Yankees’ Yamamoto signing in crossfire as Stanton’s agent fights Cashman

Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Giancarlo Stanton

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Brian Cashman overstepped everything while defending himself and the Yankees have to feel the heat at a time when they are out to sign key players to rebuild the team. His remarks on Giancarlo Stanton opened up a new front and the tiff could have a bearing on the team’s pursuit of free agents both in the USA and in Japan.

Joel Wolfe, the representative for Giancarlo Stanton, fired back at the Yankees as he stepped up to defend the player. He went on to caution free agents, who are linked to the Yankees, publicly to stay away from the team.

“I read the context of the entire interview,” Joel Wolfe told to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal. “I think it’s a good reminder for all free agents considering signing in New York, both foreign and domestic, that to play for that team you’ve got to be made of Teflon, both mentally and physically, because you can never let your guard down. Even in the offseason.”

It may impact the Yankees’ pursuit of key players

Wolfe, who also manages Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, a highly sought-after free-agent pitcher this offseason and a key target for the Yankees, openly warned players about the challenges of joining the New York team. He told them to give a second thought to such a proposition, as it is mentally and physically overbearing to play in the pinstripes. The agent accentuated the need to be made of Teflon for such players and never let one’s guard down, even during the offseason.

Cashman has not provided an immediate response to a comment request. However, his words have forced the Yankees into crossfire.

Wolfe’s statement, especially emphasizing the consideration for “both international and domestic” free agents, carries significance as he serves as the representative for Yamamoto, a player anticipated to attract interest from various teams, including the Yankees.

Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto

There are even rumors that Stanton is not happy in the Bronx and is likely to look for greener pastures.

Cashman’s Stanton comment is the reason

At the recent GM meetings, Cashman addressed the Yankees’ status for over an hour. In a detailed response concerning the influence of health and player performance director Eric Cressey and the team’s extensive injury list, he specifically mentioned Stanton.

Cashman commented that they were discussing ways to manage Stanton’s playing time to minimize the risk of injuries. However, he clarified that he couldn’t guarantee Stanton would play every game next year, acknowledging the likelihood of injuries given Stanton’s history.

Cashman stated that their priority is to help Stanton regain his form. He acknowledged Stanton’s tendency for injuries, a well-known aspect, but highlighted that this year marked the first time Stanton struggled with hitting when he was on the field. Concerning Stanton’s movement capability, Cashman mentioned that addressing this issue has been an ongoing effort for the Yankees.

Cashman expressed awareness of Stanton’s frustration with his performance, emphasizing that they recognize his capabilities and believe he is better than what he demonstrated last year.

Stanton’s slump is a cause for concern

Stanton is coming off his most challenging season, having recorded a mere .191 batting average with a .695 OPS and 24 home runs over 101 games. He faced a setback early in the season, sidelined for six weeks due to a hamstring strain. Upon his return, he struggled with limited mobility in an effort to avoid further injury.

Stanton, at the age of 34, is under contract for an additional four years with $98 million in remaining salary. He also faced periods of absence in 2022 due to ankle inflammation and Achilles tendinitis, in 2021 with a quad strain, in 2020 with a hamstring strain, and in 2019 with a biceps strain and a knee strain.

The slow running of Giancarlo Stanton deprived the Yankees of a run against the Astros on Aug 5, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.

Stanton, known for his unwavering work ethic, expressed his frustration with injuries in April when he was placed on the IL due to a hamstring strain suffered while hustling for a double. The slugger acknowledged the frequency of his struggles, deeming it unacceptable. He expressed concern about the impact on the team, emphasizing the need to avoid being in an unprepared situation.

Stanton concluded the season by vowing to implement “significant changes” during the offseason in order to make a strong comeback next year.

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One thought on “Yankees’ Yamamoto signing in crossfire as Stanton’s agent fights Cashman


    Your GM is not only incompetent, he’s a foulmouthed MORON.

    In a span of a few days, he cursed at members of the press, calling some of their (perfectly correct) observations “bullshit,” and he dropped the F-bomb in one of the most ludicrous defenses of his stupidity I’ve ever heard, saying “I think we’re pretty f**king good,” even though the 2023 Yankees were (to paraphrase Cashman) pretty f**king bad.

    Then he doubled down on stupid, and insulted Stanton for being injury prone. Yes, Stanton has been injury prone, but:

    1) You don’t publicly humiliate a stand-up guy like Stanton . . . for no gain, no less!

    2) In Stanton’s years in Miami, he only played 145 or more games 3 times in 8 years! So you should have known he had injury issues when you traded for him, you idiot!

    3) Your stupid rant against a Formerly Great Player, sent a clear message to potential free agents that this is NOT a smart environment for players to risk playing in. So, Brilliant Move, Cashman, you moron!

    Hal seems to be under the impression that the Yankees as a team have gone UP in value because of Cashman’s stewardship, when the OPPOSITE is true.

    If idiot Cashman had supplemented the Yankees 2017 team with two key pieces, the Yankees likely would have appeared in at least one to three more World Series, which would have increased the value of Hal’s team SUBSTANTIALLY.

    Sadly, Hal seems to stupid to understand that. He’s also too stupid to realize what his father always understood: you COURT the press to garner Positive PR; you don’t allow your GM to scream “bullshit” at them & drop stupid F-bombs in the process.

    IF there’s an afterlife, Hal, your father is wondering how he raised such an idiot.

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