Witnesses allege belligerent behavior: Domingo German’s night of concern at Yankee Stadium

Yankees pitcher Domingo Germán throws perfect game against Oakland.

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Recent events at Yankee Stadium have shed light on a concerning incident involving pitcher Domingo German. Insider Andy Martino of SNY has revealed some distressing details surrounding the incident, which led to the New York Yankees placing German on the restricted list.

Witnesses have described German’s behavior as belligerent and emotionally unstable within the clubhouse. While no altercation with teammates or individuals was reported, the incident has raised questions about German’s emotional well-being and the impact on both his personal life and baseball career.

The incident

Domingo German, pitcher of the New York Yankees

According to clubhouse sources, the incident occurred at Yankee Stadium, and it was not related to a domestic situation. On a Tuesday evening, German’s demeanor within the clubhouse grew increasingly confrontational and emotionally charged. Witnesses noted that he appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and struggled to maintain control over his emotions. Notably, there was no evidence of a physical altercation involving German and any other individuals.

The incident has left a visible impact on the Yankees. Key figures such as General Manager Brian Cashman, Aaron Boone, and star pitcher Gerrit Cole displayed visible signs of concern and surprise when asked about the situation. The organization, while handling the matter internally, has been caught off guard by German’s behavior, emphasizing the significant disruption this incident has caused within the team.

Context and Previous Incidents

Yankees' pitcher Domingo German
USA Today

It’s important to note that German’s behavior on this occasion was not connected to his recent injury, which led to his withdrawal from a game. Sources clarified that the incident was not related to his physical condition but rather appeared to be a result of his emotional state and alcohol consumption. This incident also stands separate from a previous suspension German received from Major League Baseball in 2019 due to a violation of the league’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy. In that incident, German was suspended for 81 games after reportedly becoming physically violent with his partner while intoxicated.

As of Wednesday, it was reported that German had entered an inpatient treatment program for alcohol abuse. This step indicates that both German and the Yankees organization are taking the matter seriously and seeking appropriate help for his recovery. German’s behavior, as described by witnesses, underscores the need for addressing not only his baseball career but also his personal well-being.

Teammates, including catcher Kyle Higashioka and rookie shortstop Anthony Volpe, expressed their concerns and hopes for German’s recovery. Higashioka emphasized the need for German to overcome his challenges for the sake of his personal life and family, while Volpe echoed the sentiment that German’s well-being takes precedence over his baseball career.

Manager Aaron Boone, known for his fondness for German, expressed his sadness and concern for the pitcher. Boone highlighted the difficulty of witnessing someone with great talent and potential face such challenges. His primary focus remains on German’s well-being, hoping that he receives the necessary help to redirect his life toward a positive trajectory.

The Domingo German incident at Yankee Stadium has brought to light a distressing situation that goes beyond the realm of baseball. While the incident has not resulted in an investigation under the Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy, it has raised significant concerns about German’s emotional health and well-being. The organization’s decision to enroll him in an alcohol treatment program demonstrates a commitment to his recovery. As fans and observers, we can only hope that German receives the necessary support and guidance to overcome his challenges and rebuild his life in a positive direction.

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  1. German needs to take control of this before it really spirals out of control. Alcohol issues are not light issues.

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