WATCH: Former Yankees catcher Higgy’s ploy stings Torres in Padres win

Ex-Yankees catcher Higgy's smart move catches a sleeping Gleyber Torres.

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The New York Yankees faced a tough loss against the San Diego Padres, and much of it can be traced back to a series of missteps and errors, notably involving Gleyber Torres. A combination of strategic plays and errors from the Yankees turned what could have been a successful outing into a disappointing 5-2 loss at Petco Park on Sunday.

Joe Musgrove picked off a snoozing Gleyber Torres

The game between the Yankees and the Padres was tight from the start, with pitchers Joe Musgrove and Clarke Schmidt trading zeroes through the first two innings. Gleyber Torres’ poor day started in the top of the second innings, when he managed to get on base, but couldn’t make it past first.

With Torres on first base, Musgrove executed a perfectly timed pick-off move, catching Torres off guard. The former Yankees catcher, Kyle Higashioka, now playing for the Padres in the blockbuster winter trade, played threw a sign to his pitcher by dropping his glove which led to a pick-off that stung Torres and set the tone for his challenging outing. Torres’ mishap on the bases was just the beginning. His day just went from bad to worse as the Yankees lost game 3 against San Diego 2-5.

A forgettable Petco Park outing for New York Yankees despite sealing the series

Torres’ second-inning blunder was merely the prologue to a horror story that unfolded in the sixth inning. Up until that point, Clarke Schmidt had been holding the Padres at bay, carrying a shutout into the inning. The Yankees had just taken a 1-0 lead in the top of the sixth, courtesy of Juan Soto’s RBI double. However, the bottom of the sixth inning unraveled quickly, starting with Torres’ defensive miscue. Jake Cronenworth hit a ground ball that should have been a routine out, but it slipped under Torres’ glove, marking his seventh error of the season. This mistake allowed Cronenworth to reach base and set the stage for the Padres’ rally.

Manny Machado followed with a walk, prompting Yankees manager Aaron Boone to pull Schmidt from the game. Despite Schmidt’s solid performance, the bullpen struggled to contain the Padres’ offense. Victor Gonzalez came in and immediately walked Donovan Solano to load the bases. The situation spiraled further when Jackson Merrill hit a grounder to Anthony Rizzo, who managed to get a force out at second, but Cronenworth scored to tie the game. Ha-Seong Kim then laid down a perfect bunt, and Rizzo’s attempt to barehand it failed, allowing the Padres to take a 2-1 lead.

Yankees' Gleyber Torres and Anthony Rizzo have a poor defensive outing, costs game vs. Padres in San Diego on May 26, 2024.

The rally continued with Luis Arraez lining a single back up the middle off Gonzalez, extending the Padres’ lead to 3-1. Fernando Tatis Jr. added another run with a check-swing dribbler, making it 4-1. By the time the dust settled, the Padres had scored four runs, only one of which was earned, due to Torres’ error. The Yankees attempted a comeback in the ninth with Alex Verdugo hitting a solo home run, but it wasn’t enough. The Padres’ 5-2 victory prevented the Yankees from completing a sweep and highlighted the critical errors that cost the Yankees dearly.

The Yankees’ loss to the Padres was a game marked by missed opportunities and critical errors, particularly involving Gleyber Torres. His pick-off in the second inning and a costly error in the sixth were pivotal moments that shifted the game’s momentum in favor of the Padres. Despite Clarke Schmidt’s commendable performance, the Yankees’ bullpen faltered, and the Padres capitalized on every mistake. Now, the Yanks continue their West Coast road trip, and head to LA to play the Angels. Will they emerge victorious in LA? What do you think? Leave your comment below!

One thought on “WATCH: Former Yankees catcher Higgy’s ploy stings Torres in Padres win

  1. Ah, yes, Higgy knew how STUPID & CARELESS Gleyber Torres is from his many years as his teammate, and he took advantage of that knowledge to help Musgrove pick off the snoozing Torres.

    There was a certain charm in watching the much beloved & much smarter Kyle Higashioka outsmart the Exceedingly Stupid Torres. I actually laughed, even though the play hurt the Yankees, but hurting the Yankees chances of winning is to be expected from The Sultan of Stupidity, Gleyber Torres.

    I’m sure all Yankee fans hope Higgy has a wonderful reminder of his career, just not too often against the Yankees.

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