Boone’s expectations from Gleyber Torres raise eyebrows

Yankees' Gleyber Torres at Yankee Stadium on June 6, 2024.
Inna Zeyger
Friday June 28, 2024

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Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres is facing the darkest phase of his career but manager Aaron Boone expects him to add a silver lining to the team’s 2024 campaign.

Ahead of the series opener against the Blue Jays, Boone underscored Gleyber Torres’ physical prime and solid track record as indicators of an impending rebound. He likened the second baseman’s current challenges to Aaron Judge‘s slow start in April, which was followed by a remarkable return to form. The skipper acknowledged the mental toll of baseball, describing it as a demanding sport that sometimes necessitates patience.

“We’re talking about someone that’s in the physical prime of his career that has a long, long track record of hitting,” he said just before the series started in Toronto. “There’s no reason to think we won’t get that out.”

But despite voicing his steadfast confidence in Gleyber Torres in public, Boone has benched the Yankee for several games, reflecting concern over his recent performance decline. The second baseman has struggled offensively and committed his league-leading 12th error at second base in Tuesday’s loss to the Mets. Additionally, he drew criticism for not running out a ground ball in the eighth inning of that game.

Nevertheless, Boone’s remarks indicate a continued belief in Gleyber Torres’ potential to overcome his slump and regain his form. However, his performance belies those expectations.

Gleyber Torres missed Wednesday’s 12-2 loss to the Mets, as the Yankees manager gave him a second consecutive day off to help the struggling second baseman reset both mentally and mechanically. He is expected to return to the lineup on Friday against a left-handed pitcher.

During the June 26, 2024 game at Citi Field between the New York Yankees and the Mets, Gleyber Torres stood visibly disheartened on the sidelines after not being selected to play in Wednesday's Subway Series matchup.

When asked about Gleyber Torres’ confidence, Boone expressed the belief that the Yankees star understands his potential to return to form. He suggested that players with a track record of success, like him, know they could overcome slumps. Boone emphasized the mental aspect of overcoming slumps, noting that improved performance often leads to a better mindset.

“I know how much Gleyber cares,” Boone said. “I know how hard he’s working behind the scenes, but I’ve also been in his shoes where the game is hard and it can beat you down. … I’m looking forward to what I know is going to be a resurgence for him at some point…….When you’re a good player, you’ve had the track record of success offensively that he’s had now, six years into his career, you know it’s in there. It’s hard to believe that sometimes when you’re going through it, and you feel that, but I think deep down, you know I just need to get it to click and get it firing and then you take off and your brain gets out of the way a little bit.”

Yankees hit hard by Gleyber Torres’ poor show

His performance has taken a significant hit compared to last season when he batted .273 with an .800 OPS. Through 80 games this year, he’s hitting .215 with a .628 OPS. This downturn has transformed Gleyber Torres from one of the Yankees’ most reliable hitters to a source of concern in the middle of the order, especially as he approaches free agency after this season.

Meanwhile, Gleyber Torres shared that he and Boone had a constructive discussion in Queens. During his time off, the Yankees second baseman has been working diligently in the batting cage to address issues with his swing. While he acknowledged that his swing isn’t where it should be, he emphasized that he remains mentally strong. Gleyber Torres expressed frustration at his inability to contribute effectively to the team and hoped his efforts during this break would lead to improved performance.

Boone explained that he has given Gleyber Torres and the hitting coaches the freedom to decide how best to use this time off, whether for mental rest or intensive swing work. The manager reiterated his confidence in him, praising the player’s dedication and hard work behind the scenes.

Amid Slump, Gleyber Torres will sit out against Mets in subway series on june 26, yankees' manager boone confirms

Gleyber Torres, once the Yankees‘ most dependable hitter last season, has seen a marked decline in his performance this year. Over 80 games, Torres is hitting just .215 with a .628 OPS, a notable drop from his previous consistency.

The Yankees star insists that his looming free agency isn’t impacting his play, but his struggles tell a different story. After a brief resurgence from May 12 to June 13, during which he batted .266 with a .808 OPS over 30 games, Gleyber Torres has fallen into a deep slump. In his last nine games, he’s managed only 2-for-29 (.069) with a .401 OPS.

His’ slump has mirrored a tough period for the Yankees, who have lost nine of their last 12 games. The team’s offense has largely depended on Anthony Volpe, Juan Soto, and Aaron Judge, while others have struggled to produce.

Defensively, Gleyber Torres has also had issues, committing two errors in his last four games before being benched. His lack of hustle on a ground ball during Tuesday’s loss to the Mets drew manager Aaron Boone’s attention, underscoring his difficulties both at bat and in the field.

Boone’s comments reflect a supportive stance toward Gleyber Torres, balancing acknowledgment of his current struggles with optimism for future improvement, and recognizing both the physical and mental aspects of overcoming a slump in professional baseball. But doubts persist about it considering his poor show.

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2 thoughts on “Boone’s expectations from Gleyber Torres raise eyebrows

  1. Boone is stuck with Torres, and he probably isn’t being allowed to play Jones or Cabrera there on a more regular basis, without it costing him his job. Personally, I think it’s time for Boone to do what he thinks is right, the consequences be damned.

  2. When it comes to Torres, Boone is like an infatuated lover who can’t see his lover’s faults, even though everyone else can.

    It was comical to read these words in this article: “Gleyber Torres, once the Yankees‘ most dependable hitter last season . . .”

    You mean Torres was better than Ben “Revolting” Rortvedt (.118), Josh Donaldson (.142), Everyone Pereira (.151), Aaron Hicks (.188), Frenchy Cordero (.188), Oswald Perazza (.191), Giancarlo Stanton (.191), Jack Bauers (.202), Anthony Volpe (.209), Jose Trevino (.210), Oswald Cabrera (.211), Greg Allen (.217), Billy McKinney (.227), Austin Wells (.229), Estevan Florial (.230), Willie Calhoun (.239), and Harrison BADer (.240)?

    Wow, I’m not impressed! The 2023 Yankees roster was the worst I’ve seen since about 1966. (So, 2023 was another “brilliant” job of roster construction by Brainless Brian Cashman.)

    So, saying Torres was “once the Yankees’ most dependable hitter last season” is misleading, if not disingenuous. Almost the entire roster SUCKED in 2023:

    * Usually dependable Anthony Rizzo battled the side effects of a concussion, which greatly diminished his offensive output, and

    * Despite being injured for an extended period, Aaron Judge was still (easily!) the best hitter on the team, and his 37 HRs & 75 RBIs led the team & exceeded Torres’ output, even though Torres had 229 MORE AT BATS than Judge.

    So, yes, Torres had a good year in 2023, but he didn’t come close to replicating his one & only great year, which came 4 years earlier, in 2019. In the intervening years, he’s shown a maddening habit of:

    * Going into extended slumps of 4-6 weeks swinging from his butt for an HR

    * Making moronic base-running mistakes that only a demented little leaguer would make

    * Being lazy, careless & stupid on defense

    Btw, Torres just hit an HR in his first game back after a 2-game benching, and I’m sure Boone will say, see, I was right about him.

    But what Boonehead is Too Stupid to understand is that if he had Punished Torres during the past 6+ years every time he did some Dumb*** Sh*t, instead of defending his stupidity & carelessness, Torres wouldn’t still being doing that Dumb*** Sh*t 6+ years later.

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