Giancarlo Stanton breaks silence after Yankees win over Astros

Giancarlo Stanton, player of the NY Yankees.
Amanda Paula
Friday August 4, 2023

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As the New York Yankees secured another victory, defeating the Houston Astros 4-3 on Thursday, one player who stood out was Giancarlo Stanton.

The slugger’s performance at the plate has been crucial in the team’s recent triumphs, and he recently shared some insights during a post-game interview.

Stanton and the feeling at the plating right now

Giancarlo Stanton celebrates with Yankees teammates after hitting two homers vs. the Cubs on July 8, 2023, at Yankee Stadium.
New York Yankees

“I feel alright. Having good at-bats, not so good at-bats. If you’re going to have a couple bad at-bats, hopefully no runners are on”

Giancarlo Stanton‘s sincerity and self-awareness were evident as he described his current state at the plate. He acknowledged having both good and not-so-good at-bats, recognizing that inconsistency is a natural part of baseball. However, his focus remains on making an impact in every game and helping his team secure victories.

“Struggles of months ago, weeks ago – right now it’s about how can I help us win each night? I can’t be trying to catch up to a bad couple months. Just what can I do produce that night? And if it doesn’t work, we got another game in 20 hours” explained Stanton.

This attitude reflects a mature and resilient approach to the game. Instead of dwelling on past difficulties, Stanton is determined to positively contribute in the present moment, taking each game as it comes. Such a mindset is crucial for any athlete, especially in a high-pressure sport like baseball, where success is often measured by consistency throughout the long season.

Moreover, Stanton revealed an important aspect of his growth as a player. He mentioned how, in the past, he would rush through games, putting extra pressure on himself and making the game harder than necessary. But now, he has learned to slow down, trust in his abilities, and focus on executing each play effectively.

This newfound composure and confidence in his skills have been evident in Stanton’s recent performances. Alongside his teammates, he showcased his power by hitting back-to-back home runs in a crucial game against the Houston Astros.

Stanton’s ability to stay in the present moment and not let past struggles affect his current performance is a testament to his mental strength and determination. His approach to handling fluctuations and staying focused on the task at hand sets an excellent example for aspiring athletes and baseball enthusiasts alike. His dedication to helping the team win every night and his ability to remain calm under pressure are invaluable assets that will serve the Yankees well throughout the season.

As Giancarlo Stanton continues to display his talent at the plate and contribute to the team’s victories, fans can expect exciting performances and memorable moments from this exceptional player.

Moreover, as the Yankees prepare to take on the Astros once again on Friday, Giancarlo Stanton’s motivation could prove to be a vital factor in igniting the entire team’s performance. With Aaron Judge and the rest of the team back on track, Stanton’s drive and determination might be the spark that propels them to success.

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