Derek Jeter uncertain about Judge’s free agency


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Almost all of Judge’s fans want him to stay with the New York Yankees, but only if they give him a good contract. When Derek Jeter was recently asked if he had any advice for free agent and former Yankee Aaron Judge, the former shortstop was skeptical in his reply. Jeter said that he didn’t have anything to suggest to the power hitter, as he was unsure how the slugger had been handling his talks during his free agency.

The Yankees’ management offered Aaron Judge a $213.5 million, seven-year deal earlier this year. But he turned down the contract because he thought he was worth more. This year, the outfielder won the AL’s Hank Aaron Award, which shows that he deserves a lot more than what he was offered.

Where will Judge end up? Which team will he join? Will he return to the Yankees? These are the thoughts of almost every Aaron Judge fan. When asked about it, though, Derek Jeter said that he didn’t know what advice to give Judge about which team to join.

Derek Jeter used to play shortstop, and he was also a free agent at one point. It makes sense to ask him for advice for Aaron Judge. But because Jeter was also uncertain, as he was unsure of what Judge had in his mind about his next destination.

“I have no idea what you’re going through,” said Derek Jeter told and added, I mean you’re in a good position where you have options. I think everyone wants to have options. Now, it’s up to you whether or not you’re gonna explore those options. But really I can’t offer much on that.”

Yankee fans want outfielder All-Rise to stay with the team. They expect Aaron Judge to confirm it himself to them without any delay. Also, Judge has also hinted more than once that he might wear Pinstripes for a long time. But uncertainties persist and are growing with each day during the free agency for the lack of clarity on the power hitter’s future.

Derek Jeter’s free agency saga

Since Derek Jeter has always been a Yankee, it’s hard to remember a time when he wasn’t. But he was actually a free agent after the 2010 season. Like Judge, Jeter had a lot of teams to choose from, including the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees’ biggest rival. In the end, Derek Jeter signed a three-year deal with the Yankees for $51 million.

Should Judge learn from Derek Jeter’s free agency? Or do his script his own saga?

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