Playoff miss fuels fans’ fury: Is Cashman to blame for Yankees’ failure?

Brian Cashman gestures while speaking on Wednesday, Aug. 23, 2023 in New York.
Amanda Paula
Sunday September 24, 2023

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The New York Yankees, once a dominant force in Major League Baseball, are mired in a championship drought dating back to their 2009 World Series victory. The frustration of fans has reached a boiling point after the team’s recent failure to secure a playoff berth. The blame has been directed squarely at General Manager Brian Cashman.

After the 7-1 defeat to the Arizona Diamondbacks, fans took to social media to place another black mark on Cashman’s record.

Drawing parallels to past seasons plagued by injuries and contentious management decisions, some have pointed to these recurring issues as factors contributing to the team’s recent struggles.

A vocal segment of supporters is now demanding accountability, underscoring that while injuries and on-field performance are significant, the role of management cannot be overlooked.

High hopes crushed

In the offseason, the Yankees made a significant move by signing Carlos Rodon to a massive $162-million contract. The move was designed to create a formidable one-two punch in the starting rotation, pairing Rodon with ace Gerrit Cole. However, this plan unraveled as Rodon battled injuries, including a back injury sustained in spring training. When he did return to the mound, Rodon struggled to find his form, leaving the Yankees with a gaping hole in their rotation.

Despite glimpses of his previous dominance, Rodon’s command issues and inconsistent performances left fans disheartened. The hope is that with a healthy offseason and better command, Rodon can bounce back in 2024.

The hot seat: Brian Cashman

The Yankees’ disappointing season has sparked discussions about accountability within the organization. While it’s unlikely that Brian Cashman will lose his job in the coming offseason, there are growing concerns about the team’s direction under his leadership. Owner Hal Steinbrenner has taken a proactive approach, announcing plans to bring in an “outside company” similar to McKinsey to assess the team’s baseball operations.

The spotlight will be on the front office, with particular scrutiny on the analytics department, which Steinbrenner has publicly criticized. Additionally, the team’s medical apparatus, which underwent changes in 2020 but has continued to see high numbers of injured list (IL) stints, will receive close examination.

Fans’ frustration boils over

The frustration among Yankees fans reached a tipping point as they witnessed their team’s postseason hopes slip away. During a recent game at Yankee Stadium, some fans in the bleachers sported “Fire Cashman” shirts and carried signs calling for Cashman’s dismissal. On September 22, the chants of “Fire Cashman” echoed through the ballpark, highlighting the fans’ displeasure with the team’s performance under Cashman’s tenure.

Despite the chants, Aaron Judge, a prominent figure on the team, acknowledged the fans’ frustration and emphasized that the players also bear responsibility for the disappointing season. Judge expressed a commitment to righting the ship and delivering better results in the future.

The Yankees’ inability to secure a playoff spot in the 2023 season signals a disconcerting trend for a franchise accustomed to postseason glory. With fans clamoring for change and owner Hal Steinbrenner initiating an external evaluation of the team’s operations, the forthcoming offseason assumes paramount significance, as it could herald a turning point in Cashman’s tenure and the Yankees’ relentless pursuit to rekindle championship glory.

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2 thoughts on “Playoff miss fuels fans’ fury: Is Cashman to blame for Yankees’ failure?

  1. Fire Cashman then Boone some coaches might be worth keeping. Get rid of the analytical dept. Check the Marlins for their GM.

  2. Cashman constructed the Analytics Dept as well as the roster. He also fired the training staff a few yrs ago to cut down on injuries and brought in a new age staff. Injuries increased.
    Why does this man have a job right now?
    Because there is NO ACCOUNTABILITY. Hal has given Cashman Carte Blanche. Cashman will be back and Boone isthe oerfect fall guy.

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