Yankees fans at loggerheads after crowd boos Giancarlo Stanton

Giancarlo Stanton is with fans at Yankee Stadium on June 22, 2023.

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In the seventh inning on Friday, the crowd in the Bronx booed Giancarlo Stanton after he disappointed the Yankees fans again. As soon as the power hitter was struck out looking for a chance to hit, he faced the disapproval of the crowd. The echoes of dissatisfaction reverberate through the stadium as boos rain down from the crowd. However, it drew a sharp division among the Yankees fans on social media and some opposed the boobirds.

Giancarlo Stanton is facing ire from Yankees fans after extending his slump, which has intensified, as he is now 3 for his last 44 with 19 strikeouts.

The individual responsible for managing the sound system at Yankee Stadium displayed impressive reflexes on Friday, promptly increasing the volume following outs made by Giancarlo Stanton. The intention was to overpower the resounding boos with amplified sound.

Giancarlo Stanton, who had a hitless performance in the game, is currently in a slump, having gone without a hit in his last 16 at-bats. Since returning from the injured list on June 2, he has struggled with a batting average of .096 (5-for-52) in 15 games. When asked about Giancarlo Stanton’s potential return to his dominant form, Boone acknowledged the challenge of gauging his progress due to his unique, unconventional swing that sets him apart from other players in the game.

Boone expressed that a hot streak for Giancarlo Stanton could occur at any moment, emphasizing the importance of finding a solid position with good rhythm and timing. According to Boone, the power hitter seems to be slightly off in terms of timing, lacking the solid set and load he typically displays when he’s in peak form. He acknowledged that Giancarlo Stanton is currently facing a challenge and emphasized the need to persevere and find a way to overcome this slump.

Giancarlo Stanton is at Yankee Stadium on April 15, 2023, against the Twins.

Yankees fans divided on Giancarlo Stanton booing

There is no unanimity among Yankees fans over booing Giancarlo Stanton. While some justified it by citing his ongoing slide, others called it unfortunate reminding his contribution to the team.

Is Giancarlo Stanton healthy?


Boone confirmed that Stanton is indeed healthy, stating that he has personally discussed it with him. According to Boone, Stanton has reassured him that he is in good health and feeling fine.

In the ninth inning, Josh Donaldson was sent to pinch hit for McKinney, a decision made by Boone due to the favorable lefty-righty matchup against Rangers reliever Will Smith. Unfortunately, Donaldson struck out in just four pitches. With a batting average of .125, six home runs, eight RBIs, and a .603 OPS in 21 games, the 37-year-old has been a target of frequent booing from Yankees fans during the current homestand that began on Tuesday.

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5 thoughts on “Yankees fans at loggerheads after crowd boos Giancarlo Stanton

  1. The team is the team…fans are there to support each individual on the team…not tear it apart by booi g individuals..players know when they aren’t performing…getting on them doesn’t help…itjust infiltrates the team and adds morr pressure on the individual pieces…the “fans” who are showing displeasure publicly imo aren’t true fans…

    1. I agree…it is classless. Let’s see how they handle the $40 million $$ man on the bench when he is constantly injured. Why would anyone want to play for NY? Players seem to do better once they leave. Smh…

  2. Some players are built to be a DH, not Giancarlo. He is a player that has great numbers while playing the field. Came to the Yankees and if you remember carried them the first year. Boone has admitted he is healthier and more productive when used in the field, yet continues to DH the man. The Yankee organization has absolutely screwed him. I wish he would go with another organization that appreciates his talents. He is a class act in the middle of a classless organization

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