10 most incredible home runs by Derek Jeter, Yankees’ shortstop legend

New York Yankees shortstop legend Derek Jeter

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The name Derek Jeter is a delight for every Yankees fan. During his 20 seasons in pinstripes, he led the Yankees to five World Series wins. The 14-time All-Star immaculately depicted the role of a shortstop, a captain, a leader, and a Yankees. In his career, Derek Jeter hit 260 home runs. Here are the 10 most important ones he delivered for the Yankees.

#10. Derek Jeter’s HR no. 1

Derek Jeter started his Major League journey in 1995. But it was in 1996 when he embraced his full inaugural full season.

Amidst the opening day clash with the Cleveland Indians, considerable anticipation surrounded the 22-year-old shortstop. Demonstrating why the excitement was well-placed, Derek Jeter stepped up to the plate in the top of the fifth inning, facing off against Dennis Martinez.

With a resounding hit, he sent the ball soaring to the deep left field, marking the first of numerous home runs he would tally in his iconic Yankee pinstripes. This solo homer notched the score at 2-0, ultimately contributing to the Yankees’ triumphant 7-1 victory.

Derek Jeter’s path led him to secure the 1996 Rookie of the Year Award, buoyed by his impressive .314 batting average, 10 home runs, 78 RBIs, and 104 runs scored throughout the season.

#9. The Grand Slam in 2005

Throughout his career, Derek Jeter had 253 opportunities at the plate with the bases loaded. However, he had only a single grand slam. This remarkable achievement occurred during an interleague matchup against the Chicago Cubs on June 18, 2005.

Notably, the Yankees emerged victorious in that game with a final score of 8-1.

#8. The All-Star home run

Prior to the 2001 All-Star Game, it was quite astonishing that no Yankees power hitter had managed to hit a home run in the Midsummer Classic since Yogi Berra‘s feat in 1959.

During the sixth inning at Safeco Field, Derek Jeter swung for the fences and connected with a solo homer, shifting the score to 3-1 in favor of the American League. This contribution played a part in the AL’s eventual 4-1 victory.

Remarkably, it only took a single year for the next Yankee slugger to send the ball over the wall, as Alfonso Soriano achieved this feat in the fifth inning of the 2002 All-Star Game held in Milwaukee.

#7. Yankees first win at new Yankee Stadium

The Yankees had to wait until the 10th game of the season to unveil their new Yankee Stadium, facing off against the Cleveland Indians. Unfortunately, the occasion didn’t bring about a pretty outcome, as the Indians dominated with a 10-2 victory over the Yankees.

The second game of the series, however, offered more excitement. In the bottom of the eighth inning, with the score knotted at five, Derek Jeter strode to the plate to face Jensen Lewis.

Derek Jeter, who had gone hitless in his four previous at-bats, worked his way into a favorable 3-1 count. Seizing the opportunity, he connected with a fastball and launched it into the right field seats, propelling New York to a 6-5 lead.

Mariano Rivera secured the save, sealing the deal for the Yankees and marking their inaugural triumph in their new stadium.

#6. Homers inside the stadium

Derek Jeter has notched two inside-the-park home runs during his illustrious career, both of which were achieved against the Kansas City Royals.

The initial instance occurred on August 2, 1996, during an extra-innings contest that was deadlocked with a score of 0-0. In the top of the 10th inning, Cecil Fielder’s contribution put the Yankees ahead 1-0. With two outs and Joe Girardi on second base, Derek Jeter delivered his sixth career home run with an inside-the-park style hit, extending the lead to 3-0.

In an uncommon turn of events, a youthful Mariano Rivera faltered as the Royals mounted a comeback, securing a 4-3 victory despite Derek Jeter’s remarkable feat.

Fourteen years later, at the age of 36, he accomplished his second inside-the-park home run. In the third inning of a game where the Yankees trailed 3-1, Derek Jeter drove the ball to center field. Although Royals’ center fielder David DeJesus managed to track down the hit, the ball slipped from his grasp upon colliding with the outfield wall.

Derek Jeter swiftly navigated the bases, equalizing the score at three. The Yankees eventually triumphed over the Kansas City Royals with a resounding 10-4 victory.

#5. Subway Series homers

During Game Five of the 2000 World Series, the Mets maintained a 2-1 advantage as the contest entered the top of the sixth inning.

With one out on the scoreboard, Derek Jeter strode to the plate and promptly launched a home run off Al Leiter, leveling the score at two apiece.

The ensuing three innings witnessed an exhilarating turn of events. With two outs in the ninth, Luis Sojo delivered a clutch two-run single, propelling the Yankees to a 4-2 lead. This pivotal hit secured their remarkable third consecutive World Series Title.

#4. The lead-off homer

During Game Four of the 2000 World Series, Derek Jeter wasted no time. He pounced on the initial pitch from Bobby Jones and sent it soaring over the fence, becoming the 16th player in World Series history to lead off with a home run.

The Yankees clinched a narrow 3-2 victory in this pivotal game, extending their series lead to 3-1.

Derek Jeter’s standout performance earned him the coveted World Series MVP Award. His impressive stats included a 9-for-22 batting record, coupled with two home runs, two RBI, and a total of six runs scored.

#3. Mr. 3000’s HR

Among the 28 hitters who achieved the remarkable feat of 3,000 hits, none enjoyed a more memorable game than Derek Jeter did on that special occasion.

He had an exceptional 5-for-5 performance during the game, marking only the second time in his career that he achieved such a feat. Derek Jeter’s fifth hit, a well-placed single up the middle, propelled the Yankees to a 5-4 lead. In the ninth inning, Mariano Rivera sealed the victory with his 22nd career save.

Could this impressive showing signal the beginning of an outstanding second half for Derek Jeter?

#2. The uncommon home run

With the Baltimore Orioles leading 4-3 as the bottom of the eighth inning commenced, Armando Benitez took the mound.

Derek Jeter strode up to the plate with the bases empty and one out. Benitez initiated the at-bat with a high fastball on the outer part of the plate. Derek Jeter skillfully connected with the pitch and sent it line-driving towards the right field.

Orioles’ right fielder Tony Tarasco positioned himself to make the play, but a daring move by 12-year-old Jeffrey Maier disrupted the trajectory. Following an intense exchange between Tarasco, Orioles manager Davey Johnson, and the right field umpire, the home run call was upheld.

Bernie Williams ultimately clinched victory for the Yankees in the 11th inning with a walk-off home run off Randy Myers.

Fortunately for the Yankees, the absence of replay technology at the time played in their favor. It was a remarkable way for Derek Jeter to notch his first postseason home run.

#1. Mr. November homer

The Arizona Diamondbacks were on the brink of pushing the Yankees to a 3-1 series deficit in the 2001 World Series.

As the bottom of the ninth inning unfolded, they held a slim 3-2 advantage. Tino Martinez approached the plate with a pivotal opportunity. Despite a previous 0-for-9 record in the series, Martinez swung the momentum by crushing a home run to center field off Byung-Hyun Kim, leveling the score at three.

The game ventured into the 10th inning, and the calendar turned to November, marking the first World Series game ever played in that month.

At precisely 12:03 A.M., Derek Jeter expertly connected with a slider, sending it sailing down the right-field line just beyond the wall. This dramatic walk-off shot secured a 4-3 victory for the Yankees in the tenth inning.

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  1. Jeter was a great player, but as far as I am concerned I still think the players still earn way too much money!!!

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