Yankees best placed to keep Juan Soto with a mega deal in 2024, claims ex-teammate

Yankees acquired Juan Soto via trade on Dec 5, 2023.
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Ever since the Yankees acquired Juan Soto three weeks back, Fernando Tatis Jr., hailing from the Dominican Republic like his teammate, has stepped into a more prominent spotlight from his previously reserved position. While reveling in Las Estrellas Orientales’ 2-1 triumph over Los Leones del Escogido in the Dominican Winter League, the holder of the Platinum Glove couldn’t conceal a hint of melancholy witnessing the departure of his “compatriot.” However, amid the mix of poignant sentiments, Tatis Jr. also conceded that New York might be the ideal destination for the 25-year-old power hitter.

Dominican reporter Rafael Padilla conveyed Tatis’ sadness at bidding farewell to Juan Soto and acknowledged their future separation on the field. However, Tatis also expressed his belief that the move to New York presented a positive opportunity for Soto’s career and wished him all the best. He reportedly told Juan Soto that joining the Yankees was his ideal chance to secure financial rewards and expressed his hope that Juan Soto would continue his impressive home run prowess.

Yankees acquired Juan Soto via trade on Dec 5, 2023.

Taking on the role of a builder of dynasties, David Ortiz assessed the scene. Juan Soto, a promising young talent ready to take command, was in front of him. Ortiz, expressing a mix of admiration and reverence, shared with Laura Bonnelly, “The Yankees require a legendary figure, Laura. And a twelve-year deal, half a billion – that’s the way legends are created in the Bronx.”

Juan Soto to cost Yankees a massive deal next year

The last swing in Juan Soto’s arbitration negotiations might resemble a moonshot, with experts forecasting a home run in the range of $29 to $33 million (as reported by Spotrac and MLB Trade Rumors). However, considering his refusal of the Nationals’ offer of a 15-year, $440 million deal (reported by Ken Rosenthal at The Athletic), it remains uncertain what kind of impressive hit the Yankees might have to deliver to attract this talented slugger.

Juan Soto of the New York Yankees

At just 24 years old, Juan Soto’s bat is already crafting melodic tales of destruction. His career slash line, standing at .284/.421/.524, resonates with a formidable 157 OPS+. According to MLB expert Sarah Langs, this places him fifth among all hitters with a minimum of 3,000 plate appearances before reaching their 25th birthday. In this revered group of sluggers, only luminaries such as Ty Cobb with 176, Mike Trout with 170, Mickey Mantle with 166, and Jimmie Foxx with 166 surpass Juan Soto’s impressive standing.

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