Yankees’ Brian Cashman defends self with ‘pretty f–king’ rant against critics

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is speaking to reporters on November 7, 2023.

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Brian Cashman, speaking to reporters for the first time since he labeled the Yankees‘ season as a “disaster” back in August, passionately addressed the media on Tuesday. The animated press conference of the Yankees general manager lasted for more than an hour, during which he staunchly defended the Yankees’ baseball operations team, responsible for assembling the roster that won just 82 games – the lowest win total since 1992. He went on to emphasize the Yankees’ overall track record as a success.

Throughout his remarks, Brian Cashman emphasized the need to distinguish fact from “bulls–t,” suggesting that critics were primarily criticizing the team during a challenging season. Nevertheless, he expressed his unwavering support for the Yankees’ leadership in general.

“I think we’re pretty f–king good, personally. I’m proud of our people and I’m also looking forward to ’24 being a better year than ’23,” Brian Cashman said.

Brian Cashman throws down the gauntlet at critics

Yankees GM Brian Cashman is seen just before speaking to reporters on November 7, 2023.

The general manager, following in the footsteps of Hal Steinbrenner earlier in the day, rejected criticisms concerning the Yankees’ analytics department or the notion that the team overemphasizes analytics. Brian Cashman pointed out that the Yankees possess the smallest analytics team in the American League East while boasting the largest professional scouting department in the MLB. He shut down any pushback against the Yankees’ analytics department.

Brian Cashman emphasized that it should come as no surprise to anyone that analytics is a fundamental component in modern baseball operations, and the Yankees are no exception. He expressed frustration at the misperception that the Yankees rely solely on analytics to guide their decisions. While analytics play a crucial role, Brian Cashman emphasized that it is not the primary driver of their decision-making process and accused critics of misrepresenting their approach. He further highlighted that analytics are widely used across the league and should be a part of every successful team’s toolkit.

To elucidate the Yankees’ challenging 2023 season, Brian Cashman highlighted injuries, which he deemed as legitimate concerns, as well as underperformance, as two significant contributing factors. He affirmed that, on paper, the 2023 roster appeared to be superior to the 2022 roster that secured 99 victories and the AL East division.

A Yankees fan holds a FIRE CASHMAN sign at Yankee Stadium on August 5, 2023.

Brian Cashman acknowledged that injuries and underperformance were factors in the team’s performance. He conceded that there were areas in which the team could improve. He also mentioned that some fans and critics became overly negative when the team faced difficulties, blowing minor issues out of proportion.

The Yankees’ season faced setbacks, partly due to unexpected injuries, such as Aaron Judge’s torn ligament in his toe from a collision with the wall at Dodger Stadium, and Anthony Rizzo’s post-concussion syndrome following a first-base collision.

However, they were also affected by injuries to players with previous injury histories, including Giancarlo Stanton, Carlos Rodon, and Luis Severino, among others.

Brian Cashman on trades

When discussing some of their recent trades, many of which have not yielded the desired results, Brian Cashman mentioned that the Yankees had encountered challenges while striving for success. He also vigorously defended their player development group, refuting the notion that many of their young players have struggled to transition from minor league success to major league success.

Brian Cashman expressed his frustration, noting that some of the individuals responsible for their past successes were being targeted as the scapegoats for the team’s disappointing 2023 season. He emphasized that there were discussions about player development, player analytics, and roster composition, highlighting the need to understand why the team struggled, even with many of the same players who had won 99 games the previous year.

Brian Cashman acknowledged that injuries and underperformance were significant factors that led to their 82-win season. However, he felt that some narratives and portrayals of certain individuals had become overly exaggerated and unfair in his opinion.

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One thought on “Yankees’ Brian Cashman defends self with ‘pretty f–king’ rant against critics

  1. Brian Cashman does not see a problem, THAT IS THE PROBLEM! We have to get rid of Cashman if there is any hope of improvement. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is the definition of insanity.

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