Boos resound as Yankees’ Carlos Rodon struggles against Rays

Carlos Rodon making his Yankees' debut against the Cubs, on July 7, 2023.
New York Yankees

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On this Tuesday evening, the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays clashed in a highly charged atmosphere, marked by considerable tension between the team and its fans. However, there was an unusual air of dissatisfaction rather than the usual excitement. The focus of Yankees fans’ ire was left-handed starter Carlos Rodon, who had faced criticism in previous games following his return from an injury. As the game progressed, the stands echoed with a continuous downpour of boos directed at Rodon, creating an intense and unwavering atmosphere.

What happened to Carlos Rodon?

Carlos Rodon‘s performance on the mound did little to alleviate the frustration of the passionate Yankees faithful. Over a disappointing four innings, he struggled to find his groove, surrendering four hits, four earned runs, and issuing four walks while striking out five. The outing further inflated his already inflated 6.29 ERA since joining the Yankees earlier in the season.

The boos started when Rodon started to play, setting the tone for his game. Each subsequent play saw the volume of disapproval rise as the scoreboard displayed Rodon’s struggles.

Yankees fans are disappointed by Rodon’s inconsistent performances, which have become a recurring issue. The Southpaw was signed to a six-year, $162 million free-agent contract on December 16, 2022, with high expectations from fans. However, his recent performances have not lived up to the investment, resulting in mounting frustrations among the fan base.

Yankees Carlos Rodon has had a rough go of it early in his Yankees tenure.
Corey Spikin / New York Post

The discontent quickly spilled over onto social media, where fans didn’t mince their words. Many took to Twitter and other platforms to vent their frustration, critiquing Rodon’s performance and expressing regret over the hefty contract that was handed to him.

One fan tweeted, “Just what the Yankees drew up. Rodon 1-4 in August.”

One fan pointed out that, although Carlos Rodon can often be heard shouting and using profanity while pitching, he appears to be experiencing difficulties that could be causing problems for the Yankees.

Despite the relentless boos and social media backlash, Yankees manager Aaron Boone chose to defend his struggling pitcher during the post-game press conference. “Carlos is going through a rough patch, no doubt about it. But we have faith in his abilities, and we know he can bounce back from this. We’re not giving up on him,” Boone said.

Indeed, Carlos Rodon’s career has shown moments of brilliance, and the Yankees are hoping he can rediscover his form and become the dominant pitcher they envisioned when signing him.

As the season progresses, the spotlight will continue to be on Rodon as he attempts to regain the confidence of both the fans and his team. The boos may echo for now, but the true test of his character lies in how he responds to adversity.

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