Bad glove, cold bat put Gleyber Torres on thin ice as Yankees weigh alternatives

Gleyber Torres' disappointing season so far may force the Yankees to look for alternatives.
Esteban Quiñones
Monday May 27, 2024

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Gleyber Torres has always been a beacon of talent for the New York Yankees, showcasing flashes of brilliance at second base with his agility and arm strength. However, his inconsistent performances have recently been under more scrutiny than usual. His seventh error of the season at a crucial moment in the game against the Padres has sparked conversations about his future with the team. As the Yankees consider their options, Gleyber Torres’ recent missteps and underwhelming offensive statistics have added fuel to the debate.

Gleyber Torres’ costly error

With the Yankees having sealed the series, Gleyber Torres made a glaring error that prevented the visitors from sweeping the Padres at their home. With the Yankees holding a fragile 1-0 lead, Torres failed to handle a routine groundball, which led to a four-run inning for the Padres, eventually losing the game 5-2. This mistake not only cost the Yankees the game but also raised doubts about Torres’ reliability in high-pressure situations. His current offensive season stats do little to offset concerns, with a batting average of just .228, four homers, and 16 RBIs, coupled with a below-average .628 OPS in 55 games.

Gleyber Torres’ defensive woes are highlighted by his .963 fielding percentage, ranking him at the bottom among second basemen with at least 10 starts. While Torres has shown periods of excellence, making just one error in his last 21 games before Sunday, his inconsistency has become a pattern hard to ignore. The critical error followed by his admission of it being “a hundred percent catchable” paints a picture of a player aware of his shortcomings but struggling to maintain the standard required at the Major League level, especially for a winning Yankees team who don’t want to lose easier games through such basic errors.

Yankees' Gleyber Torres poor outing costed his team the game against the Padres.

Is it time for a change at second base?

The looming question for the Yankees as they push toward the playoffs is whether sticking with Torres is in their best interest. Internal discussions are likely happening about the feasibility of continuing to start Gleyber Torres, especially with his impending free agency and the likelihood of a significant pay cut due to his performance.

Alternatives within the team present a mixed bag of potential and uncertainty. DJ LeMahieu, a seasoned infielder with three Gold Gloves, is set to return from the IL but is seen as a better fit at third base due to declining range. Oswaldo Cabrera and Oswald Peraza offer youthful options, but neither has consistently proven they can handle Major League pitching. Even Jon Berti could be an option once he recovers from his calf injury. The Yanks could also look at external solutions which could include pursuing a trade before the deadline, with the team possibly eyeing players who can solidify the position defensively and contribute more consistently at the plate.

Yankees put DJ Lemahieu on 60-day IL

The Yankees’ management is in a delicate position. They must balance their immediate competitive needs with long-term strategic planning. While Torres has been a valued player and remains popular among teammates, his current performance levels pose a risk to the team’s success in the highly competitive playoff environment. The Yankees might soon have to decide if their loyalty to a once-promising young star outweighs the practical needs of the team. Also, with the number of free agents that the Yanks are prepared to see next year, it may not be easy for them to sign Gleyber back, which makes it more than ideal for them to consider a trade near the deadline.

With the trade deadline approaching, all eyes will be on how the Yankees address this pressing issue. Will they bet on Gleyber Torres finding his form, or will they turn the page and seek a more reliable solution to their second base conundrum? Only time will tell, but the clock is ticking. What do you think? Leave your comment below!

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One thought on “Bad glove, cold bat put Gleyber Torres on thin ice as Yankees weigh alternatives

  1. Gleyber Torres showcased his hole-y Trinity of Gross Incompetence Sunday: 1) his Stupidity, 2) his gross incompetence on the bases, and 3) his ATROCIOUS fielding at second.

    There’s Literally NO 2B in all of baseball who’s worse than the Incomparably Awful Gleyber Torres. He has the most Errors of any 2B by a Wide Margin, and he compliments that “honor” by having the Worst Fielding % of any MLB second basemen.

    Why is this Piece of Dung Playing Everyday?

    Torres is the Only Weak Link among our starting 8 position players. Yet, Boonehead regularly benches Cabrera, who Always gives 100%, but plays this Lazy, Incompetent Piece of Feces virtually Every Day. Why?

    Why are you so Loyal to such a Stupid, Carless, Lazy, and Incompetent Player, Boone?

    Which Yankee, in the reader’s mind, would be mostly likely to do one or more of the following to cost the Yankees an AL or World Series title?

    * Make a Moronic Base Running Mistake?

    * Make a Mindlessly Stupid Error in the Field?

    * Fall Asleep at 1st & Get Picked Off?

    * Swing from His Butt for a Homer & Strike Out when a Single would Win the Game?

    If you’re a True Yankees Fan who’s watched 95% or more of their games, you know that the answer to Every One of those Questions is the Eminently Incompetent, Stupid & Lazy Gleyber Torres.

    I’m a diehard Yankees fan whose been watching the Yankees for 64 years, and Torres is the only player in those 64 years who I fully expected to do something DUMB every game, and, unfortunately, he makes me look like a seer Far Too Often.

    If Torres is still our 2B after the trade deadline (if not before then), Cashman should be fired for sabotaging our chances at a World Series Title.

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