Aaron Judge’s injury threatens Yankees’ All-Star presence


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The New York Yankees might not have any players in the All-Star Games this year, which has not happened since 1943. Even though Aaron Judge is a finalist, it’s uncertain if he’ll recover from his injury in time to participate. As a result, the Yankees might have yet to have a representative player this year.

The Yankees have experienced a shutout in the All-Star Game box score only twice in the event’s history. The most recent instance was in 1991, when Scott Sanderson was the sole representative but didn’t get the opportunity to pitch. However, the most intriguing case dates back to 1943.

Historical precedents

In 1943, Joe DiMaggio was serving in the military, and the Yankees, who went on to win the World Series that year, were represented by catcher Bill Dickey, second baseman Joe Gordon, outfielders Charlie Keller and Johnny Lindell, and pitchers Tiny Bonham and Spud Chandler. Surprisingly, none of these Yankees’ representatives played in the game. Manager Joe McCarthy intentionally chose not to use any of his players, highlighting the team’s dominance and giving others a chance to shine.

Current situation

Aaron Judge is putting up MVP numbers so far for the Yankees.
Patrick Smith

The Yankees’ potential absence from the All-Star Games in 2023 arises from a combination of factors. While Aaron Judge has been named an All-Star Finalist, his recovery from injury remains uncertain, casting doubt on his participation. As a result, the Yankees may need a player to represent them in the game.

The Yankees have had a good season despite fans criticizing their quiet off-season transactions. They stand eight games above .500 and are in contention for a wild-card spot in the postseason. The team’s success could increase their playoff prospects if their injured players make strong comebacks.

Although the Yankees’ representation at the All-Star Game is uncertain, some players will likely be selected. Aaron Judge, the team’s standout outfielder, is expected to be elected as a starter, even though he is currently sidelined with a toe injury. Additionally, pitcher Gerrit Cole, the Yankees’ ace, is a reliable bet to secure a spot on the All-Star team. With an impressive 8-1 record and a 2.78 E.R.A., Cole is considered the team’s best option for participating in the game.

While Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole are probable All-Star representatives, their participation is not guaranteed. Rest considerations and managerial decisions could influence their involvement. Starting pitchers, such as Cole, require careful management of their rest days, potentially impacting their availability for the game. Furthermore, the American League manager, Dusty Baker of the Houston Astros, might keep Cole in reserve, restricting his playing time.

Other Yankees players need more certainty regarding their chances of making the All-Star roster. Relief pitcher Clay Holmes has performed reasonably well as the closer, but his numbers could be better. Michael King, another key reliever, has struggled in recent outings, which may affect his selection. Additionally, first baseman Anthony Rizzo faces stiff competition, diminishing the likelihood of securing a spot.

Potential implications

There is a possibility that Gerrit Cole may not participate in the All-Star Games, and The Yankees may not have any players in the event this year. This would be the first time since 1943.

It would be significant if the Yankees failed to have a representative in the All-Star Game box score. Such an occurrence has been exceedingly rare, happening only twice in the history of the All-Star Games. The absence of a Yankees player would underscore the unique circumstances surrounding the 2023 All-Star Game.

Furthermore, it would highlight the strength and dominance of the American League if they manage to maintain their winning streak without any contribution from the Yankees. The outcome would reinforce the league’s talent pool and debunk any notion that the Yankees are perpetually superior to their American League counterparts.

To sum up, the possibility of the Yankees not participating in the All-Star Games is noteworthy due to various factors this season. Although Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole could represent the team, injuries, rest requirements, and competition from other players make their attendance uncertain. If the Yankees do not have any players in the game, it would be a rare occurrence and highlight the strength of the American League.

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