Insider deems Yankees as Blake Snell’s best potential landing place despite stalled talks

John Allen
Friday February 2, 2024

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Despite a busy offseason addressing the deficiencies of the 2023 season, the New York Yankees still lack a true ace to complement Gerrit Cole in their starting rotation. However, there is optimism about a potential pursuit of Cy Young winner Blake Snell, as suggested by USA Today’s Gabe Lacques.

Lacques envisions a scenario where Blake Snell, in a strategic move, accepts a more enticing offer from the Yankees, creating an enviable rotation depth for the team. This aligns with existing rumors that the ace has received a below-asking-price offer of 6 years and $150 million from the Yankees, significantly lower than his rumored request of $270 million over 9 years. Durability concerns, exacerbated by Carlos Rodon‘s injury-plagued season despite a substantial contract, add complexity to the negotiations.

Yankees as top fit for Blake Snell

The desire for Blake Snell is evident among fans and players alike, with Scott Boeck, another USA Today columnist, emphasizing the historic potential of a Cole-Snell pairing for the upcoming season.

Examining the potential deal, the arguments in favor include the prospect of a formidable rotation duo, potentially elevating the Yankees to championship contention. Public support for the move could also influence the front office, and Blake Snell’s two Cy Young awards attest to his statistical prowess.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

On the flip side, challenges include Blake Snell’s high price tag, which could strain the Yankees’ budget and limit flexibility elsewhere. Additionally, concerns about his durability and injury history raise questions about the consistency and value of a long-term deal. Exploring alternative pitching options might provide better value or address different team needs.

Lacques suggests that a potential deal depends on both parties making concessions. The Yankees may need to improve their offer, but it may not necessarily reach Blake Snell’s full asking price. If he is willing to compromise on duration or total value, a deal could materialize.

Ultimately, the decision lies with the Yankees’ front office, requiring a careful evaluation of potential rewards against financial and performance risks. The outcome will determine whether Blake Snell becomes the ace the Yankees are seeking.

Will he be a Yankee ace or head elsewhere?

Yankees captain Aaron Judge with San Diego pitcher Blake-Snell in May 2023.

While Gabe Lacques of USA Today envisions a potential deal between the Yankees and Blake Snell, other insiders are speculating different destinations for the highly sought-after pitcher.

Bob Nightengale and Jesse Yomtov both suggest that the Los Angeles Angels could be in the mix, presenting an enticing offer. Nightengale reports early interest from the Angels and their patience to wait for Blake Snell’s asking price to drop below $200 million. Yomtov emphasizes the Angels’ payroll flexibility, making them a viable contender for the top-tier pitcher.

Steve Gardner throws a curveball into the mix, predicting that Blake Snell might stay in the National League with the San Francisco Giants. Gardner sees the Giants as a team in need of a premier starter to complement Logan Webb.

The specific details of the Yankees’ offer remain unclear, but it surpasses the $27 million per year given to Carlos Rodon. However, sources within the Yankees organization suggest they are not actively pursuing starting pitchers, indicating that Rodon’s challenging season may have tempered their pursuit of Blake Snell.

Weeks ago, the left-hander expressed interest in joining the Yankees, signaling a potential preference if he adjusts his asking price. While the Yankees are in contention, they face competition from the Angels and potentially the Giants. The ultimate decision will hinge on the Yankees’ final offer, their willingness to meet Blake Snell’s potential compromise, and Snell’s own preferences. As the Snell saga unfolds, the outcome remains uncertain, so stay tuned for further developments.

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3 thoughts on “Insider deems Yankees as Blake Snell’s best potential landing place despite stalled talks

  1. The Yankees need to sign Blake Snell and Cody B if the Dodgers can spend a billion dollars on two players the Yankees can spend 450 million on two

  2. Speak the truth Chuck Lee it about keeping money in their pockets. We need to Blake Snell and Matt Chapman. Then we can talk about going to the World Series. Because having DJ LeMahieu at third base is not the answer. But what we have is what we going spring training with don’t look for Snell or Chapman. we wait till trading deadline to sale the farm for Ceasars from the white Sox

  3. Yankees NEED to just sign Snell with same contract they gave Rodon and if in later years injury is an issue, then limit innings by having a strikeout machine like Snell coming outa the pen is not so bad. Also Yanks should sign Gio Urshella as free agent to play 3rd because he is good enuff in the field and swung the bat better in Yankee Stadium than he ever has anywhere else and can get him for a fraction of Chapman’s price and he’s been in New York b4 so he knows what to expect and won’t have the 1st year slump most incoming players seem to have to adjust to the animal that’s New York’s sports media.

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