Fans demand change: ‘Fire Cashman Night’ gains momentum amid Yankees’ challenges

Aug 2, 2023; Bronx, New York, USA; A fan holds up a sign referring to New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman during the first inning between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays at Yankee Stadium. Mandatory Credit:
Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

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Amid the New York Yankees‘ turbulent 2023 season, an impassioned fan has taken an extraordinary step to voice their discontent. The upcoming home game against the Arizona team on September 22 is poised to become a seminal moment as fans rally behind a symbolic “Fire Cashman Night.”

The grassroots nature of this initiative, should it gain momentum, holds the potential to reverberate throughout the Bronx and send a strong message about the state of the team. As the Yankees grapple with a distressing position at the bottom of the league standings, the mounting frustration finds its focal point in General Manager Brian Cashman, a figure whose stewardship has long defined the franchise.

Over the span of 25 years, Cashman has navigated the tumultuous waters of the baseball world, weathering numerous highs and lows. Yet, the intensity of the current scrutiny is unparalleled, marking an unprecedented challenge in his storied career. The fervor emanating from fans is unprecedented and has cast the Yankees into unfamiliar territory.

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman at press conference at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx, New York, 2022.
J. Conrad Williams, Jr./Newsday RM

The designated venue for this emblematic demonstration is Sections 202, 203, and 204 within Yankee Stadium—precisely the right-field bleacher sections that resonate with the fervor of loyal fans. Notably, Section 203 leads the traditional roll call, signifying a focal point for the most dedicated supporters.

In a remarkable departure from convention, the voices that normally ring out with player chants will instead converge to critique Brian Cashman’s leadership. This unorthodox protest underscores the depth of dissatisfaction and signifies a dramatic shift in fan sentiment.

The historical backdrop to this spectacle conjures echoes of George Steinbrenner, the iconic Yankees owner known for his resolute pursuit of excellence. A figure who once commanded the franchise with unwavering authority, Steinbrenner’s hypothetical response to such a display remains a matter of conjecture. Nevertheless, the divergence between past and present ownership is striking, as the current administration stands steadfast behind Cashman.

The prevailing sentiment among supporters underscores a profound divergence in perspective. While fan fervor mounts, ownership maintains a measured approach. The outcome of this extraordinary event may well serve as a turning point for the Yankees’ future trajectory, sparking discussions on leadership, direction, and the ethos that propels one of baseball’s most storied franchises.

14 thoughts on “Fans demand change: ‘Fire Cashman Night’ gains momentum amid Yankees’ challenges


  2. The NYY are a train wreck and it is only getting worse. It is analytics run amok. Time to clean house and get real baseball people who can realistically evaluate talent. Time for Boone, his entire coaching staff, the whole analytics crew, Cashman and Levine to exit.

  3. All I hear from Cashman and Boone is the word “Track Record”… Is this their philosophy.???? This team is unbelievably hard to watch… The hitting especially…. If this was truly a “Championship Operation” they wouldn’t trot Luis Severino out there every 5 days… Or have Jake Baurs and IKF out there everyday… Cashman and Boone have to go.!!!!! Clearly behind the 8 ball.!!!!!!

  4. The Yankees are bad analytics run amok. Data has always been used in baseball. It’s probably the most data driven sport but not to the extent that you throw out all common sense.
    Yes the game has gone through changes in it’s 100+ years of existence but the basics of how you score runs and prevent runs doesn’t change. The Yankees seem to be following some script that only makes logical sense to them.
    Until that changes more of the same BS will be happening.

  5. Hal must of been adopted, George would never have let it get this ugly, can’t even watch 😤…thankfully I didn’t PAY for Yes network this year…won’t till Hal grows a set.

