Aaron Boone expresses support for Domingo German amidst season-ending treatment

Yankees' pitcher Domingo German

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In a heartfelt announcement on Wednesday, Yankees manager Aaron Boone addressed the press following their impressive win over the Tampa Bay Rays, shedding light on the concerning situation surrounding pitcher Domingo German. The right-hander will miss the remainder of the season as he seeks inpatient treatment for alcohol abuse.

Brian Cashman and Gerrit Cole speak out on Domingo German controversy

Domingo German, the pitcher of the Yankees.

German’s struggles with alcohol have been an ongoing issue that the Yankees organization has been aware of for some time. General Manager Brian Cashman confirmed that the incident leading to German’s treatment was not related to his recent injury, which caused him to be scratched from a scheduled start against the Rays. German’s well-being and health are now the top priority for the team.

“It is critical that Domingo completely focuses on addressing his health and well-being,” the Yankees stated in an official statement. “We will respect his privacy as he begins this process.”

The news was undoubtedly emotional for the team, with pitcher Gerrit Cole describing the pregame meeting as difficult and somber.

“You care about your teammates and you care about your teammates’ families. It’s a sad situation. You want the best for Domingo.” Cole expressed.

This is not the first time German has faced adversity in his career. In September 2019, he accepted an unpaid 81-game suspension for violating Major League Baseball’s policy against domestic violence, which included mandatory counseling. The suspension stretched across the 2019 regular season and postseason and continued throughout the pandemic-shortened 2020 season. Additionally, in May of this year, Germán received a 10-game suspension for violating MLB’s policy on grip-enhancing substances.

Boone express sympathy for German’s situation

Domingo German and the Yankees' manager Aaron Boone.

Boone, addressing the media, expressed sympathy for German’s situation and highlighted the need for understanding and support. “In some way, this goes back years,” Boone said. “I think all of us probably have someone in our life that we can relate to that it’s always an ongoing battle.”

The 30-year-old right-hander made headlines earlier this season when he pitched the 24th perfect game in Major League history against the Oakland A’s. Despite his accomplishments on the field, Germán’s struggles off the field have now come to the forefront.

As Germán embarks on his journey of recovery, Boone and Cashman stressed the importance of giving him the space and support needed to address his alcoholism. The hope is that he can get the necessary help and guidance to move forward positively in life.

“My takeaway of all of it is, it’s just sad,” Boone expressed. “I hope and pray that he gets the right kind of help that truly gets him going in the right direction for the rest of his life.”

At this moment, the focus remains on German’s well-being and not on his future in the sport. Brian Cashman declined to comment on whether German will return to pitch for the Yankees, emphasizing that the priority is supporting him during this challenging time.

As the Yankees continue their push in the league, their thoughts and prayers are with German and his family. The team hopes that he will find the strength and determination to overcome his struggles and come back stronger, not just as a player but as a person.

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Boone expresses support for Domingo German amidst season-ending treatment

  1. Just because you may be an alcoholic doesn’t mean you need to beat a woman. Why the hell his former gf married him is tough to figure, but it sounds like she was/is in a manipulative abusive relationship that has altered where she should be – away from German.

    I despise this guy and they should have annexed him after it was proven he beat his then gf, now wife, but this is who the Yankees are now – a bunch of garbage pails with no credibility and no class. I feel for classy players like Judge, Volpe, IKF, Torres, and Higgy that they have to be surrounded by classless, moronic, guys like German and Donaldson and play for dirtbags like Hal, Cashman, Fishman, and Boone.

    Thanks, Yanks, I’m done with your franchise. Others, if they haven’t already, are also looking for the exit.

  2. I wish German success in his inpatient treatment
    to battle such a serious condition . May he have all the support from family , friends and Yankees fans .
    In addition my prayers go out to his family and wish them well as they embark on this journey with German .
    The demons of alcoholism cause horrible behavior by those addicted and I believe his treatment will definitely be life altering and he will emerge a better man . Blessings to German , his family and the Yankees .

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