Yankees’ all-in move for lefty bats fraught with risks

Juan Soto hits a home run in the Padres vs. Yankees game on May 26, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
John Allen
Friday December 29, 2023

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The Yankees’ offseason has been marked by big moves, particularly the Juan Soto acquisition, which sent shockwaves through the baseball community. In exchange for four promising arms and Higashioka, the Yankees secured the services of Soto, a left-handed slugger widely regarded as a generational talent. The anticipation is palpable as Soto’s explosive bat and charismatic celebrations seem tailor-made for the iconic pinstripes, poised to light up Yankee Stadium.

The Yankees further fortified their outfield with the additions of lefty hitters Trent Grisham and Alex Verdugo. With three formidable left-handed power hitters, the expectation was a barrage of home runs, taking full advantage of the Stadium’s notorious short porch.

However, a closer look at the statistics reveals a potential twist in the narrative. Over their careers, Soto would have hit just over 20 fewer homers with the Yankees, Grisham only two more, and Verdugo, the most significant beneficiary, a modest nine.

Yankees lefty focus: A swing or a miss?

The looming question is whether the revamped Yankees outfield can live up to the lofty expectations. Can they translate their potential into on-field dominance? While the offseason moves present thrilling possibilities, uncertainties remain. Will the players seamlessly adapt to their new environment? Can the short porch magic truly materialize? And perhaps most crucially, can they handle the intense pressure of New York and fulfill the team’s championship aspirations?

The answers will unfold with time. What is certain, however, is that the Yankees’ redesigned outfield, featuring a blend of established stars and promising youth, has captivated the baseball world. The 2024 season is poised to be an enthralling, high-stakes experiment, with every swing and strategic move watched with eager anticipation.

The stadium is a factor

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The notorious short porch at Yankee Stadium is a well-known factor, influencing home run numbers for both left-handed and right-handed hitters. It turns the park into a pitcher’s nightmare, especially on windy nights when Yankees batters are in the zone. However, a surprising element comes into play when considering the overall park factor – taking into account all balls in play, not just homers.

For left-handed hitters, the magic number drops to a below-average 96 over the past three seasons. This unexpected revelation suggests that some lefties may be sacrificing singles and doubles when showcasing their skills in the Bronx. Despite the enticing distances of 314 and 318 feet in left and right field, the vast expanses of the left-center and right-center field corners, extending to 399 and 385 feet respectively, seem to swallow up potential base hits like hungry whales.

Yankee Stadium Park Factor for Lefties

This intriguing statistic unveils a hidden truth: beyond the short porch’s reputation for boosting home runs, left-handed hitters might encounter challenges in stringing together singles and doubles at Yankee Stadium. While the stadium offers an extra distance for impressive moon shots, it necessitates a strategic shift, prompting lefties to reconsider their approach and potentially prioritize power over pesky base hits.

A clue from the past

Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo celebrate after the Yankees beat the Orioles 8-3 in Baltimore on July 29, 2023.
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For the Yankees, the pursuit of consistent power from the left side has become a quest as epic as any World Series journey. The days of Canó and Matsui’s left-handed thunder, which once echoed through the stadium, have faded. Instead, the void has been filled by players like Brett Gardner, Didi Gregorius, Brian McCann, Aaron Hicks, Joey Gallo, and Anthony Rizzo, often with mixed results. Over the past eight seasons since their last championship win, there have been meager returns, with only one season surpassing the 30-home run mark, a far cry from the promises seemingly offered by the Yankee Stadium short porch.

Lefties who got it done in the Bronx
Player, YearHRsPull %FB %Barrel %
Anthony Rizzo, 20223445.90%35%10.90%
Brett Gardner, 20192944.30%20.70%3.90%
Didi Gregorius, 20182737.50%25.80%4.70%
Brian McCann, 20162047.60%35.20%5.70%

So, why the struggle? Let’s delve into the few successful seasons and uncover the common threads that made them tick. Despite individual differences, such as Rizzo’s dominant barrel rate, a consistent pattern emerges. In each successful year, the Yankees’ left-handed hitters consistently pulled the ball at least 37% of the time and launched it in the air at least 20% of the time. Gardner’s 2019, considered a career-high home run year (with a juiced ball environment caveat), still emphasizes the effectiveness of the pull-and-lift approach.

The truth is, there’s no magic formula beyond these basics. To conquer the short porch, left-handed hitters need to adopt a pull-and-elevate strategy – simple physics in action. Struggles often arise when deviating from this blueprint, as evident in Rizzo’s 2023, where both pull and fly-ball rates declined significantly, leading to a home run drought.

However, the Bronx faithful’s fervent calls for lefty power have not fallen on deaf ears. The recent acquisitions of Soto, Grisham, and Verdugo indicate that the Yankees are ready to feast, not famine. Having learned from the sometimes explosive experiment that was Joey Gallo, they appear poised to unleash a more refined lefty force in the upcoming 2024 season.

Will new Yankees bats feast?

The Yankees acquired Juan Soto, Trent Grisham, and Alex Verdugo through trades in December, 2023.

The Bronx is hungry. After a lackluster season where their collective hitting languished at a 19th-place finish in the league, with an even more dismal 24th-place performance from their left-handed hitters, the Yankees sought a remedy. Enter the trio of Soto, Grisham, and Verdugo – a lefty outfield banquet laid before the short porch gods. But the question lingers: will their offerings satisfy the discerning taste buds of the Bronx?

While Soto and Verdugo’s pull rates may not align perfectly with the ideal Bronx feast, Grisham emerges as the potential sleeper dish poised to make an impact. This center fielder, known for his exceptional defense, hard-hit balls, and above-average barrel rate, has long hinted at a breakout. If he can elevate his launch angle while maintaining elite plate discipline, the 2024 season might witness Grisham cooking up a career year.

The chosen lefties, 2023
PlayerHRsHRs in YSPull %FB %Barrel %
Juan Soto352735.50%25.20%13%
Alex Verdugo131234.90%23%5%
Trent Grisham131443.80%28.10%11.90%

As for Soto, the reigning gourmet of the baseball world, he isn’t accustomed to indulging in pulled dishes. Instead, he crafts balanced feasts, sprinkling the outfield with homers and opposite-field hits. Nevertheless, his Derby masterclass showcased a flexibility that could be intriguing. Will the Yankees entice him with data-driven delights, highlighting the porch’s pull-power potential? One thing is certain – his arrival is a five-star upgrade for the offense.

Verdugo, despite being the theoretical porch-power king, may lack the flashy statistics of his companions. However, his refined approach will undoubtedly be savored. Perhaps the Yankees will guide him toward loftier fly balls on his pull side, adding an extra layer of spice to his game.

In conclusion, while the new bats may not be custom-tailored for the Yankee Stadium oven, their presence undeniably raises the temperature in the Bronx kitchen. This once-mediocre offensive unit has been served a significant upgrade, and the 2024 season promises a tantalizing feast for hungry Yankee fans. Will the new ingredients sizzle or fizzle? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the wait for opening day in the Bronx just got a whole lot attractive.

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