Yankees fans mobilize for September 22 ‘Fire Cashman Night’ to press for a change

Yankees fans are protesting with FIRE CASHMAN signs during the 2023 season.

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The Yankees are in dire strait thanks to a series of mistakes by their GM Brian Cashman. But with owner Hal Steinbrenner dithering to act against him, Yankees fans have finally decided to take the matter into their own hand. The Bronx faithfuls are mobilizing a show of strength at Yankee Stadium on September 22 dubbed “Fire Cashman Night.”

The event offers a chance for discontented supporters of the Yankees to press the owners to make a change and part away with much-maligned Brian Cashman. The planned “Fire Cashman Night” on September 22 coincides with the Yankees’ home series start against the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Jon Borowski: The brain behind Fire Cashman Night

The extraordinary event to make a show of force against the Yankees general manager, “Fire Cashman Night” was the brainchild of Jon Borowski, a passionate follower of the Bronx Bombers. The fan, who goes by the name JonFromMaspeth on X, the platform previously recognized as Twitter, is perturbed at the team’s steep decline. With a trajectory toward their poorest season since 1992, Borowski is using social media to gather the “dedicated enthusiasts” and push for the removal of the team’s embattled general manager, Brian Cashman.

Borowski’s “Fire Cashman Night” plan has been in the making for some time following the Yankees’ slump this season.

“It’s a thought that’s lingered, quietly brewing within me,” Borowski revealed to The Post. He informed that the catalyst for his decision to take action came when Cashman, in the face of a languishing last-place team, made minimal efforts to enhance the situation during the trade deadline on August 1st.

The rallying cry for “Fire Cashman Night” beckons ticket holders within Sections 202-204, situated in the right-field bleachers, to spearhead the chorus of Bronx disapproval of Brian Cashman.

“Bring your Fire Cashman signs, shirts, paper bags, and voice! All game long, we make our voices heard!” Borowski wrote in a post on X, already collecting more than 700,000 views.

Hailing from Jersey City, this organizer of “Fire Cashman Night,” who frequents around 10 matches annually, will take his place amidst the spirited Bleacher Creatures. Renowned for their witty chants and the customary roll call of Yankee players, this section is where he’ll be stationed.

He wants “Fire Cashman Night” participants to wear a “Fire Cashman” T-shirt, which can be purchased from “Bald Vinny” Milano, a former Bleacher Creature, stationed outside Yankee Stadium. Milano, an entrepreneur running a bespoke sports apparel business, commented that the matter was strictly professional and not of a personal nature.

Yankees fan Jon stands holding "FIRE CASHMAN" sign on August 2, 2023, outside Yankee Stadium.

Borowski’s tryst with the call to fire Brian Cashman

At the beginning of this month, Borowski faced some trouble from the security personnel at Yankee Stadium when he brought along his “Fire Cashman” sign while attending the game on August 2.

The previous day began innocently enough for “JonFromMaspeth,” who proudly exhibited his banner outside Yankee Stadium, six hours before the trade deadline. As the deadline passed and the game commenced, he tweeted from inside the ballpark, expressing his disappointment.

During the 5-2 Yankees loss, the infamous “Fire Cashman” chant echoed through the stadium. But “JonFromMaspeth” felt that the coverage of the event was lacking, as no Yankees beat writer mentioned it.

Determined to make his message heard, “JonFromMaspeth” returned to Yankee Stadium on Wednesday, and this is when things took an intriguing turn. Jon boldly displayed a conspicuous “FIRE CASHMAN” sign behind home plate, which promptly caught the attention of stadium security and resulted in the fan’s ejection.

An hour later, he tweeted “Security giving me sh–t about the sign now. At first they said it was ‘too close to advertising’ and reflective upon that. Then they said they got a call saying it’s no longer permitted because it’s ‘distasteful about the GM.’”

Borowski expressed his intention to initiate a bigger protest naming it “Fire Cashman Night,” stressing the importance of demonstrating to their fan community that Brian Cashman’s tenure has reached its limit and that it’s now necessary for a shift in leadership.

Yankees fan Jon stands holding "FIRE CASHMAN" sign on August 1, 2023, outside Yankee Stadium.

Since 1998, Brian Cashman has held the position of general manager for the Yankees. During his tenure, the team secured four World Series championships – in 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2009. Nevertheless, the Yankees are currently headed towards their fourth playoff absence within an 11-year span, and they’re poised to achieve their lowest record since the 1992 season (where they ended with a 76-86 record), a time when the outfield was under the presence of the unpredictable Mel Hall.


Approaching his 40th birthday this Saturday, Borowski isn’t swayed by Brian Cashman’s credentials. He only acknowledges the GM’s contribution to the 2009 victory, attributing it to his role in managing an existing dynasty rather than building it from scratch.

However, Borowski expressed his viewpoint by stating that Cashman has maintained a consistent approach for some time, while many other general managers are achieving better results. According to Borowski’s opinion, if Cashman were to depart, other individuals within the hierarchy should follow suit, including Aaron Boone, the manager of the Yankees, who Borowski remarked is readily accepting and advocating the team’s strategies.

The “Fire Cashman Night” is set to be a unique event in the history of the Yankees.

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  1. Fire Cashman. The fans should chant fire Cashman through out the game and have a airplane fly throught the staduim with the paper tied to it and say fire Cashman.

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