  6. I 100% support this as a lifelong diehard Yankee’s fan to the extent I have the Yankee logo tattooed on me and I have stuck by them through good and bad but this is absolutely disgusting and embarrassing! George would’ve fired Cashman after the debacle of the Frankie Montas trade following the even worse trade for Joey strike me out Gallo who we also btw gave up a very talented player who’s capable of playing short and just so happens to be playing a strong outfield this year and hitting over 300 and with legit power but is unfortunately playing for Texas (Ezequiel Duran) not to mention he wasn’t the only prospect surrendered in that trade. We gave up most of our triple A starting rotation including our #1 starting pitching prospect who just so happens to be left handed which we all know you can NEVER have enough left handed pitching any where but especially in Yankee Stadium with the short porch in right for an injured hardly used about to be free agent who missed this entire season after making what 6 or 8 crappy starts after the trade? Let’s take it another step further, we gave up Gio Urshela a quality third baseman with strong contact ability for mr home run or strikeout hitting 148 and barely played and known to be a clubhouse cancer and racist Mr Josh Donaldson ALONG with former all star catcher Gary Sanchez and got back light hitting IKF as the other player. I will say IKF while not a true starter but a solid bench piece and only player in our lineup hitting over 300 with runners in scoring position which again highlights how bad this putrid offense is we also took on $50mill in salary that “handcuffed” Hal with his payroll limitations that George never had nor ever would’ve and passed up several talented free agent outfielders. THEN we get to our “BIG” offseason signing of mr always injured and the White Sox gave up on him because of such Mr Carlos ouch my hammy Rodon with his 7 plus era and $160 mill contract. How did Cashman not learn after the Carl Pavano mess that he again gave that contract as well that we should NEVER sign diva/oft injured pitchers. Then there’s the Stanton debacle, which is even more atrocious and expensive (over $325 mill contract) has appeared in approximately half the team’s games since being acquired and it hitting 200 as a DH which is supposed to be your best bat not a player you’re running out there because you significantly overpaid for. Then we ate yet another Cashman horrible contract to yet another oft injured player this year Mr Aaron always broken Hicks who as soon as we dfa’d him turned back into an above average outfielder for a division rival while we are paying him millions of dollars to play for the first place Oriole’s who are the AL East leaders. Did I forget to mention somehow magically not knowing Anthony Rizzo had a concussion after being lights out the first two months then getting hit in the head and is suddenly the worst player on the team and every single one of us fans knew was hurt yet it took two months of playing him everyday watching him struggle like never before in his career to figure out he had a concussion? Back to Cashman contracts we have eaten lets name more Kei Igawa $46 million after posting fee and 5 year contract to pitch in AAA when he wasn’t getting clobbered in his occasional Big league start, A-roid disgracing the Yankee name and the league by not only cheating but announcing his opt out from at that time the most lucrative contract ever given in MLB DURING the World Series and proceeded to over pay him again an even bigger contract to stay and got suspended for Roids and then paid to just go away while we ate the end of the contract, let’s also not forget Mr glass himself Jacoby Ellsbury who not only sucked but was already a hated Red Sox club member and his 7 year $153 mill contract Cashman gave him and we again paid him to stay home while eating another colossal mistake by our favorite “GM”. Maybe GM in his case means Garbage Man when he picks the scrap heap to fill wholes on the roster to play in place of the players he gave these garbage contracts to and we ate. Let’s talk about future all stars/current ones that we ruined… Gary Sanchez, Sonny Gray who is magically great again, already mentioned Aaron Hicks, Joba Chamberlain, Jose Contreras who won a world series for Chicago and was elite in the playoffs who we traded for the Esteban Loaiza who was a bust and we even reacquirred to watch fail again in Pinstripes, then we have ANOTHER high end starter we couldn’t develop and sent to the White Soc and watched him dominate Mr. Jose Qunintana, that brings us to Mr Pinetar another Cashman overpay acquisition we couldn’t develop who cheated and tarnished our name and became valuable after leaving NY with the Twins, we again ruined Aroldis Chapman the hardest thrower in baseball history and he amazingly had his mechanics fixed n became great again immediately after leaving, next up Ian Kennedy bust starting prospect after being traded becomes top 10 closer for years, we also had Kenny Rogers twice and couldn’t produce for us but was great literally everywhere else, Mark Melancon was supposed to replace Mariano but we couldn’t devolpe and Cashman traded then became a top 5 closer for years, then 3 of our top 10 prospects in 2001 starred for everyone but us after we failed to develop them Nick Johnson who also came back but again sucked for us, Alfonso Soriano a stud traded for A-Roid and brought back too late in his career after starring for the Cubs, Wily Mo Pena who destroyed us when he played for arch rival Red Sox, then the 02 crop included Marcus Thames who we also brought back later to bomb after being successful elsewhere after we gave up, then good ole had to have future HOF’er (not) massive bust Drew Henson, 03 crop had Robby Cano who we let walk after a season where he was our only all star and carried us while looking like a future HOF’er, Chien Ming Wang a quality #1a or #2 starter that we ruined permanently after winning 19 games for us, the 04 crop included Dioner Navarro a solid hitting catcher for the division rival Tampa Rays after we lost him, Ramon Ramirez wirh 360+ innings of relief with a 3.16 era for mostly the crosstown Mets and San Fran, 05 crop had never quite the ace he was supposed to be Phil Hughes who was better for the Twins after leaving, plus Melky Cabrera who won a batting title after leaving, 06 crop with Jose Tabata again better after leaving, Austin Jackson again the same, Eduardo Nunez yet again same story, Tyler Clippard again same thing, 07 crop had already mentioned Mark Melancon, already mentioned Joba Chamberlain, already mentioned Ian Kennedy, Dellin we rode him too hard K king Betances, then our last real LF Brett Gardner who we actually kept and was good (1 exception and an example of why we should have kept the others), 08 crop had Jesus Montero we couldn’t develop and traded for previously mentioned cheater Michael Pineda that we bombed on, 09 crop included Alfredo Aceves who was great for us and we still let go, 2010 crop had Arodis Vizcaino we traded to the Braves for another Yankee failure yet great otherwise Javy Vazquez, already mentioned Gary Sanchez, and JR Murphy who we lucked out and for once got rid of while at max value BUT for the previously mentioned Aaron Hicks failure, also Slade Heathcott highly touted we couldn’t develop n ruined, 2011 crop had Andrew Brackman, Manny Banuelos, and Hector Noesi all of which were highly touted and we failed to develop, and I could go on for days but this is clearly a trend and career of poor development, along with poor decision making, and poor drafting, as well as signings by Mr Brien Cashman and let’s not forget with honorable mention our very last #1 overall pick Brien Taylor who was immediately tossed into the frying pan in the big leagues and over used and not properly developed and absolutely destroyed as ruined just isn’t strong enough of a word and yes I know Cashman was only Ass GM then but still part of the decision making process.

