Yankees fans voice outrage as owners’ exploitative practices persist

Yankees fans at Yankee Stadium

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The owners of the New York Yankees are set to increase ticket prices for the upcoming season, even as the team grapples with a disappointing performance and contemplates a roster overhaul. Season ticket holders have received renewal invoices indicating a potential rise of up to 10% in ticket costs. This move comes amidst growing criticism from fans and media, including a sharp attack by Mike Francesa, who have voiced concerns over the already high prices for tickets, parking, and concessions at Yankee Stadium, as well as the challenges posed by costly Yankees streaming contracts.

Despite the outcry and a challenging season that sees the Yankees struggling with a subpar record and considerable distance from winning a playoff spot, the Yankees ownership seems unmoved. The team’s owner appears indifferent to the financial strain on loyal and dedicated fans who have endured a notably subpar performance this season. With a staggering $282 million payroll, the Yankees find themselves at a lackluster 62-66 record, trailing by a substantial nine games in the AL wild-card race.

Yankees fans angry over the rising cost for game viewers

“It takes balls for them to raise tickets,” claims Ralph Bracco, a renowned movie and TV actor. The New York Post cited the 65-year-old Brooklyn native saying that the ownership’s disheartening practices were pinching more when “the team looks stale.”

In the upcoming year of 2024, the cost of his pair of grandstand seats, strategically positioned above the home plate for all 41 games, is set to undergo a distinctive adjustment. An increment of 2% will be applied, causing the price to ascend to $2,763, marking a progression from the former amount of $2,713.

According to Tom Simon, who has been a season ticket holder since the start of the last Yankee dynasty in 1996, this act by the franchise is “disgraceful” and the Yankees should “have some nerve.”

Simon mentioned that the Yankees increased the cost of his four front-row seats in right field by $2,000 prior to the 2023 season, raising it from $30,000 to $32,000. He further noted that he’s now facing an additional $1,000 charge, representing a 3% increase, based on an invoice he received from the team on August 15.

Yankees fans are giving a standing ovation to Yankees ace Gerrit Cole after his 24th double-digit strikeout game in Coors Field.

Yankees fans slam owners

Season ticket holder Andre Glenn expressed his desire for Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner to understand that the fans find it “insulting and infuriating” to be addressed as if they are incapable of understanding the on-field performance they witness every day. He expressed his frustration by saying that the team is implementing these increases because they are missing out on playoff revenue.

Expressing his frustration, Andre Glenn, a 58-year-old software engineer from the Upper West Side and a season ticket holder, directed his words toward owner Hal Steinbrenner. He conveyed that although the team might perceive season ticket holders as replaceable, it remains deeply disheartening and aggravating to be addressed as if they lack the ability to understand the team’s on-field performance on a daily basis.

As someone who has held season tickets since 1999, Glenn shared that his upper-level seats positioned behind home plate amounted to $4,860 in 2022 and rose to $4,939 this year, reflecting a 2% increase. He further noted that the cost is set to escalate by nearly 4% to $5,115 for the upcoming year.

A seasoned season ticket holder expressed that it requires audacity on the part of Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner to increase ticket prices. He remarked that the situation presents highly unfavorable appearances.

The Yankees did not provide any response to multiple inquiries regarding this financial decision.

According to one fan, the struggling team should have taken a more modest approach heading into the next year. Instead, it feels like they are saying, “Thanks… but we want more.”

Yankees fan Jay Pegram, a bleacher regular, will now have to pay a 2% extra, from $4,736 to $4,860. A woman from Brewster, New York, aged 68, mentioned that her right-field line seats will see a significant 10% rise in 2024, going from $8,424 to $9,234.


Vinny Milano, a former fan who famously stopped attending Yankees games over a decade ago, has turned his attention to creating T-shirts. One of them, bearing the slogan “Fire Cashman,” is anticipated to be a top-seller during the “Fire Cashman” night event scheduled for September 22nd, organized by a fan at the stadium.

Milano commented on the historical perspective, noting that the Yankees have consistently drawn fans, regardless of the team’s actions or level of engagement with the fan base. The observation was made that even with a substantial attendance of four million fans, the team might not necessarily feel compelled to invest further effort, implying that the existing fan base sustains interest and attendance regardless.

Despite their frustration, the season ticket holders of the Yankees indicated that they are likely to continue renewing their subscriptions. Simon expressed his disappointment, saying, “It feels like a one-sided situation. They can push their fans around because they hold the position of being the Yankees. What options do I have? Switch to supporting the Mets?”

The Mets, who are currently experiencing a more severe decline in their 2023 performance compared to the Yankees, have not yet revealed their ticket prices for the upcoming season.

It’s appropriate to revisit what Francesa recently commented about Steinbrenner and the Yankees:

“It starts with ownership and the incredible inherited complacency. They are very happy to fill the ballpark, which they do. Only the Dodgers draw more per game. The Yankees are averaging 41,000 fans per game — from a very expensive ticket to $40 parking and outrageous prices throughout the ballpark. They are trying to steal a dollar wherever they can. They are trying to claw every dollar from their audience and their fanbase.”

Yankees fans took to social media

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  1. Howzabout they start charging these players for the spaces they occupy in the clubhouse, lockerroom, dugout and bullpen and standing on the bases? And for the bottled waters and sunflower seeds they spit? That surely could help defray Boy George’s expenses.

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