluster display, ultimately succumbing to a 5-0 loss against the Braves at Truist Park on Tuesday.

After consistently delivering middling performances throughout the season, the team’s lackluster results are now mirrored by their record following a fourth consecutive defeat, pushing the Yankees to a 60-60 standing this year. This occurrence signifies a new milestone as it is the first instance since 1995 that the Yankees have found themselves at a .500 mark this far into a season. The most recent occasion when the team concluded a day with a .500 record or lower after at least 120 games played was on September 7, 1995, when their record stood at 61-61.

“We’re just not playing well enough. It starts with me and on down. We’ve got to be better,’’ said Yankees manager Aaron Boone. “It’s a broken record, right?’’

This outcome marks the Yankees’ return to a .500 record, a situation that hasn’t occurred since May 1, when they held a 15-15 standing. Additionally, they have fallen 6 ½ games behind the Blue Jays for the final AL wild-card position.

Aaron Judge speaks out after the Yankees hit a new low

According to Aaron Judge, the Yankees’ struggle revolves around players’ failure to perform adequately, particularly in critical moments, and despite having ample opportunities to remain competitive, the team is falling short in seizing those moments. He expressed concern over their lack of timely contributions, especially as they approach the latter part of the season.

The Yankees slugger remarked that the team’s preparation was on point and that everyone was approaching their pre-game readiness in the correct manner. However, he identified execution as the key challenge. Aaron Judge noted that there was a struggle in translating preparation into performance during game time, citing instances of not capitalizing on favorable pitches or failing to advance or score runners in crucial situations. The Yankees captain underscored the necessity of maintaining their preparation efforts and emphasized the need to deliver better on-field results.


“No one’s happy about it,’’ said Judge, though “you can’t sit here and dwell on this, that isn’t helping anybody. I’ve got a job to do…I’ve got to show up and try to lead these guys,’’ Aaron Judge said, adding that “we’ve always got a chance… but we’re running out of time, I’ve got to be out there.”

Boone warns the Yankees

Apart from the looming possibility of their playoff streak coming to an end, the Yankees are now facing the potential of encountering their inaugural losing season since 1992. Throughout the entire season, the team has managed to maintain a record above .500. However, the Yankees are now confronted with the challenge of preserving this standing and evading a series sweep as they face the formidable Braves (77-42) in the final match of the series on Wednesday night.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone emphasized that the primary focus doesn’t lie in October or September, asserting that it never truly takes precedence, especially when the team holds a position of control.

“Forget October. Forget September. That’s not the focus, and it never is, frankly, even when you’re in the driver’s seat,’’ Boone said. “We’re scuffling our (butts) off and we need to do better. Take some personal pride.”

“And it’s not fun, getting knocked down and beat up, especially when you wear this uniform.’’

The sentiment conveyed is that the team is currently facing challenges and striving earnestly to improve its performance. There’s a call for individual accountability and a plea for a sense of personal commitment and pride. The experience of being defeated and struggling is described as discouraging, particularly considering the significance of representing the team while wearing its uniform.

The Yankees endured a dismal evening on all fronts, managing just one hit while committing more errors (two) than their hit count. Gleyber Torres contributed to two of these twin killings, bringing his tally to six over his last six games, adding to the Yankees’ woes as they grounded into a total of four double plays on the night.

Following their peak performance at 36-25 on June 4, coinciding with the day after Judge’s injury that kept him sidelined for two months, the Yankees have since struggled, managing a record of 24-35.

Boone expressed a sense of frustration, stating that the team’s current performance is subpar. He acknowledged the collective responsibility for this situation, beginning with himself and extending throughout the team. He acknowledged the recurring nature of this issue, comparing it to a repetitive theme.

Following their dramatic breakdown in the ninth inning against the Marlins on Sunday, the Yankees have experienced a stark reversal, being outscored 16-3 across the initial two games of this series against the team holding the best record in the league.

Boone remarked that the team seemed to be making progress on the offensive front, particularly after scoring a couple of early runs against Max Fried on Monday night. However, facing a deficit and being unable to generate significant momentum hindered their performance. The subsequent game saw them being effectively stifled. Boone stressed the need for improved performance, acknowledging that despite the challenges, there is a substantial portion of the season remaining. He emphasized that there’s a quarter of the season left and emphasized the team’s responsibility to perform at a higher level.

Aaron Judge asserted that there is still potential to rescue the season. He highlighted that as long as there are games to be played and players committed to showing up every day, there remains a continuous opportunity for success. However, the Yankees are finding themselves increasingly limited in their window of opportunity to transform these aspirations into reality. Aaron Judge emphasized the necessity to elevate their performance, stating that the team must bring their best effort.

