Yankees hold Domingo German in nap room, force him into sauna after he turned violent, confronted Boone


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More biting details have emerged on Domingo German‘s alcoholism following his rehab decision. The Yankees reportedly held him in a nap room at Yankee Stadium after he turned violent and confronted manager Aaron Boone.

According to reports, Domingo German displayed aggressive behavior in the clubhouse on Tuesday. He engaged in conflicts with fellow members of the Yankees, and his actions included flipping over a couch and damaging a TV. This occurred before the Yankees pitcher sought treatment for alcohol abuse.

Domingo German’s rehab news has again highlighted the delicate balance between success and failure, between achieving great heights and facing challenges, which is a common theme in American professional sports. The Yankees, who won 27 World Series titles, are facing the second such alcoholism problem involving their players in the last eight years.

Domingo German’s violent behavior

New York Yankees starter Domingo German
Mara Vega

Domingo German, who the Yankees put on the restricted list on Wednesday, voluntarily underwent inpatient treatment. But SNY claims that he exhibited aggressive behavior while in the Yankee Stadium clubhouse.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the Yankees pitcher, who seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, had engaged in confrontations with his Yankees teammates and manager Aaron Boone. In the course of the incident, the pitcher overturned a couch and damaged a TV. The team then attempted to make him sweat out the alcohol by placing him in a sauna, according to the Journal.

Afterward, he was moved to a team nap room under the supervision of Yankees security, but it remains uncertain when he departed from Yankee Stadium.

Witnesses, according to SNY, found that Domingo German had consumed alcohol and did not appear to have control over his emotions.

A look at his past turmoils

Domingo German gained more attention for his suspensions than for his performance in games. In May of this year, he received a 10-game suspension for using a foreign substance, specifically a type of glue, which led to his ejection from a game against the Blue Jays. Additionally, in 2020, he faced an 81-game suspension for breaking domestic violence rules.

Domingo German with wife Mara Vega.
Instagram/ Mara Vega

It’s reported that the 30-year-old pitcher had previously mistreated his now-wife, Mara Vega, while under the influence of alcohol. Domingo German allegedly punched Vega at a 2019 event, but according to The Athletic, what happened next led to an MLB investigation. Allegedly, when they returned home, a heavily intoxicated German acted violently toward Vega, causing her to seek safety by locking herself in a room.

But Domingo German is not currently breaking any of the guidelines outlined in the Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, and Child Abuse Policy, and Major League Baseball is not looking into him. MLB is not investigating Domingo German, and this situation was managed within the Yankees organization.

Yankees’ General Manager Brian Cashman mentioned on Wednesday that he anticipates Domingo German, who pitched a perfect game in late June, to be out for the remainder of the season. Cashman stated before the Yankees’ 7-2 win over the Rays that it’s a very serious issue that unfortunately affects way too many people.

The Yankees expressed his hope that the steps being taken that day would greatly benefit Domingo German for the rest of his life. Cashman emphasized the seriousness of the problem, which needs to be confronted directly. He also mentioned that these treatment facilities are important in providing German with the tools needed to overcome the issue.

Cashman clarified that the alcohol problem was unrelated to Domingo German being removed from his scheduled start due to an armpit injury. As of Wednesday, German, who threw a perfect game this season, had already started receiving inpatient treatment for his issues with alcohol.

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3 thoughts on “Yankees hold Domingo German in nap room, force him into sauna after he turned violent, confronted Boone

  1. Alcoholism is a terrible disease. It doesn’t seem like Mr. German realizes that yet. He’ll have until next spring -perhaps his entire life – to finally come to grips with that fact.
    I wish Domingo and his family the best of luck in overcoming his disease.

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