  7. Sadly mediocrity has become acceptable from this franchise.
    If I had a dollar for Everytime I heard the damaged goods we traded for was “low risk and high reward”, I’d be able to buy the team. Much is said about Cashman’s genius, however; real fans know “Stick” Michael was the architect of their recent dynasty. Cashman did put together their last Championship. That was because the checkbook was once again opened. Hal did the right thing for his Dad to let him see one more championship. Now it’s time to do the right thing for the team and it’s fans. Fire them Cashman, Boone, and Levine and end this madness.

  8. On field wins is only one of the many metrics ownership must analyze. The various revenue streams are more important metrics. Cashman and Boone have already and continue to deliver to the owners the only championship they care about; The Most profitable team in MLB.
    If the revenues and profits decline, and if analysis proves that the decline is related to lack of on field wins, only then will wins be addressed by adding player pieces. Cashman is a genius to have locked in the two players who guarantee big profits, Cole and Judge. That was his job and he did it perfectly.
    Wake up. George is dead. So is Billy Martin. The age of motivating Yankee players to win is over.

  9. I am a Yankees fan and I know that Cashman isn’t going anywhere. So wearing fire Cashman shirt and making signs is just a waste of time. No matter how much people complain online or on radio shows. Nothing is going to change. Yankees fans just need to be happy with the fact the yankees make the playoffs almost every year.

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