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60 thoughts on “Aaron Judge points finger at teammates, Boone warns as Yankees plunge to 28-year low

  1. Yank’s need a new voice in the dugout. Players, despite being paid millions, are not responding.

    Stanton needs to be benched. Glad to see Cabrera playing daily and love his hustle. I think some players may have a little dislike for IKF. Severino belongs in bullpen. Bring Everson Pereira and play him (OF) along with Peraza (3B).

    Boone and coaches have FAILED.

    1. Disagree with Cabrera I see nothing there. Bring the best up & watch them perform against major league talent for the last 40 games. I stopped watching the last 4/5 yrs after 65 yrs of living & dying. The talent on this team compared with other teams is stark. Not just the past their prime overpaid vets but the kids. Where are the young stars I see all around the league?? They ain’t in pinstripes that’s on Cashman

    2. Boone is a lousy Manager – his handling of pitchers is pathetic !
      Time for Boone to go !
      Cashman has overstayed his welcome.
      George would have fired them both !
      Judge does all he can but” one swallow does not make a summer”!
      Severino is done ,Schmidt is mediocre,Holmes blowup in 9th pathetic!

      1. When one player, named Judge receives that big money contract, the rest of the players feel left out as if he’s a one man team.
        No one cares about winning, just show me the money.
        Baseball,needs to calm down these big contracts. They’re all over paid.
        These players should be paid based on performance with an daily parade per game.
        Example. Give everyone a $1000.00 per game guarantee plus performance incentives. When they perform, they receieve a bonus, don’t performance- take away.
        For every homerun – triple – double including RBI’s pay an incentive bonus, don’t perform – lose it.
        MlB New Rule – Should a pitcher walk batter, consider this an error charged to the pitcher.
        They should throw strikes.
        The intentional walk wasn’t until 1955. In the olden days (1900 – 1955) Batters had to hit. This is why players like Ted Williams hit .400
        The Babe hit 60 Homeruns, Hack Wilson had 190 RBI’s and more.
        They’re never be another 20 game winner. The rules has been changed for money, not performance.

        1. Intentional walks occurred before 1955, but were not tracked until 1955.Ted and the Babe were walked intentionally many times. This is not a contributing factor to their individual records.

        2. Wow you might be the dumbest person to ever speak about sports. Your entire post is trash!! In fact, I think I actually lose brain cells reading that.

      2. Ultimately it is the players poor performance. However, I don’t blame Boone for this fiasco. The major problem is Cashman‼️ He didn’t make a single move to improve the team. A lot of players shoul not even be playing. I like Stanton, but he is always hurt. Even when playing, his performance is far from ideal. Add a lot of names of Yankee players who are under performing. How many players are hitting under.200 or barely above. Cashman needs to go‼️‼️ I have no idea how he has remained the GM this long! Keep Boone and fire Cashman!

        1. I agree, don’t blame Boone! Steinbrmner’s son has ruined the Yankees, has no idea how to run the club and refused to fire Cashman,who is useless! He made no attempt to get pitchers, Outfield players, every year when he could! Boone is doing best he can with team he has! I am 88 yrs old, fan since 6 yrs old and know the Yankees are the best despite falling below 500 now, last time was 1995! The present owner and Cashman have slowly ruined the team with MOST WORLD SERIES WINS! I have faith with the Yankees!

          1. I agree that it’s not on Boone, This year falls completely at the feet of Cashman. I don’t see how you can blame Hal? He spends the money, he does not trade away all our young talent for aging vets like George would do. Next, how can you say they did not address pitching last offseason. They sign the best free agent pitcher on the market Rodan. Now he has not lived up to the contract yet, but it was a good signing at the time, and the start of the season the pitching rotation was one of the best in baseball on paper. Cole, Rodan, Nester, Sevy and Montas. What pitcher did you want them to sign ??? Left field is a hole, but again who were they supposed to get ? Did you want to trade away the entire farm system for Reynolds?? Please tell me what you would have done differently? Give me the players they should have signed?

      3. I agree! Why does Boone allow these bad pitchers stay in the game (especially Severino). He doesn’t change the pitcher until we are at least 8 runs down.
        Terrible managing!
        Boone needs to go.

        1. They could of signed Bellinger at a low price as well. They never addressed left field or third base which was a major problem.

      4. I have to agree. Boone does nothing to motivate the team. I have been a fan for 75 years, through it all. This year, with all the talent, it has been a huge disappointment. Most managers would have been gone long ago.

