Secrets unveiled: Why Hal Steinbrenner holds monthly parleys with key Yankees players

Hal Steinbrenner, Gerrit Cole, and Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees

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Hal Steinbrenner has revealed for the first time that he is actively involved in monitoring the Yankees. This came to light when the Yankees owner told on “The Show” podcast with Jon Heyman and Joel Sherman of the New York Post that he, his captain, general manager, and ace held monthly discussions.

According to Hal Steinbrenner, “It’s new. In the past, it would be more me running into somebody in the dining area or in the training room and kind of getting information from them there. I thought it would be a healthy exercise to … have the leader of the position players and a leader of the pitchers in the room with [GM Brian Cashman] and just hear what concerns they have and, you know, what their thoughts are on everything and what we could be doing better.”

Hal Steinbrenner directly talks to the team

Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner has created his own panel, with outfielder Aaron Judge and pitcher Gerrit Cole initiating a series of monthly confidential meetings with the owner himself, who holds the role of “The Boss” within the organization.


Hal Steinbrenner mentioned during the podcast that the current approach is different from before. Previously, he would gather information by casually encountering individuals in the dining area or training room. However, Hal Steinbrenner considered it beneficial to introduce a new practice where he, along with General Manager Brian Cashman, engages in discussions with the leaders of the position players and pitchers. This way, they can understand any concerns, gather their perspectives on various matters, and identify areas where the team could improve.

When questioned about the specific subjects they covered during the meetings, Hal Steinbrenner refrained from providing details.

“I don’t really want to get into specifics at all, simply because it was a closed-door meeting and one of the things we agreed on is that whatever was spoken in that meeting was staying in that room.”

Hal Steinbrenner expressed his reluctance to delve into specifics regarding the discussions, citing the confidential nature of the closed-door meeting. He emphasized that an agreement had been reached among the participants to keep the content of the meeting confidential. While Hal Steinbrenner acknowledged the desire to address the question, he regretfully declined to provide further information on that particular matter.

Hal Steinbrenner is serious about players

Hal Steinbrenner conveyed that it was crucial for everyone present in the meeting to comprehend and respect the established parameter of confidentiality, ensuring that they could freely express their thoughts and opinions. He emphasized that the intention behind the monthly discussions was to foster constructive and beneficial dialogue among the participants.

One of the potential topics addressed in the meetings was whether the Yankees are making every possible effort to mitigate the prevalence of soft-tissue injuries that have significantly impacted the team’s roster both in the current season and in previous years.

Hal Steinbrenner at a Yankees' training session.
Charles Wenzelberg/New York Post

Hal Steinbrenner mentioned that a few years ago, the organization conducted a comprehensive review of its approach, which encompassed not only personnel changes in strength and conditioning but also modifications in various techniques. He explained that the adjustments were aimed at aligning their practices with the methods employed by professional sports teams and collegiate programs, ensuring they stay updated and in line with industry standards.

Hal Steinbrenner wants Yankees’ to improve

Hal Steinbrenner expressed a lack of satisfaction with the current situation, emphasizing that there is room for improvement. To address this, he revealed plans to meet with performance coach Eric Cressey in the coming weeks. Cressey has been compiling a report that examines injury trends across the league, as well as the injury history within the organization over the past decade or so. The objective of the meeting is to assess areas of progress, identify areas that still need improvement, and explore strategies for enhancing the team’s approach to injury prevention and management.

The owner acknowledged the validity of the questions raised and the concerns shared by both the fans and the interviewer. Hal Steinbrenner affirmed his commitment to addressing those inquiries, mentioning that he had also consulted with specialists regarding the matter at hand.

In the interim, as the players recover from their injuries and rejoin the lineup, Hal Steinbrenner holds a positive outlook, expressing optimism that the Yankees, featuring Carlos Rodon and Luis Severino in the rotation, alongside Giancarlo Stanton and Josh Donaldson in the lineup, have the potential to make a strong push towards the postseason once again.

Aaron Judge and Hal-Steinbrenner

The Yankees owner acknowledged his dissatisfaction with the team’s current fourth-place position in the division. However, he also recognized the formidable nature of the division, where every team has a winning record. Despite these challenges, Hal Steinbrenner commended the team for their resilience, considering the fact that they have been dealing with numerous injuries and have been playing with a significantly altered roster for the majority of the season. He acknowledged that there were instances where the situation could have easily spiraled out of control, but the team managed to stay competitive and prevent further setbacks.

Hal Steinbrenner noted the positive trend of many players finding their stride and improving their hitting performance. He mentioned that the team is developing a belief that they can overcome any deficit and remain competitive in games. Hal Steinbrenner emphasized the importance of minimizing further injuries moving forward, prioritizing the team’s overall health. He expressed confidence that once the team regains full health, they will have a formidable roster and continue to strengthen.

Hal Steinbrenner emphasized that the team is already great and will only continue to improve.

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