Yankees fanbase outraged after a day of double blow, vent fury at Cashman 

Brian Cashman, the Yankees general manager, climbs the 350-foot Landmark Square in Stamford, Conn. on December 3, 2010.
Michael Bennington
Friday February 2, 2024

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The New York Yankees faced their first playoff miss in six years in 2023, raising concerns about GM Brian Cashman’s approach. While he stood by his analytics-driven philosophy, the recent offseason displayed a shift towards a more assertive strategy, evidenced by acquisitions such as Juan Soto, Alex Verdugo, and Marcus Stroman.

Despite these aggressive moves, recent events have left certain fans dissatisfied. The Baltimore Orioles secured ace Corbin Burnes in a trade, and former Yankees reliever Keynan Middleton signed with the St. Louis Cardinals. These transactions highlighted perceived vulnerabilities in the Yankees’ pitching, both in the starting rotation and bullpen.

Yankees fans hold Fire Cashman Night on Sept 22, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
@Chris_NYY28/ Twitter

Criticism from fans intensified, particularly in light of the Orioles’ trade package for Burnes, involving only their 6th prospect and a mid-round draft pick. Fans question why Cashman couldn’t secure a comparable deal, especially considering Burnes’ imminent free agency.

The departure of Middleton adds another layer of frustration. Acquired at the previous year’s trade deadline, he contributed valuable bullpen support with a 1.88 ERA in 14.1 innings. His exit follows Wandy Peralta signing elsewhere, leaving the Yankees bullpen appearing thinner.

With spring training on the horizon, fans await potential moves by Cashman. However, the Burnes trade and Middleton’s departure have left a notable portion of the fanbase feeling disheartened and raising doubts about the team’s offseason strategy.

Angry Yankees fans point fingers at Cashman

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3 thoughts on “Yankees fanbase outraged after a day of double blow, vent fury at Cashman 

  1. once again, while the baseball world is moving forward with pitching, cashman is asleep at the wheel,, only way out of this mess is for cashman to get fired just before hal sells the team to someone who wants to win a ring, and regain the fan base,, my suggestion, stop buying tickets, don’t show up opening day.

  2. Cashman is too cavalier.He need to be brought down.A lot of his decisions or lack of are very questionable.

  3. Baseball has past as*-man by, he needs to be kicked to the curb now!! …this burnes trade is just appalling! 2 prospects for a stud pitcher for 1 year & who could have helped bring a championship home were it belongs! Thought they were all in this year? Just asleep at the wheel as usual because his nose was buried deep in the scrapyard looking for cheap parts!! We all need to prepare for what comes next, 1 year of Soto…and will be back to 2023 again and another year without a championship!! This is like a nightmare & where you can never wake up again from…..

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