      5. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah 😆😆😆😆blah Blah 😆😆😆💰💰💰💰💰overpaid jerks 😆😆😆😆😆

    3. Is there really any surprise where this team is in the standings?
      You are saddled with an owner who knows nothing about baseball and what it take to run a baseball team. He relies on an incompetent GM whos track record is a big Fat zero since George bit
      the bullet.

      Cashman over the years has slowly sucked the life out of the yankees. Any other owner would have pulled the plug on this incompetent guy years ago. But he has no clue and wouldnt know how to replace him. I blame the owner. He has no clue what hes doing. Rinning the team based on statisticians is just plain dumb. And resting players the way they do is even more lunacy.
      Yanks need a change at all levels.
      Just dont know if the owner is competent enough to pull it off

      1. 8/17/23 I agree, it is Steinbrenner’s son and Cashman that has caused all the problems the Yankees have had since they have been in charge! When George was running everything, not afraid to use his money to get the best players,GM and managers ,we won the most World Series, since his death Yankees were left with owner who know nothing and GM that is useless! It is up to owner to now do what he has not done, realize his mistakes and help his team win! I am 88 yrs old, fan since age 6 and never viewed Yankees in such dire need! They can still overcome being in last place, just hope their owner does help & inspires them to win like they did for so many years!! Get better hitting & pitcher coaches would be place to start. It still is not too late!

    4. Useless Cash(less)man failed. He loved aging over the hill Donaldson over Hio. Loved Hicks over resigning Carpy, LoCastro and Benentendi or going after Gardy. He spent the house on injured Rodon – jury is out but he needs a third pitch, Montas who will be a free agent and Effross who I pray we will see by All Star break .

      1. Get Rid of the Analytics. We need a new direction. We need a new manager and general manager not in bed with the sabermetric policy. Obviously, a shakeup in the lineup next year that removes older unproductive players passed their prime , if possible, and basically get team oriented players and bring up the kids, the way Gene Michael did when he was general manager. Oh, and Hal Steinbrenner take more of an interest in this team, at least for inspiration purposes.

    5. Turn out the lights, the party is over. This team needs a complete overhaul but hal steinbrenner is too focused on which children to pick for his carnal desires.

    6. I totally agree with “Kirk’s not Dead”… Benching Stanton….. it’s probably a good idea at this point. IKF… I don’t know what the problem is as far as Harmony in the clubhouse or on the field but he’s a good player and he should be out there

  2. I have nothing against Boone except to say he lacks good decision making skills. He has been in denial for quite sometime now.

    He needs to be replaced or take a step back.

    The batting coach has not prepared his approach to the game properly. There is no chemistry amongst the players.

    Believe or not I have the answer.

    1. When you have a shortstop who is batting barely over 200 and calling this guy a future bright light for the Yankees all it says is this team is in major trouble.

  3. I have nothing against Boone except to say he lacks good decision making skills. He has been in denial for quite sometime now.

    He needs to be replaced or take a step back.

    The batting coach has not prepared his approach to the game properly. There is no chemistry amongst the players.

    Believe or not I have the answer.

    I can unify the team.

    1. The current overpriced players don’t have incentive to work hard or play hard. They have millions of $$$ in the bank. Getting sweaty and/hurt is not part of their plan. Stanton can’t run or won’t run hard, his plate appearances are just vegan there’s no meat and potatoes.
      Severino needs a trip to triple A and relearn pitching protocol. As far as IKF, I believe he is a good not great utility player. What I think he needs is more camaraderie in the dugout. Donaldson needs to hang up his spikes and go out gracefully. We still have some sparks of greatness ahead Volpe, IKF, Wandy, Nasty Cortez and of course Cole and Judge. Leadership from the Captain is imperative and Cole is the leader of the entire pitching staff. We need a consistent closer someone who can go the 9th and 10 th innings when needed. The rest of the team needs more discipline in hitting not just swinging.

  4. They need a COMPLETE retooling from the top down. Hal is inept. Cashman is useless anymore. Other teams are shutting him out of any trade deals. Boone is simply ineffective, players don’t respect him or Judge. Both are wimps and afraid of challenging the team. They have been done for weeks now, which might extend to 2024 and beyond. Prognosis negative!

  5. There’s no spirit on this team. There’s no kick ass person around to motivate millionaires! The owner should sell and Cashman is too comfortable and lazy
    You have to bench Stanton! He’s absolutely worthless!

  6. Hank says: batters can’t get to the slider that seeps across the outside corner because they are to deep in the box and not close enough to the plate! By changing this setup you should be able to catch the ball before it curves and take it to the opposite field.

