How much will Aaron Judge get in his new contract?

Aaron Judge

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From MLB team executives and agents to analysts, broadcasters, and baseball fans, all are weighing on the amount of money Aaron Judge is going to have in his new contract next season. The power hitter picked a great time for himself. He rejected a Yankees offer of $213.5 million first and then went hit record 62 home runs.

Starting from the Yankees to the Giants, the Dodgers, the Red Sox, and the Rangers, all cash-rich MLB teams are after Aaron Judge to sign him. While the Yankees have already admitted that the slugger would have a bigger pot of gold, an insider claims that the Giants won’t let money a factor in getting the power hitter to the Bay Area.

But non is sure how much Aaron Judge is going to have in his new contract. Can you guess? Here is the Pinstripes Nation virtual poll, where many tried to figure out how much they think the player could have.

Now that he’s 30, the player is ready for a new deal, but he won’t be cheap for anyone who wants to sign him. Jon Heyman of the New York Post dug around to figure out how much Judge will cost this winter.

“Yankees superstar Aaron Judge won the bet on himself, and won big,” he wrote, “The consensus seems to be that the baseline deal Judge will get this winter is $300 million — or $86.5 million more than the Yankees offered in spring. And he may well get more.”

Brian Cashman, the general manager of the Yankees, first offered Aaron Judge a seven-year deal worth $213.5 million, which Judge turned down.

From the four agents mentioned by Heyman, the average amount they thought Aaron Judge’s next contract would be worth was $322 million.

One agent said the most Aaron Judge could get is $400 million, while another thought the deal would be for eight seasons and be worth an average of $37.5 million per season ($300 million total).

Aaron Judge’s upcoming contract talks will be a bit of a mystery, since nobody has ever paid such a ridiculous amount of money to a player in his 30s before, and none of them worked out.

This winter, Aaron Judge is sure to get a huge deal. About 47.8% of respondents on the Pinstripes Nation poll believe it could be $336 million spread over 8 years. Around 22% feel it is going to be $400 million for 10 years. For 17.8%, Aaron Judge is likely to earn $44 million a year for six years.

How much do you think he will have? Leave your comment below.

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