Juan Soto’s HR spree fuels ‘M-V-P’ chants in Bronx, Judge feels ‘chills’

Yankees' Juan Soto flips his bat after hitting a home run vs. the Mariners at Yankee Stadium on May 22, 2024.
Inna Zeyger
Thursday May 23, 2024

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Slugger Juan Soto is only 51 games old in pinstripes. But that doesn’t stop Yankees fans from yearning for the 25-year-old Dominican star to become the 2024 MVP.

The 40,224 Bronx faithful at Yankee Stadium went on chanting “M-V-P!, M-V-P!” on Wednesday as Juan Soto hammered his second home run of the night leading the Yankees to a 7-3 victory over the Mariners.

Juan Soto launched a full-count sinker into the visitors’ bullpen in left field for a two-run homer in the third inning, giving the Yankees a 4-0 lead. The 414-foot blast off Bryce Miller hit the back wall on a hop. Later, in the sixth inning, he connected on another sinker on Miller’s first pitch, sending a 369-foot shot into the left-field stands and prompting the “M-V-P!” chants from the crowd of 40,224.

Juan Soto, who has the potential to become a free agent after the World Series, has been a key contributor to the New York Yankees’ MLB-best 34-17 record. The 25-year-old star expressed his enjoyment of every aspect of his time with the team, acknowledging that he never knows how long the experience will last and that he tries to soak it all in.

“Way too early,” Juan Soto said with a smile. “I just got to turn around and they go crazy,” he said. “I know it’s a lot of Dominicans. They all want me to say hi. I tried to say hi to everybody, but I got to be focused in the game, too. I’m enjoying every part of every part of it. You never know how long this going to be like that, so you do try to enjoy it every second. So I just soak it all in.”

Aaron Judge on Juan Soto “M-V-P” chants: “It gives me chills” 

Aaron Judge, the 2022 AL MVP, is thrilled to hear Soto receiving a fan response similar to the one he has long been accustomed to. He said that it gives him chills to witness the fans’ love for the show Soto is putting on.

“It gives me chills,” he conceded. “The fans are definitely loving the show he’s putting on.”

In the first inning, Judge hit an opposite-field, two-run homer to right off Bryce Miller. The Yankees captain is currently batting .268 with 14 homers, 11 of which have come since late April, and 34 RBIs.

However, he credited Juan Soto with boosting the entire batting order, saying that it was entertaining to watch and gave everyone behind him a good look at the pitches the opposing pitchers were trying to throw that day.

Juan Soto celebrates with Aaron Judge after hitting his second home run the game vs. the Mariners at Yankee Stadium on May 22, 2024.

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge expressed his admiration for right fielder Juan Soto’s exceptional batting skills. According to Judge, Juan Soto has been locked in throughout the entire season, consistently delivering impressive performances at the plate. He noted that Juan Soto’s unpredictable approach keeps opponents guessing, as he can either swing at the first pitch and send it into the seats or engage in lengthy at-bats spanning 8-10 pitches.

“Locked in.. I feel like he has been locked in all season long man,” he said. “It’s been impressive to watch. I said it before you never know what’s going to happen, he will go up there and swing at the first pitch and drill to the seats or he will have a 8-9-10 pitch at-bat.”

Judge also mentioned that it was exciting to witness Juan Soto’s raw power firsthand, as he muscled the baseball into the bleachers with authority. He added that the slugger’s tough at-bats and great swings provide valuable opportunities for his teammates batting behind him in the lineup.

The Yankees captain concluded by emphasizing the entertainment value of watching Juan Soto play, expressing his enjoyment in having a front-row seat to the young slugger’s exceptional performances.

During an eighth-inning pitching change, Aaron Judge, Juan Soto, and Alex Verdugo entertained the crowd by encouraging different sections of the bleachers to engage in a cheering competition. Judge explained that it’s a good way to get the crowd involved and a little rowdy, as they just want to cheer.

Boone thrills at Juan Soto’s onslaught

Aaron Judge is with Juan Soto after hitting a home run the game vs. the Mariners at Yankee Stadium on May 22, 2024.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone expressed his love for the Bronx fans showing their appreciation for Juan Soto. In his first season with the Yankees since being acquired from the San Diego Padres, the slugger is batting .313 with 13 homers, 40 RBIs, and a .978 OPS. The young star repeatedly responds to the admiration and affection from the fans behind him in the right-field seats, saying ‘hi” to everybody.

Boone showered praise on star right fielder Juan Soto following his outstanding performance in the team’s victory over the Seattle Mariners in Game 3 of their series. He emphasized that few left-handed batters can hit the ball with the same power and precision as the star slugger.

“I like it. I mean, those are just, the two balls he hits out tonight are you know just there’s not really any lefties that hit balls like that. I mean you can think of guys that can leave there and things like that
but just that kind of signature one that he puts off the back of our bullpen that’s a long way for a lefty to just stand on it too and just know it and then hit an absolute mind drive like a righty hit it to left straight away.”

Boone expressed his admiration for Juan Soto’s hitting prowess, particularly the two home runs he hit during the game. He noted that the ball the slugger launched off the back of the Yankees’ bullpen was a remarkable feat for a left-handed hitter, demonstrating his ability to stand confidently in the batter’s box and drive the ball with authority. Boone also complimented Juan Soto’s impressive opposite-field home run to left field, comparing it to the power typically displayed by right-handed hitters.

The Yankees manager further praised Juan Soto’s overall performance, acknowledging the quality of his swings throughout the game. Even in his final at-bat, where the outfielder may have been slightly off-balance, Boone appreciated his aggressive approach and willingness to “let it eat.”

Juan Soto’s teammate, Nestor Cortes, also commended the young star’s baseball acumen and dedication to the game. Cortes admitted that while he had always recognized Soto’s exceptional skills from across the field, witnessing his work ethic, passion, and talent up close has given him a newfound appreciation for the unique factor Soto brings to the team.

As Juan Soto continues to showcase his offensive prowess and lead the Yankees’ charge, his Bronx tenure remains uncertain. Yet, the slugger treats Yankee Stadium like a personal diamond, delighting fans.

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