    1. I think the problem is with the new batting instructor. Since he came aboard it seems the offence has declined.

  7. We all know that the manager does not play but let’s face the facts. He is responsible for the lineup he changes it consistently the players don’t know are they to hit with power , take one for the team , try and bunt . How do you put up a pinch hitter hitting 213 for a 230 hitter then replace the catcher with a player batting 107. Bottom line when you have a team that strikes out as much as the Yankees. You will be in last place

  8. The team needs to have a good talk among them. I believe they are tired causing them to get sloppy and defeated.
    They have good players need a pep talk and pat on back when they do well

    1. I have been a Yankees fan since 1960 and I have never seen this before from this team. This is not a good thing and I am not a happy fan at this time!!!!!!!

  9. I have been a fan since I watched my first game on TV in 1963! That being said, this season has been tough to watch. I don’t see as many positives as Boone, and I don’t think Judge has the right personality to be the teams captain. The buck has to stop at Hal’s door. As owner you can’t sit back and wait for the inevitable to happen. We had a real opportunity to acquire a young potential ace pitcher before the mid-season deadline. Ownership stated they weren’t willing to give up Anthony Volpe. While Volpe is a good kid, he’s a kid and needs more time to develop. I believe Ownership needs to make better decisions with the $$$ and stop trying to dupe the fans into believing he is willing to do the necessary to win championships. The players have come to realize this also, and if things don’t change sooner than later quality players won’t want to play for the Yankees. I know this because I have watched the same thing happen with the Buffalo Sabres.

  10. Hard to watch the Yankees meltdown after growing up with Mantle, Maris, and Ford, Reggie Jackson, Billy Martin, Catfish Hunter then the Joe Torre/ Derek Jeter years. Too much tinkering from upstairs maybe, idk? Boone must be let go. No matter how many playoff games he manages, he’ll never beat the Astros, cheaters that they are or were. Dusty is doing a good job there. If the player’s would ditch the IPad’s in the dugout to see what they just did after every at bat it would be much better at keeping their heads in the game on the field where it belongs and not on the “blue screen, sad.” They need a manager who can light a fire, call a player out when underperforming and not be afraid to hurt someone’s feelings. They’re being paid enough to take a verbal thrashing once in awhile. Guys getting picked off left and right leading off the base only shows the lack of concentration. It’s happened a lot recently.
    I find myself watching other teams play now just to hopefully see a good game! Haven’t seen that in months with the Yankees. I suppose with all of the rule changes and time clocking the pitchers now MLB thinks it helps the game… It doesn’t. Now when I sit to relax and watch a game I feel like I’m watching Football or Basketball. With all of the “challenges” going on after each and every close play how does it help speed up the game? Before the changes you didn’t know when the game might end, giving it a more human aspect. Now you can calculate pretty much when it’s going to end. It’s mid August and if my recollection serves me well, the 1978 team was ten games out at this time that year and ended up winning the World Series. Do I see that happening this year? No comment.
    One more thing before I climb down off of my soapbox… Patches on players sleeves advertising business? Is this Baseball or NASCAR?

  11. Team has no focus, not motivated. Boone and his coaches don’t even wear the complete uniform. No pride. Boone, please take off your watch during games. Im sure you don’t have any appointments to go to. All current Yankee coaches need firing. GM has lost his touch, or owner isn’t letting him spend money. George senior must be turning in his grave.

    1. The Atlanta announcers stated during the series that the Yankee players appeared like they’d rather be some where else. They looked like as though they where just going through the motions. Not so much the younger players /rookies but the veterans. No spark. No fire. No runs either.

  12. Pat Boone could not lead a colony of fly’s to a pile of horse . How did a total incompetent get this job. I know another incompetent hired him. Oh well garbage in garbage out. Any chance we can encourage Jeter, Williams, Posada, O’Neill out of retirement. This organization is doomed to mediocrity as long as dumb and dumber are in charge.

  13. It all starts at the top. Hal obviously doesn’t have the stomach for this business like his old man did. Otherwise he woulda gotten rid of Cashman a long time ago. There is ZERO balance in organizational philosophy here anymore…instead they’re riddled with analytics geeks from top to bottom & it’s been that way for way too long now. Reminds me of what Torre told Cash Man over 20 years ago: “There’s a heartbeat in this game.”

  14. This team will never be competitive as long as Hal owns it and Cashman runs it. Period. This is very reminiscent of the 60’s thru early 70’s.

  15. First of all, Yankee fans have always been told that it is about October! That being said, this article has a click bait headline. Judge took responsibility as part of the team. He didn’t slam teammates.
    The team is being led by the analytics dept and the managers – regardless of who they put in there – are not allowed to play with their gut! I blame Cashman for that.

