Yankees fans step up vitriol after team loses series to Rockies

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DENVER — Sunday’s loss to the Rockies marked the lowest point of the season for the Yankees. They threw away their two-run lead twice, in the eighth and 11th inning, to end up losing the game and the series in Denver. It provided enough pretext for fans to strongly denounce the team.

Rockies’ Anderson came out with a record of 27 runs in the last four games only to keep the Yankees at bay for five innings. The team squandered an impressive 11-strikeout performance by Gerrit Cole.

The Yankees have lost six of their last eight games, which has brought them to a last-place tie with the Red Sox at the bottom of the AL East. Additionally, they now trail by 1 ¹/₂ games in the race for the final wild-card spot. It is too much for the Yankees fans to see the team falling to their lowest ebb in three decades.

The worst defeat for the Yankees

Despite having a two-run lead in the eighth inning, the Yankees faltered as their top reliever, Clay Holmes, found himself in a bases-loaded, two-out situation. Unfortunately, he couldn’t escape the jam and gave up a grand slam to C.J. Cron at Coors Field.

Their chances were dashed once more as they repeated their struggles in the 11th inning. In a turn of events, Nolan Jones delivered a game-tying home run against Nick Ramirez, and later Alan Trejo added another homer off Ron Marinaccio. Despite the Yankees’ two-run lead in the top of the 11th inning, they ultimately suffered an 8-7 defeat to the Rockies.

One would expect the Yankees to be furious following their series loss to the lowest-ranked team in the National League. Despite the frustration, it didn’t appear that the Yankees were overly upset. However, when questioned about losing the series to the Rockies, who are significantly below the .500 mark, manager Aaron Boone did express some discontent.

Aaron Boone acknowledged that in Major League Baseball, there will be instances where teams win against strong opponents and lose series against struggling teams. He emphasized that every game is a challenging battle, regardless of the opponent, and highlighted the demanding nature of wearing a Major League Baseball uniform.

Boone expressed his disagreement with the notion that losing a series to a struggling team is indicative of a larger issue. He acknowledged the frustration of losing the series but emphasized the need to move on and focus on performing well in the upcoming games in California.

“I don’t buy into that garbage at all. They outlasted us. We’re obviously pissed off in the moment that we lost a series, but it’s a series we lost and we’ve got to move on from it and go try and play well in California.”

Despite the disappointing loss on Sunday, the atmosphere in the Yankees clubhouse remained relatively calm as players gathered around tables, engaging in conversations and quickly grabbing a meal before heading to the Denver airport.

First baseman Anthony Rizzo expressed that it won’t be difficult for the team to move on from this setback. Rizzo, who hasn’t hit a home run in nearly two months, remains optimistic and focused on the upcoming games.


Rizzo acknowledged the current situation and the possibility of being in a worse position, potentially even in sole possession of last place. He recognized that their current situation is not ideal, but emphasized that at this point in the season, the specific division standing is not as important as the overall goal of making it to the playoffs. The Yankees player highlighted the importance of focusing on securing a playoff spot and not getting too caught up in the standings.

“Then again, we’re not far off from being in (sole possession of) last place and out of it. It’s not an ideal situation we want to be in, but this time of year it doesn’t matter what position you’re in. It’s about getting in the playoffs.”

Concerned Yankees fans slammed the team

Despite being just two games behind the final AL wild-card spot, the Yankees’ recent performance has been concerning. In the month of July, they have struggled against NL teams like the Cardinals, Cubs, and Rockies, all of whom are expected to be sellers in the upcoming trade deadline. Additionally, they have only managed to split a four-game series against the Orioles, a team with a struggling record.

Rizzo’s statement regarding the Yankees not being far off from second place in the AL East is inaccurate. The Orioles currently hold an eight-game lead over the Yankees, making the gap quite significant.

Rizzo acknowledged the frustration within the team and emphasized that the veterans, who have experienced success in the past, share in that frustration. However, he also recognized that dwelling on frustration will not bring about positive change. Instead, the team needs to maintain their focus, continue playing, and persevere through the challenges they are facing.

“The Yankees are a dumpster fire, a fan tweeted”

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One thought on “Yankees fans step up vitriol after team loses series to Rockies

  1. What else can be said. They don’t care. As long as the players are getting paid big salaries they will just keep doing what they have been doing. There is no incentive to perform better. The front office also. As long as fans put their butts in the seats and buy merchandise they will not care. I call for a boycott of the team. Don’t go to games. Don’t buy yankees merchandise. I have been a Yankees fan since before my first game in 1962. I have always desperately wanted to go games and wear Yanlees caps and jerseys. Not now. I believe something drastic has to be done. Hit them in the pocketbook where it will hurt. Show them how disappointed you are.

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