Aaron Boone’s scathing criticism of Yankees as ‘sick’ exposes growing rift with team

Aaron Boone, the manager of the New York Yankees, is making a gesture during the post-game press meet on Aug 19, 2020, at Yankee Stadium.

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Manager Aaron Boone’s outburst following the Yankees’ 8-3 loss to the Red Sox on Saturday is an indication that he has lost command over the team. The skipper took aim at the team labeling it as “sick” in a clear articulation of frustration and deteriorating faith in the Yankees while pointing toward a possible strained relationship with the players.

“We’re sick animals, in a lot of ways,” Bryan Hoch of MLB.com cited Aaron Boone as saying to reporters after the game . “It’s the grind of the sport. We’ve got to come ready to go tomorrow and fight our way through this. Through this, you find out about people. You get your character revealed. You’ve got to keep showing up.”

The Yankees are going through a really tough time right now, worse than they have in the last 25 years. Their manager, Aaron Boone, held a private meeting with the team on Friday night to try to boost their spirits and energy. Unfortunately, the Yankees pay scant heed to his morale-boosting efforts and their plight was clear in another rout on Saturday.

Aaron Boone acknowledged that he spoke with the team the previous night and advised them to maintain consistency in their actions and preparations and to consider the upcoming Saturday as the beginning of their efforts to improve.

But right after Aaron Boone shared his thoughts, his players went on their own. This season is likely coming to an end. Even Gerrit Cole, who’s usually a strong performer for the Yankees, had a tough time. The team’s batting performance was also not up to par.

The inability of Aaron Boone to inspire the struggling team was clearly visible, as the Yankees suffered a tough 8-1 loss to the Red Sox in front of around 42,599 fans in Yankee Stadium on Saturday afternoon. Most of the fans seemed pretty indifferent to the game.

The Yankees’ downward trend continued (their record is now 60-63), as they faced their seventh consecutive loss forcing Aaron Boone to face mockery from fans for their continued and optimistic promises. The Yankees are now at their lowest point of the season, being three games below a .500 win-loss record. Plus, they were trailing the Mariners that currently hold the third and final spot for the AL wild card by a margin of 7 ½ games.

Aaron Boone claims struggle stinging Yankees players

Aaron Boone reacts during the Yankees’ loss to the Red Sox on Aug. 18.
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Even though Aaron Boone tried to assure everyone that the team’s spirits were still somewhat okay, he did admit that the players were understandably feeling the sting of their ongoing struggles.

According to Aaron Boone, he is indeed feeling the impact of the situation and the ongoing experience is not good to experience. On the other hand, he expressed his belief that the team is managing the circumstances adequately and that a positive change is on the horizon. Aaron Boone further mentioned that his communication was primarily focused on addressing the players’ mental state rather than specific strategies.

Aaron Boone added that the purpose of his conversation was to recognize the challenges the Yankees were facing. He wanted to ensure that they were in control of their approach each day and how they got ready for the games. The Yankees manager also advised them not to lose sight of that, especially during tough times.

The chat Aaron Boone had with the team was expected to boost them, especially considering it happened the night before star pitcher Gerrit Cole, who’s in the running for the Cy Young award, was set to start. The hope was that his performance could help break the team’s losing streak.

The reporters asked Aaron Boone if he ever felt like shouting at the team behind closed doors, without TV cameras around, to make them snap out of their current state. The manager responded that he engages with the team regularly. He pointed out that there have been various reasons for the challenging situations they find themselves in. Boone emphasized that avoiding these difficulties isn’t the solution; instead, they should confront and accept them. He stressed the importance of ensuring that everyone maintains a positive mindset when approaching their work each day. The goal is to work towards improvement consistently, and Boone expressed his confidence in this approach.

When asked if he believed his messages were still effective with his players, Boone simply replied with a single “Yeah.” But after Aaron Boone encouraged them to maintain a determined and focused attitude when preparing and practicing, the team just ignored him. When it came to the actual game, he wanted them to remember to enjoy playing but they did the opposite with a dull and defeated mentality.

Aaron Boone, the manager of the New York Yankees
New York Post

Aaron Boone encouraged the team to give their utmost effort and believe that they could initiate positive change starting that particular day. This might seem like believing without clear proof. But on Saturday, the Yankees had already lost six games in a row, which was their worst streak this season. Their last streak like this happened from September 4 to September 10, 2021, when they lost seven games in a row. And then they lost another game, making it their seventh loss.

The trust deficit is clear

In baseball, there’s a saying that managers often look smart when they have a team meeting just before a game where their best pitcher is playing. But in the case of Gerrit Cole, things didn’t go well even after manager Aaron Boone’s private promise to start a “turnaround.”

Aaron Boone had to admit that the Yankees haven’t given anyone a reason to believe in that promise. Even though Aaron Judge came back to the team, the Yankees haven’t been doing well. Since Judge’s return from a toe injury on July 28, the team has only won 6 out of 20 games.

The Yankees aren’t winning against anyone, and they haven’t won a series in their last eight attempts since they swept the Royals in July. Especially against their main rivals, the Red Sox, they’re not performing well.

This year, they’ve lost seven out of eight games they’ve played against the Red Sox. Cole remarked that he couldn’t remember facing a situation like this in his career. He had given up six earned runs, the highest this season, all from two home runs, within a span of four innings. The Yankees ace stated that the way a person deals with challenges and overcomes them is what truly determines how they are evaluated in the end.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone at a post game press meet.

Before the game, Aaron Boone stated that a “turnaround” was on the way. However, what actually happened during the game was that Yankees batters went up to the plate only to end up going back to the dugout without much success.

Commenting on the Yankees’ situation, a frustrated Aaron Boon characterized them as sick animals in certain aspects. He referred to the team’s offense struggling greatly, scoring only seven runs in the last five games. The manager also acknowledged that the recent performance hasn’t been positive, and everyone involved was unhappy about it. He made it clear that he didn’t doubt the team’s effort or motivation.

But, without a doubt, the Yankees are putting in the effort, yet their frustration might be affecting their performance. Unfortunately, they didn’t get a chance to hit while having a runner in a good position to score.

Boone mentioned that as a hitter, the desire to give your all can sometimes be overwhelming, which can be challenging. He explained that it’s important to find a balance between pushing too hard and maintaining control.

Before the game, Boone admitted that the team’s clubhouse atmosphere was strained, yet he reassured them that they were doing alright. But the players on the Yankees’ team proceeded to behave in a way that seemed to contradict his reassurances.

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2 thoughts on “Aaron Boone’s scathing criticism of Yankees as ‘sick’ exposes growing rift with team

  1. Bring up the minor leaguers who will change the moral of the players. Once they see their job is on the line. Something has to change.
    Send some if your Yankees to minors to change their attitude. This is a wake-up call

  2. When was the last time Boone put together a lineup that played more than a single game together? He’s always changing the lineup, juggling players or the batting order every stinking day! There is no sense of continuity with this team. I realize the Yankees injury problems have had something to do with that, but sometimes less tinkering equals more results on the field.

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