  16. The Bronx Bombers name has hurt the Yankees over the years. Every player swings for the fence. The result is a fly ball or a strike out. They need to learn to get HITS. Learn to drive the ball and hit grounders. Choke up on the bat and make contact with the ball. Look at their batting average. Other teams will pound you with hits. Not the Yankees. The glamour years of the powerful home run hitting days are over. Nothing will change if their approach to the game doesn’t change. Stop trying to live up to the name “Bombers”.

    1. Cashman must go !!!judge should have been traded total embarrassment in management what a sham for such a great organization

    2. They do hit a lot of grounders especially when someone is on first base. They’ve prob grounded into the most double plays of any Yankee team over the past 40 years. (I knew what you meant though btw as far as hit a grounder like put the ball in play. A grounder will find a hole prob 35-40% of the time. Not them though. Nope. Their ground balls always finds a glove. LoL The injuries too like wtf. It’s excessive.

  17. The headline is misleading. Judge isn’t pointing fingers at anyone, he’s saying the whole team is underperforming. Pretty sure that doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the Yankees locker room

  18. It has finally caught up with the Yankees so call front office. The first place to look is there scouting dept.
    who the he’ll made the decision to sign Donaldson , Stanton. and to make idiotic trades what is the purpose of having a farm system. I grew up in the Bronx walking distance to the stadium now I preside in Tampa Florida I am embarrassed and devastated by the way the Yankees are headed. I think off the top of my head I have watched maybe a handful of games this year it hurts to watch on television.

  19. This team doesn’t seem to care. Boone needs to go, analytics need to go. They need a manager that manages as the game progresses. Not a set plan that they don’t deviate from no matter what happens. Wait until next year.

  20. Time to clean house you get paid to do what strike out or not get a hit all of you are in MLB you shouldn’t get paid if you don’t perform simple has that. Little League is much better to look at grown men that get paid a lof of money and can’t score runs ridiculous.

  21. Seems we all see the same. Cashman and Boone needed to go awhile ago. Cashman is only there because Steinbrenner considers him a friend.
    Not a coach – Boone has made such terrible calls. His timing pulling out a pitcher when they already have bases loaded!!!! Last year he pulled Cole out of a perfect game at 96 pitches – Cole was fuming when that was done – results yanks lost same game.
    Boone is too lazy and obviously refuses to listen or see when he makes bad calls. All he does is spit out shells like a gumball machine- no reaction no guidence ! Time to clean house. Players are disheartened with poor management . Why would you use Severino knowing his underperformance from the beginning of the year??? Too many chances given to the wrong players .
    If u were Judge and Cole I d find a team willing to want a win for the World Series they are wasting their talent ..

  22. Welcome to the new world of MLB, where the NY Yankees are no longer the only team with deep pockets to buy the most talented baseball players. MLB as well as other pro sports is all about money, money, money, money, and that’s obvious now more than ever before.

  23. First of all this year the team sucks. Fire Station, Volpe,Severino, Brito,. German , Donaldson, Rizzo, Cortes, Months they are fine but injures have destroyed the team for 2023.Bring in your prospects to finish the season and see whose good. No team can win every year. Yanks we’re overdue to finally hit bottom

  24. Start at the top. Hal should sell the Yankees. He is not a baseball man. He doesn’t know how to spend his money. Çashman should go because he can’t evaluate talent and doesn’t spend Haĺ’s money wisely. Boone has to go because he doesn’t know how to manage the players he has. We need a complete overhaul.

  25. A lot of you make great points and because I bleed Yankees, management should pay attention. Hal, I’m surprised your father hasn’t risen from the grave and kicked your a** for what you are doing to this team. Cashmen, you should be arrested for criminal stupidity for the nothing that you do. Mr. Boone, there’s no fire in your eyes or your heart, time to leave with whatever dignity Yankee fans might give you. I won’t comment on any particular player but when was the last time uniforms were washed? If they’re not dirty, you’re 1not playing hard enough. Get dirty or get out. Let the “prima donnas” go and let’s play some ball. GO YANKEES!!!!

  26. Judge is calling out his teammates when he took off 2 months for a lousy little toe problem when he could have been a designated hitter. I don’t think he’s the one to “judge” his fellow players after what he pulled off

  27. I as a 69 yr.old die hard Yankees fan that bleeds pinstripes wholeheartedly agree W/every comment in this forum.Yes the money they earn should be based on solid productivity by each player and earn bigger $ for homeruns etc.Yes this season definitely was a unbelievable embarrassment for the Yankees Universe.With roughly 40 games remaining hopefully a bolt of lightning got all of The N.Y.Y. to tighten the frig up & cut the crap already & go on a rip tear.Hoping for the best for our Franchise.💪🗽🇺🇲⚾

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