Giancarlo Stanton answers boos with a pivotal hit against Texas, says not pleased with it

John Allen
Monday June 26, 2023

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Giancarlo Stanton came back strongly on Sunday with a hit that proved pivotal in the Yankees’ 5-3 win over the Rangers. Just two days ago, the power hitter was booed by the crowd in the Bronx for failing to carry the Yankees’ offense. While many believe the hit was his answer to those boo birds, Giancarlo Stanton was far from being happy with his performance and is focused on doing more.

When it looked like the Yankees are on their way to another series defeat, Giancarlo Stanton’s lead-off walk began a rally that ultimately culminated in the win. With an exit velocity of 96.6 mph, he unleashed a powerful line drive to the left field, resulting in an RBI single that widened the Yankees’ lead to 5-3 at Yankee Stadium.

However, Giancarlo Stanton acknowledged that his focus is on improving his performance when asked about any specific aspects of his approach.

“I got a lot to do. It’s good for now, but that doesn’t clear it for me,” he told. “For me, I’m not doing what I’m supposed to do regardless of who’s on the field, regardless of anything.”

Giancarlo Stanton’s come back

Since his recent comeback from a hamstring injury, Giancarlo Stanton has struggled at the plate, posting underwhelming numbers of a .109 batting average, .197 on-base percentage, and .236 slugging percentage. During this period, he has hit two home runs, driven in two runs, and recorded 20 strikeouts in 61 plate appearances.

Before getting a single on Saturday, Giancarlo Stanton had gone hitless in 22 consecutive at-bats leading up to the weekend. But on Sunday, following his single, he accumulated two more strikeouts.

Giancarlo Stanton is running after a moonshot at Yankee Stadium on April 15, 2023, against the Twins.

During the pre-game press meet, the Yankees manager Aaron Boone expressed his optimism regarding the performance of his slugger. He expressed his satisfaction with Giancarlo Stanton’s performance, noting that he observed positive signs during Big G’s first at-bat. He mentioned that the big hitter displayed a good approach, particularly on a borderline pitch, and followed it up with a strong hit to left field. Overall, Boone found it encouraging to see his player making improvements.

Boone expressed his hopes for Giancarlo Stanton to build upon his recent performance. He acknowledged the significant impact the power hitter can have on opposing teams when he finds his rhythm and performs at his best.

But Stanton is not happy, he needs more

Giancarlo Stanton was adamant about rejecting the idea that he had made a significant breakthrough and took care to refrain from offering any justifications for his recent struggles.

However, he did express agreement with Boone’s observation regarding the pitches he patiently observed during his eighth-inning at-bat and emphasized the significance of such discipline in his overall approach at the plate. Nevertheless, it represents progress in the right direction and is a positive development for the Yankees.

Relying on Giancarlo Stanton to fill the void of missing offensive firepower, the Yankees look to overcome their struggling offense since Aaron Judge‘s placement on the injured list due to a sprained right toe.

Giancarlo Stanton acknowledged that there is still much work to be done despite his recent performance. He expressed that while the current progress is positive, it does not satisfy his own expectations. According to him, it is essential to focus on fulfilling his responsibilities regardless of the circumstances or the presence of other players. Giancarlo Stanton emphasized that the key is to find ways to deliver the desired results, emphasizing the need to improve his performance.

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